Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


7. Chapter 7

**Niall's P.O.V.  

last night was fantastic I Remember kissing her I sighed in the thought of her kissing me back. I got up and checked my phone I had about a thousand notifications on Twitter and one new text from Madison 


Hey text when you get up :) 

and that's what I did. 

**Madison's P.O.V. 

**Beep** my phone went off I looked at it I got 50New followers? And a new text message from Niall 


Hey come on up. wanna have breakfast with us Louis want you to bring Savey oh and I think the paparazzi found out about the date should I tell them we are dating or were friends or your my girlfriend?

The word Girlfriend struck me like a big yellow bus. 

but I can think bout that later I gotta get Savey up their with me  

"Savey! Come on we're having breakfast with the boys" I said kind of in a rush I wanted to see him again 

"Okay I'm coming" she said as she walked in the room in shorts and a tank top . 

when we got up there we opened the door because it was open so we went in the kitchen everyone was sitting at the table eating pancakes as in everyone I mean Niall he couldn't wait five minutes Liam handed me a plate and the gave a plate to Savannah I had two plates of two pancakes so did Niall.  

**Louis' P.O.V. 

when everyone was done eating we went in the living room to talk about the whole paparazzi thing . 

"Niall Its ok that they found out about you and Maddie , they found out about me and Savey." I said trying to be reasonable but I knew this was a problem they will get hate and hear horrible rumours about them I didn't want that either but there is nothing to do but tell the truth to the fans while they tell lies. 

"We can help them through stuff like hate and everything" Dani Offered and Perrie Nodded agreement  

**Savannah's P.O.V. 

"It will be great to have some new friends instead of being loners" Madison said laughing 

"Yeah we can't be that bad right?" I said hoping the fans didn't hurt their feelings  

"the fans are pretty good at hurting our feeling and making us feel horrible " Perrie said and Dani agreed. "but you and Maddie are nothing like them besides the fact that your a fan of the boys" Dani said backing me up  

I sighed maybe it won't be that bad maybe it will be fun. I smiled and sat back "it will be fine" Maddie said supportive to me and herself if Dani and Perrie could do it so can we.

**Savannah's P.O.V.

**Later That Night** 

we stayed over that night me and Louis stayed in his room and Niall and Maddie stayed in Niall's room  

me and Louis stayed up later than anyone else Niall and Maddie passed out first they went up to their room at midnight Liam and Dani went to bed after that about one Zayn and Perrie went to bed at one thirty and Harry went to bed with some girl he met today in Wal-Mart her name is Nina turns out she follows me on Twitter cool right. Me and Louis went upstairs and he kissed me and I kissed him I have never felt better in my life as we started he lifted himself up and smiled I nodded "are you sure?" I nodded again in response he took of his shirt and kissed me again I slipped out of my skirt and he lifted me up and kissed me again and again we tumbled around until finally we were no longer two people we were one who passionately kissed and loved each other it was the best feeling In the world the best feeling In my world. 

**Madison's P.O.V. 

Me and everyone else woke up to the sounds of Savey and Louis we all laughed at them when they came downstairs to get breakfast  

"Be quieter next time" Harry said laughing everyone laughed too 

"Harry are you going to introduce your friend?" I said 

"sure, Everyone this is Nina " Harry said sounding cocky 

"Hi"Nina said a little quiet 

"Hey Nina " Savey said and pretty much everyone else said the same thing after breakfast the boys had to go to the studio so me ,Savey, Dani , Perrie, and Nina all went to the mall some girls wanted a picture with us and two minutes after that we all get a notification from Twitter saying you were tagged in a photo even Nina got tagged she slept over once and everyone knew her that's awesome I laughed to myself. 

we went into Hollister and rue21 and when we decided to leave we went outside and got attacked pretty much by paparazzi Nina got claustrophobic and so did I we started freaking out they asked us questions like "where did you meet each other? " and "have you had sexy with Harry yet ?" soon enough Niall and the boys pulled up to the mall and saved us they got us out and Harry went to find Nina. He found her in JCPennys in the dressing room. he drove her back to the flat and the boys would not stop apologizing to us for what happened but we were fine. I think.

A/N tell me what you think I take constructive criticism and vote please share I just started writing 2days ago and I have been doing nothing but this all weekend so hopefully you like it :)

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