Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


8. Chapter 8

**Dani's P.O.V.** 

when we got home Maddie and Savey went to there apartment and Niall and Louis went with them so it was just me, Nina , Perrie , Zayn , Liam and ,Harry I went to the kitchen to make dinner Liam came in to help "What are we going to do?" I asked. him "What do you mean?" he said sounding confused 

"about Maddie and Savannah, they will get eaten alive out here being famous I saw how Maddie took it today she's claustrophobic like niall she freaked out that's not good " I said as I cut the carrots and tomato. 

"I know what about Nina how did she do?" he asked with curiosity 

"she freaked out when she saw that Maddie was." I answered  

"well whatever happens I know the boys will protect them." as I looked into the living room I could see Harry falling asleep with Nina in his arms I could tell he really liked her she was pretty ,tan with big Brown eyes with straight black hair. And I knew she like him by the way she looked at him Liam could tell to. Maddie and Niall were absolutely in love with each other Niall was extremely protective over her and his eyes never left hers when they talked to each other it's the same way Liam looked at me. 

Madison when she looked at him all she saw was his perfectionism she saw no flaws and I could tell. 

Savannah and Louis oh my gosh they couldn't keep their hands off each other and when they make love they really do I remember it woke me up this morning. I laughed at my thoughts . 

**Louis P.O.V.** 

when we left home me and Niall went with Maddie and Savey . 

Savannah was beautiful. She might just be the one . and she's going to school in August. I just hope she will be happy she told me about the scholarship and her friendship with Maddie I had no idea how close they are I think that's really cool that when she got her package with the information in it about UNL she didn't open it until Maddie got there. 

and they both got a full scholarship and that's amazing I have rarely herd of someone getting that opportunity. 

the fine arts academy also offered Savannah and Madison scholarships  

Maddie got in for her Piano talents 

Savannah got in for her singing. that's great I told her she should go so she is taking the summer course this year. 

with Madison of course. I smiled at her as she slept next to me she was perfect.

**Savannah's P.O.V.

They next morning I woke up with Louis next to me I tried to get up without waking him up but nope he pulled me back in the bed I laughed and he smiled and peered his eyes open.  

"Want breakfast ?" I asked waffles Sound good to me so I went in the kitchen and popped in some waffles and got go out four plates. Ah! 

Louis snuck up from behind me and scared me with a plastic pigeon. I turned around and said "Kevin?" he Laughed and with that screaming it woke Niall and Maddie but I'm pretty sure the smell of waffles woke up Niall. "Ooo Waffles yum!" Niall said he sounded hungry so I gave the boy food he smiled and went "Yay!" Maddie laughed I went in the living room with everyone else and turned on the TV HotSpot was on and so were we. we are everywhere . I guess it's from that One day when they saved us from paparazzi Nina called Me and told me she was going to be living with them for a while until she could find her an apartment for herself.then I told her to turn on HotSpot a minute later she yelled "Oh my gosh!" 

**Nina's P.O.V.

"Oh my gosh!" I yelled Harry came downstairs to see what happened. 

"what happened?" he asked sounding worried "Were on HotSpot" I said pointing to the TV." uh oh this is not good. they can find us know." he said panicking "Harry calm down its only one thing okay " I said calming him down.  

" Harry, has a new Lover? From sources we hear that Harry is paying the girl to sleep with him rumours or the truth we will be back with breaking news on One Directions Niall and Louis' new lovers . is all the boys of 1D getting a new Showgirl?"

that's taking it to far I'm not a show girl and Harry has never played me plus we've haven't had sex yet. 

**Dani's P.O.V.**  

me and the girls went out to go shopping this time we wore hats and sunglasses just in case. We went by a magazine stand and saw our little story on the cover we all got red with anger. "Why don't they just leave us alone we didn't do anything" Maddie complains 

"Maddie we are dating the biggest boy band in the world we are going to get some publicity and it is there job to come up with a crazy and interesting article." I explain to her I knew she would get some but not this much publicity . as we.walked down the street some girls recognize us and asked us some questions and we answered them. 

"are you really just showgirls being played by the boys or are you staring them for real?" one tiny girl who resembled a little bit of Savey asked 

"we are dating them and I have no idea where people are getting this stuff me , Nina and Savannah we fans just like you perfectly normal." Maddie mumbled the last part about being perfectly normal I think it's because she knows we are anything but normal we weird and crazy and apparently popular. but turns out there's a lot of crap being tossed around about us.

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