"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


5. I Can Show You What Happened

Mr. LeBron: What? Jack never came home last night?

Kathy: No, I thought you would know. Was he in class last night?

Mr. LeBron: Yeah he was.

Harry: *about to walk in class*

Mr. LeBron: Wait outside Harry.

Kathy: I know my son, he always comes home after going out, but last night he didn’t.

Harry: *sees the lads* Guys, guess what.

Liam: What?

Harry: Jack didn’t make it home.

Louis: What?

Harry: His mom’s in the room talking to Mr. LeBron.

Niall: What do you mean he didn’t make it home?

Zayn: Didn’t he met up with Kim in the *looks at Louis*

Louis: *figures it out* Woods! C’mon guys. *runs off*

Harry: *runs after Louis*

Niall: *runs after them*

Zayn: C’mon Liam.

Liam: I can’t miss class guys.

Zayn: It’s our only chance.

Liam: *sigh* Ok. *runs with zayn after the boys*

Louis: *sees the cops*

Cop 1: Jeez, must have been killed by an animal out here.

Cop 2: Kids man, never know how to stay out of trouble.

Harry: *looks and sees Kathy* Isn’t that Jack's mother coming over here?

Liam: Oh shit, it is.

Kathy: *crying* No! This can’t be my son! He’s not dead, he was just fine! *cries to her knees*

Louis: *feels bad*

Zack: *runs up to the boys out of breath* Guys, Jack’s…

Niall: Dead, yeah they just took his body.

Zayn: It looked like some animal killed him.

Zack: Kim!

Louis: *annoyed* No! Kim? There’s no way Kim could have done that.

Harry: Yeah, Kim’s a nice girl.

Louis: She’s very nice and sweet, she couldn’t have done that Zack.

Zack: Have you forgotten guys! She’s changed now, something about her is creeping me out. *gets the chills*

Kim: Who’s creeping you out?

Niall: *looks around*

Kim: *jumps down from the tree* Talking about me Zack!

Zack: No, no, not at all. I think you are really beautiful Kim.

Kim: *smiles evil* Beautiful? Is that why you raped and beaten me to death!

Louis: Beaten to death? *looks at zack upset*

Zack: I didn’t beat her death!

Kim: Oh that’s right, you aimed the blade at me and then let it go when I was fighting to push it back, making it seem like I killed myself.

Zack: No! Never, I would never want you dead Kim. Who wants you dead? You’re a beautiful girl Kim.

Kim: *chuckles mad* Do you know how scary it was to be raped by someone you don’t know. Or getting killed without saying goodbye to your love ones!?

Zack: *sighs* Look, it wasn’t me that killed you. It was Niall.

Niall: What?! I, I did not kill anyone! Especially Kim, I don’t even know her that well.

Zack: You killed her didn’t you Niall! That’s why you came to tell me that Kim was dead.

Niall: No! I would never do that to anyone.

Louis: I know Niall Zack, Niall would never do that.

Zack: Kim believe me, Niall was the…

Kim: I was still alive when it all happened Zack; don’t lie because I can show you and anyone what happened.

Zack: *fakes a chuckle* What? You recorded it.

Kim: *stares deeply at zack focusing on him*

Zack: *sees what he did to kim* Ok stop! It was me, I killed you Kim!

Kim: *relaxes* I knew you would admit it.

Louis: Show me! *looks at zack* I want to see what he did to you. *walks towards kim*

Kim: *focuses on Louis still/shows Louis*

Louis: *gasp* How could you do that to her Zack! *shocked/sad* Why did you pressure her for? How could you trap such an innocent girl and rape her!

Kim: *relaxes*

Zack: Louis, I was drunk.

Louis: No, you didn’t even have a drink at all.

Zack: I killed her, but I didn’t mean to.

Louis: How could you lie to me when I just saw everything she showed me!

Zack: I didn’t mean to kill her god dammit!

Louis: I saw your face, you did it on purpose.

Kim: *starts to heat up*

Liam: Whoa, Kim what’s going on?

Kim: *gets angry from hearing the conversation*

Niall: Louis, we should, should go now. *runs off*

Kim: *speeds off after niall and takes him with her*

Zayn: *screaming after niall* Niall!

Harry: *cries from shocked*

Zayn: You! *punches zack*

Zack: *falls to the ground*

Zayn: *tries not to cry* How could you! Now she’s taken Niall! What if he doesn’t come back! *kneels down and beats up zack*

Louis: *pulls zayn away* Stop! You’re gonna kill him too.

Zayn: *grabs a rock and throws it on top of zack*

Liam: Zayn!

Zayn: *comes back to his sense* No, Zack. *kneels down next to zack* Zack. *wakes zack up* Please wake up Zack. *cries*

Louis: Zayn, you killed him.

Zayn: Guys. *scared* Please, please turn me in.

Liam: *cries* Why? We can hide his body. You don’t have to be wanted or locked up.

Harry: Why Zayn?! *cries*

Louis: *shocked* I can’t believe this is happening right now. *sits on the ground* I can’t believe it. *cries*

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