In Pawtuckaway


1. In Pawtuckaway

It’s a sad feeling, while they drink and smoke

And open up in hotboxed Rav4’s

While you make love to Her on the bridge

                And know

She’d rather be there


It’s a sad feeling with the gang

Them      All      Bright      Bubbly


And her happy too not wishing for something


With you she wishes for more


It’s a sad feeling at the boat launch

When you see her visible fulfillment

Conspicuous in the dying Saturday,

In the presence of equally sociable friends

And know despite her, you still want to die


It’s a sad feeling in Pawtuckaway

When you eat her out on a car hood

And know she’d rather kiss Gina

Know her interest is on Erik seeing her exposed her laughs with Oliver----your friend

Wished you weren’t you, wished you were…


Silent                     Smart                    Happy

                Social                     Dumb

                Predictable  not a mess

                                                                                Not you


It’s a sad feeling-loneliness

When the one you love listens but you know

They don’t hear you


It’s a sad feeling to write poetry

And know she can’t read it

She’ll just turn it on you; level it

Make you feel the fault

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