Taylor Gressle was an ordinary girl with bug YouTube dreams. Not only did she want to be up there with millions of subscribers and views, but she knew everyone who was. One of her favourites is JacksGap and she bumps into Finn, literally, and asks for just a picture... But she got more than just photogenic proof.


6. Uh... Nothing Finn.

"Uh, nothing Finn. I was getting something off of Jack's face." 


"Yeah, what else would we be doing?" Jack answered. 

"I don't know, I came to get the stapler." 

"Here, take it." Jack got up and tossed it to him. 

"Thanks," and he left us alone again. 

I looked back at my laptop once Finn left and looked through all the different tools. Jack watched me for a minute then got up and went out of the room. 

Muffled voices, and one loud, "whatever then!" and Jack walked back into the room. 

"So, anything you don't understand on here?" He pointed to the program which was running on my computer. 

"Well, how to put the photos in on just half the screen without distorting the picture." 

"Here, let me show you." He leaned over to show me. 

"Oh okay, I got it now." I said and smiled over at him, his face was close to mine again, but the moment was gone. Neither of us moved closer we just stared at each other, then my phone went off. 

I grabbed it and looked at the text. It was from my mom asking me if I was coming home for dinner. I told her I was. 

"Well, guess I have to go. My mom wants me home for dinner." 

"Why don't you stay?" 

"Um, my mom wants me to make dinner..." 

"Then how about you come over tomorrow around lunchtime and we can eat and hang out here while Finn is out? And you can stay for dinner." 

"Okay, I'd love to." 

"Great, I'll drive you home." 

We walked to the door and he drove my home. 

"Bye Taylor!" He yelled. 

"Bye Jack!" I yelled back.

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