Taylor Gressle was an ordinary girl with bug YouTube dreams. Not only did she want to be up there with millions of subscribers and views, but she knew everyone who was. One of her favourites is JacksGap and she bumps into Finn, literally, and asks for just a picture... But she got more than just photogenic proof.


2. JacksGap

"A friend? Who would be friends with you?" Jack asked him after he shut off his camera. I had to stifle a giggle. 

Finn rolled his eyes. "Her name is Taylor. She's a youtuber."

"Really?" He asked me. "What's your channel?" 

"TayRulesTheWorld." I said plain and simple. 

"Hmm..." He thought about it for a minute. "Why do I recognize that name?" 

"I'm subscribed to your channel, if that helps." 

He shrugged and waved it off, "I'll figure it out eventually." 

I smiled at him and he smiled back. 

"So I asked Finn if I could get a photo, and he said..." I looked at him expectantly. 

"I said that we could make a video with her." 

Jacks smile widened. "Of course. Come sit." He re-positioned the camera so it was in front of the small sofa in his room. 

Finn followed me as I crossed the room and sat next to him on the sofa with Finn on my other side.

I blushed slightly as they squished me between them and Jack turned the camera on. 

Jack started. "Hello there again." He waved at the camera. "As you might have noticed I have an unknown girl and Finn in a video with me, her name is Taylor, she has her own channel..." He looked at me. "What did you say it was?" 

"TayRulesTheWorld." I smiled. 

"Yes! Go check her out I'm sure she's wonderful and you will enjoy her videos a lot and-" 

"You forgot to mention I met her first and my head still hurts!" 

"Finn did indeed meet her first but... Why does your head hurt?" 

"Taylor was helping me clean up the papers you sent me to get and she bumped into me and we bonked heads." 

"I didn't mean to! I was trying to be a helpful, kind citizen!" 

"You were!" 

"Well duh!" 

"Wow, you guys don't need to argue!" 

I blushed and stuck my tongue out at him. 

"Wow, cheeky aren't you?" 

I laughed and stuck out my tongue at him again. 

"Well, that's the end of this video. I will see you next time. Goodbye!"

"Hope to see you in my channel!" I said. 

"See ya!" Finn said. 

And as Jack leaned up to stop the camera he kissed my cheek.

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