Taylor Gressle was an ordinary girl with bug YouTube dreams. Not only did she want to be up there with millions of subscribers and views, but she knew everyone who was. One of her favourites is JacksGap and she bumps into Finn, literally, and asks for just a picture... But she got more than just photogenic proof.


7. Nice to see you again.

I got dressed in my rainbow tank top, ripped skinny jeans, coral boots, butterfly necklace, phone tucked in my back pocket, bright pink laptop bag filled, in my hand and rainbow beanie over my curled hair today. 

I walked down to the front door and waited for Jack to pull up. 

When he did, my face broke out into a smile as I walked over to the car and got in. 

"Same beanie but different laptop bag." He told me. 

"Yeap, and you look completely different except your hair is swept to the same side." 

"That it is." 

He smiled and we drove to his house for the second time in just as many days. 

Getting out of his car and going up to his room was surreal. Meeting Finn had really changed my life. 

I set my bag down on his desk and leaned against it. 

"Finn should be leaving soon, he was in the middle of lunch when I left to go get you." 

"Awesome. Are we going to get lunch ourselves?" 

"Oh, right, I guess that would be a good idea." 

I laughed and followed him back downstairs where we went into the kitchen and grabbed some lunch. 

Right as we sat down, Finn came down the stairs again and slipped on his shoes, then left. He didn't even notice me. 

"Great, well now we're alone." 

"We sure are." I commented as I finished up my lunch and put the plate in the sink. I sat back down next to Jack afterwards. "You're a slow eater, Jack."

"I know." 

I rolled my eyes and waited for him to finish then followed him up to his room again. 

"What do you wanna do?" I asked him. 

"Hmm," he thought about it while he flopped down on his bed and patted the spot next to him. I laughed and sat down beside him. "We could just hang out and talk?" He offered, I shook my head. 


"We could make a video on your channel?" 


"Okay, set up your laptop." 

I got up and set up my laptop on his desk. After a lot of practice, I had YouTube up and running, ready to record, in less than a minute. 

"You're fast." 

"I know, it takes practice." 

He rolled his eyes and pulled up a chair for me to sit on. 

I hit record and smiled at the camera. "Hey there again, it's the girl in your computer, TayRulesTheWorld!" I waved at them. "I have a guest on my channel with me today, say hello to JacksGap!" 

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