"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


9. Into The Woods

Kim: *pushes niall*

Niall: *flies across the ground*

Kim: *runs towards niall* How could you fail to do such an easy thing Niall! *pushes niall again*

Niall: *flies a few more feet*

Kim: I! created you to kill Zack!

Niall: I’m sorry, who knew Zayn was gonna kill him that same day.

Kim: *pushes niall far off and screams in anger*

Louis: *sees* What in the bloody hell? Kim!

Kim: *looks at Louis*

Louis: You, you don’t have to do this Kim.

Kim: Do this?! I was murdered Louis!

Louis: I, I know, but still. It’s all over now, Zack’s dead and you don’t have to worry any…

Niall: *comes out of nowhere and attacks Louis*

Louis: *slides a few feet onto the ground*

Liam: Niall! *runs and pulls niall away from Louis*

Harry: *helps Louis up* You ok?

Louis: *coughs* What the hell just happened. *gets up and shakes his head trying to come back to sense*

Niall: *growls at the guys*

Liam: *tries to be brave* Niall, it’s me Liam Payne from One Direction. That’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Zayn is locked up in prison. Does that ring a bell in you?

Harry: *slowly walks towards niall*

Liam: *walks towards Louis to check up on him* You ok?

Louis: Yeah.

Harry: Niall, it’s ok, you don’t have to do this. Can you please try to remember us. We’re not trying to harm Kim or you. We just want to *quickly head locks niall*

Kim: Don’t hurt him!

Harry: *looks at kim*

Niall: *reverses out of the head lock and snaps harrys neck*

Louis: *screams in tears/shocked* Harry!

Liam: *jaw drops in shocked* Harry!

Louis: *runs to harry* Harry! *cries*

Liam: *drops to his knee shocked* I can’t, I can’t believe… *gets up and runs towards kim*

Kim: *runs*

Liam: *grabs kim by the hair*

Kim: *tries to fight out of it*

Niall: *runs towards liam*

Louis: *attacks niall to the ground*

Niall: *tries to fight out against Louis*

Kim: *elbows liam in the guts*

Liam: *lets go of kim and quickly grabs onto her hair again*

Kim: *fights back*

Liam: *throws kim onto the ground*

Kim: *screams while falling*

Liam: *gets on top of kim and chokes her* What the hell’s gotten into you Kim! *cont. choking her*

Kim: *chokes/trying to fight out*

Louis: *distracted/sees liam choking kim* Liam, don’t!

Niall: *grabs a rock and hits Louis in the head with it*

Louis: *knocked out*

Liam: *still choking kim*

Kim: *stops moving*

Liam: *shocked* Oh no. *gets off of kim* Kim?

Kim: *doesn’t respond*

Liam: No.

Niall: *attacks liam to the ground*

Liam: *fights back with niall*

Niall: *chokes liam*

Liam: *reaches for a branch and hits niall with it*

Niall: *falls off liam*

Liam: *gets on top of niall and beats him up*

Niall: *pushses liam off*

Liam: *flies and lands on the ground/sees zacks blade* What the? *quickly grabs the blade*

Niall: *growls at liam*

Liam: *puts the blade behind his back* Niall. *chuckles in tears* Why are you doing this? Kim’s dead now, you can stop listening to her. She was only using you, come back to us.

Niall: *runs towards liam*

Liam: *quickly stabs niall in the heart*

Niall: *comes back to his sense* Li, Li, Liam.

Liam: *cries* Niall?

Niall: Hel, help me Liam. *coughs out blood* Help me. *eyes changes back to normal*

Liam: *feels bad and cries hard* Niall, I’m so sorry.

Niall: *reaches for liam*

Liam: *reaches for nialls hand and holds niall in his lap crying hard* Niall, I’m so sorry. *sobs* God please forgive for this.

Cop 5: Freeze!

Liam: *sits still crying* Niall, please forgive me. *pulls out the blade*

Niall: *slowly dies*

Liam: *closes nialls eyes crying*

Cop 6: Put your arms up!

Liam: *slowly stands up and puts his arms up*

Cop 6: Put your arms behind your back!

Liam: *puts his arms behind his back*

Cop 5: *checks on Louis* This one is out cold! *calls for ambulances*

Cop 6: *handcuffs liam*

Liam: *crying looking at niall*

Cop 6: Over here.

Liam: *walks by harry/whimpers* Harry. *cries even harder*

Cop 6: Get in!

Liam: *sits in the cop car*

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