Taylor Gressle was an ordinary girl with bug YouTube dreams. Not only did she want to be up there with millions of subscribers and views, but she knew everyone who was. One of her favourites is JacksGap and she bumps into Finn, literally, and asks for just a picture... But she got more than just photogenic proof.


10. Well, Finn...

Now that I was officially dating Jack Harries, I spent the rest of the day with him as planned, but it involved a while lot more kissing and hand holding than we'd both originally expected.

Everything was great. Till Finn came home. That's when things got a little more complicated. He walked into the room, it went like this.

"Hey Finn."

"Hey you two. I didn't know you were here, Taylor."

"You walked right out and I was sitting at the table with Jack. You didn't even say hello."

"I didn't notice you.''

"Clearly. I should be offended."

Jack turned to me, and I nodded. "Uh, Finn, I should tell you something... Or, we should tell you something..."


"Me and Taylor... We're, well, we're dating now..."

"Wow. I didn't see that one coming. Congrats." He smiled and left the room.

"That was peculiar..." I said.

"It most defiantly was..."

"Should we let that put a damper on our mood?"

"No... We shouldn't." With that, he kissed me again.

Sure, that Finn incident was a little unsettling but, I can't let that get me down. Not around Jack.

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