Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


9. Chapter 9

A/N Props to Savannah Wilson for the great idea for this chapter I thin you will love it to. :) &she got me motivated to get up and update today  

**Nina's P.O.V.** 

The next day I could see I was finally apart of there little family they had and I liked it they were all so nice and me and Harry started trending I was amazed by how many people actually liked me and I was happy and so was everyone else and I could tell. 

"hello , love" Harry said waking up as I stayed in bed thinking about how great life is right now I all ready knew I loved Harry from being a fan and all but I never knew how fabulous he actually was. 

"Hello" I said thinking how life could get any better but then again how could it I was best friends with Eleanor and Perrie and Maddie and Savannah they were all great friends they comforted me when I got hate from the little patch of people who didn't like me I think they only like me because there are no pictures of me and Harry in bed on the internet yet. that horrid word ,yet. 

**Harry's P.O.V.** 

she was laying there when I got up she always was even if she was already awake but she stayed in bed with me till my lazy butt got out of my slumber. 

"Hello love" I said as soon as I woke up knowing she was there. 

"Hello "she returned the gesture mining my British accent which I found adorable and laughed at her and she realized how badly she had imitated me and the boys she blushed at her embarrassment she really was adorable we have only been saying for a week now and I already knew I had strong feelings for her.she got up and slapped my leg slightly saying she was getting up for breakfast I nodded in agreement as we both got up we went down stairs to see Louis Savey Maddie and Niall standing in the living room waiting for something. 

"What's going on?" me and Nina asked 

"we have news..."they all said like creepy twins who say things at the same time. I got nervous 

"Harry, um don't freak out but I kinda set up a date with us five boys and our girls.." Niall flinched I guess he expected me too hit him but I didn't I ran up and gave him a hug saying it was a perfect idea we were all friends and Nina ran off with the girls to talk about girly things like what to wear and how amazing it will be as Nina ran to them it seemed as she moved in slow motion her hair flying slightly and her smile and I never knew why but she had always wore tons of these 1D brackets she never took them off I was afraid that by now her skin would have formed into the bracelets so she could never take them off. and she wore no make up yet looked to be so Beautiful her dimples made me swoon and I loved those awful butterflies she gave me when she text me that she's coming over she was absolutely out of the doubt gorgeous. but to bad she couldn't see the same thing. and soon I woke up from my daydream by Niall shaking my fiercely and he was saying "Harry,oh Harry are you in there?" I punched his shoulder he winded but it didn't bother me none he deserved it.


Maddie's P.O.V.

the girls and I all got ready at Dani's Flat and when we were all ready we tested the boys saying we were ready. 

"I wonder where they are taking us?" Dani said sounding more like a question. "I dunno " I said in response I was really curious they hadn't told us anything not even a hint about where we are going not even a whole wink tip they just said dress nice. and we did I just wish I could look like the other girls I had never really put any effort into how I looked. ever. and this was my first time actually trying to look nice for mine and Niall's sake I didn't want to embarrass either of us especially Niall. 

within ten minutes we got a text saying "come outside ,Love" from all of them but in different ways but same meaning. with that we went outside I gasped it was beautiful it was I white limousine and it had two sunroof's and a driver which I noticed was Paul their bodyguard he was nice I liked Paul almost as much as Louis liked that silly pigeon one time Savannah got really excited because there was a pigeon on her front porch and she screamed and got sad when it flew away and it was hilarious. Niall and the rest of the boys came out one by one holding their elbow out and we clinched our arms to theirs and they opened our doors there had to be at least four rows of seats and they all treated us the same "hello, Love " with their adorable British accent that made it sound like "Ello luv" and I luved it when we got in the limo the Windows were tented so we couldn't see we're we were going obviously they had it all sorted out they wouldn't tell told let us see we're we were going until we got their. literally.


we walked in this really fancy building it looked familiar but I couldn't see the sign the lights were out."are you sure it's open?" I stared at Niall worried about missing a reservation or something but no a guy who was tall and was wearing a fancy tuxedo with that puffy thing men wear on his chest greeting us saying "welcome , guest I hope you find everything to your liking" I could tell he was being forced to do this he was saying for the money for the money in his head I could tell I laughed at my thought and we went inside of the fancy building and there was one table in the middle of a huge ballroom there was like five people playing one of there songs but fancier. "Niall it's beautiful but you guys shouldn't be spending this much money on us for one night." I said sounding seriously worried about the price. "The price is no concern of yours " he said smiling real big I bet that meant he either got everything free or he didn't want to stress about how much this cost right now. we all sat Down at the elegant table and everyone started their own conversation with another and the music people started playing one of mine and save us favourite songs Niall and the boys got up from the table and started singing "I- I- i I wanna save ya wanna save your heart Toni- I-ight ." I loved that song and me and Savannah would allways pretend to rip open our shirts and push our chest out like superman when the song came on and me and her couldn't resist we both stood up and did just that and after the first sentence in that song we would cut it out before someone told us to everyone laughed me and Savannah blushed and looked at our food and ate I had a feeling Zayn picked out the food for tonight we had... Chicken and potatoes and a side of carrots. we laughed when we saw the food choices. because it all had to do with them. when the song was over we all danced for hours staying in our own little world that's how I liked it. 

**Savannah's P.O.V.** 

me and Louis danced and sang to the nonplaying words to the Bruno Mars song "When I was your man" me and Louis loved that song and sometimes I think how long would this beautiful moment in my life end? I knew somthing this good couldn't last forever but I didn't want worrie about that now I had a perfect date to keep attending. when we got home (the boys flat ) we watched movies we were all wearing our boyfriend's clothes I was wearing Louis t-shirt he picked out a red one with a moustache on it and some sweats. Maddie was wearing Niall's Skool Suks shirt with some sweats , Dani , Perrie and Nina wore some yoga pants they left over here and there boyfriend's shirt which all of the clothes had been really big on Maddie and I but it was fine because we were comfy we all snuggled up and watched all the toy story ME and Louis fell asleep first and then Dani and Liam Nina and Harry and then as usual Maddie and Niall beat everyone at the staying up test I always lose but it was fine because tonight was a perfect date for all 10 of us. 

A/N remember I give half credit to Savannah Wilson (Louislovver93 <<

~Naddie 3>

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