"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


13. Just A Thank You Note To The Readers

Sorry That This FanFic Was So Short, I Didn't Really Know What To Write. If I Kept Writing, Then It Would Of Just Started To Sound Boring Lol. I Know This Wasn't The Best FanFic, But Thank You For Reading It, It Means A Whole Lot To Me. Even If You Just Skimmed Or Read A Few Pages. Please Leave Some FeedBacks. Leave As Much, It'll Only Help Me Improve More In The Future. Um, Again, Thank You. (:

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