"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


3. Welcome Back

Mr. LeBron: Kim, Kim Adams? Are you here Kim. *looks around*

Louis: *looks at zack*

Zack: *scared*

Mr. LeBron: That’s funny, Kim’s never absent.

Harry: What’d you do to the body?

Zack: Shut up.

Liam: *looks at zack and harry*

Zack: What are you looking at Liam!

Liam: *startled* Nothing.

Mr. LeBron: Have any of you guys seen Kim today?

Zayn: No, we haven’t Mr. LeBron. *looking at zack*

Zack: Why are you guys looking at me?! Stop looking at me!

Mr. LeBron: Zack?

Kim: *walks in class with a whole new personality and look* Sorry I’m late, I was stuck in traffic. *looks at zack and then mr. lebron* Did I miss anything? *smiles*

Mr. LeBron: Just roll call.

Kim: Good. *sits next to Louis and in front of zack* Hi Zack. *smiles*

Zack: *gets up and runs out the room scared*

Louis: *scared* Hi Kim. *tries to force a smile*

Kim: *smiles* Aw, why that look.

Louis: It’s good to see you.

Kim: I know right, I mean last night was crazy; I woke up in such a dark scary place. *looks at niall*

Niall: *fakes a smile* Hi Kim.

Kim: *smiles* Hi Niall.

Niall: How are you?

Kim: Better than ever. *smiles*

Niall: I love your new persona.

Kim: You don't think it's too much do you? *smiles evil*

Niall: *smiles* No. *turns away to look at liam*

Liam: Can I go to the restroom Mr. LeBron.

Mr. LeBron: Class just started Liam, can’t you wait until class is over?

Liam: No.

Mr. LeBron: Ok, hurry up back then.

Liam: *leaves*

Zayn: Guys, what the hell was that.

Louis: Niall, I thought you said she was dead.

Niall: She looked dead.

Harry: Maybe she was just out on conscious?

Liam: Guys, I’m scared.

Zayn: She looked like a whole different person.

Kim: Hey guys. *smiles*

Niall: *screams*

Kim: *gives niall a look*

Niall: Kim, hi. *fakes a chuckle scared*

Kim: So, what are you guys doing tonight?

Louis: Just home, or watch a film at my place with the lads.

Harry: Yeah let’s do that.

Louis: Ok.

Kim: Can I come?

Louis: Um. *looks at the boys*

Zayn: Of course you can, but the movies gonna be really boring. I don’t know if you want to watch it.

Kim: I’ll watch whatever you guys put on. *touches louis’s face*

Louis: *scared* Uh, yeah. *fakes a smile* You’re invited.

Kim: *smiles* See you guys at seven then. *walks off*

Zayn: How did she know we always meet at seven?

Harry: *looks at zayn and runs*

Zayn: *runs after harry* Harry! Wait for me Harry!

Niall: *fakes a laugh and then runs after zayn and harry* Wait for me guys!

Liam: *looks and Louis*

Louis: Run.

Liam: What?

Louis: Run after them.

Liam: No, I'm not...

Louis: Go!

Liam: *startled* Ok. *runs after the boys*

Zack: Louis.

Louis: Zack? What are you doing there?

Zack: Is she gone?

Louis: Who?

Zack: You know.

Louis: Are you sure you killed her last night?

Zack: I swear she was dead, even Niall witnessed it.

Louis: What’d you do to her body?

Zack: I buried her in the backyard of an abandon place.

Louis: What?!

Zack: I know, but still.

Louis: Zack, you have to tell the police.

Zack: No! She’s alive; did you not see her walk into class or what?!

Louis: She didn’t look like herself Zack.

Zack: Yeah, she’s hot now.

Louis: Zack, call the police. It’s better if you call them now before they find out.

Zack: She’s not dead! *sees kim behind Louis and screams*

Louis: What? *turns around*

Kim: Of course I’m not dead Zack, why would I be dead?

Zack: See, she’s fine. You look really great Kim.

Kim: *smiles* How could you?

Louis: I’m… just gonna go. *walks off scared*

Zack: Look, I didn’t mean to…

Kim: *slaps zack*

Zack: *groans*

Kim: Didn’t mean to kill me?! Do you know how scary it was to wake up to bugs crawling over you and being in the dark alone in an abandon place!

Zack: I don’t know what you’re talking about Kim? I didn’t kill you or buried you.

Kim: I remember everything last night Zack. You’re gonna pay for what you done to me.

Zack: Please don’t hurt me.

Kim: *slowly walks towards zack*

Zack: *closes his eyes scared*

Kim: *disappears*

Zack: *opens this eyes and doesn’t see kim and runs off*

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