"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


2. Help Me Get Rid Of Her Body

Zack: *fakes a chuckle* What? What do you mean?

Niall: *slowly* She looks like she was raped and killed.

Zack: What?! By who?!

Louis: Didn’t you take her with you?

Niall: Zack!

Zack: I, I did, but then she left to use the restroom.

Niall: Then how did she end up in your room? It looked like she was stabbed in the chest.

Zack: *pulls niall and Louis into another room* Ok, look, I…

Liam: What are you guys doing?

Zayn: I thought we were supposed to enjoy this party together.

Harry: Where’s Kim?

Zack: She went…

Niall: Dead.

Liam: *serious* What!?

Harry: Dead? What do you mean Niall.

Zayn: She can’t be dead, we just saw her like less than ten minutes ago.

Zack: Come in and close the door, lock it too.

Zayn: *locks the door* What happened to Kim?

Zack: I accidently killed her.

Louis: What! How?! Why?!

Zack: We, we, we were messing around and she accidentally grab my crouch and I dropped the blade onto her.

Niall: Zack, she looked like she was raped and beat up!

Zack: I didn’t rape or beat her up!

Niall: Then why was her shirt ripped and her face bruised!

Louis: You raped and beaten her!? How could you Zack!? She’s innocent. Wait, why did you have a blade on you?

Zack: That bitch bit my ears! Plus, she, she, um, she um, wanted to play rough?

Liam: Play rough? She's a virgin for heaven sakes.

Louis: How could you! Why would you pressure her to! If she didn’t want to, you didn’t have to rape her! Wait, did you kill her on purpose so she didn’t report you?

Zack: She was gonna kill me Louis! I tried to pull the blade from her, but she pulled so hard it stabbed her in the chest.

Zayn: Wait, why would she aim the blade at herself?

Zack: *turns red*

Liam: Oh, I know that face. You killed her and she fought to get out of it and you let go, trying to make it look like she killed herself.

Zack: *silent/scared*

Liam: *cries from feeling bad* How could you? She’s innocent Zack!

Zack: Please, just help me get rid of her body.

Harry: No! You did it; you get rid of her body!

Zack: Harry, you’re my best friend, please help me.

Harry: I’m sorry Zack, not in this case.

Zack: Louis.

Louis: No.

Zack: Zayn.

Zayn: I’m sorry, I have to go home. *leaves*

Zack: Liam, you're nice, you never say no, please help me get rid of her body.

Liam: I can’t, sorry. *leaves*

Zack: Niall, you’ll help me right?

Niall: Actually, no, I have to go, I’m taking Zayn and Liam home. *walks off*

Zack: Harry, Louis, please. What about the time you guys got in trouble for stealing the school money, and I took the blame.

Louis: I’m sorry, but this is different, I can’t help you. *leaves*

Zack: *looks at harry*

Harry: Goodbye Zack, good luck in prison. *walks off*

Zack: Well fuck you all anyways! *slams the door and kneels down and cries* What have I done.

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