Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


6. Chapter 6

**Madison's P.O.V. 

"Savey you ready!?" I yelled from the doorway  

"Yeah go ahead and leave I will see you when you get back!"she answered so I left I met Niall in the Lobby I couldn't believe it this was going to be great my and Niall left he just got his license this year but I trusteeship he did pass the test so that should say something. when we got to the skate ring he got in for free because he's Niall Horan all it cost him was a autograph I thought that was awesome and the whole night only a few people noticed him because he was wearing sun glasses and a snap back we took a few pictures with fans who did recognized him and then we went to Nandos "Hope you like Nandos" He said smiling "Its my favourite" I smiled back we both had an amazing time. besides when he was falling.

**Niall's P.O.V. 

I don't know what it was about her but she was just I don't know I can't explain it all I knew was that when I was around her my heart sped up to a thousand times a minute and gave me horrible butterflies and the best part is she's a fan and she's cool around me I loved that and... she can eat!! she was beautiful she was her she had beautiful flaws and made wonderful mistakes and then I went down to meet her in the Lobby I was wearing jeans and a polo shirt and she came down a few minutes after I did she was wearing shorts and a loose fit tied in the back T-shirt with no makeup. and yet she looked great at the same time a was so nervous I was driving because she doesn't have a license here or a car . when we arrived I opened her door and thought to myself nice and I smile "Thanks" she said "your welcome" I answered. we went inside and we got in free like usual just an autograph to get in I got her size 7 skates and got my skates when we got on the floor- I did not think this through *Bang!*  

I just had to be so stupid!! I fell in my first 2 seconds on the floor "Niall!"she said trying to say over the music Demi Lavoto - get back was playing , she skated over to me and helped me up and said "Have you ever done this before?" She laughed "yeah just not in forever" I laughed at myself and started slow and started speeding up when I got the hang of it. after an hour of falling and getting back up we left and went to Nandos 

"Hope you like Nandos"I said hoping she did  

"it's my favourite"she said smiling. Yes! she likes Nandos when we got there she ordered the flamed-grilled butterfly chicken Brest .for 7.30£ 

I ordered the same thing she got ice tea with that I got Pepsi.  

"Are you having fun?"I asked stupidly 

"well yeah I'm living every girls dream and some boys in the world " we laughed  

**Savannah's P.O.V. 

"Savey you ready!?!" Maddie yelled from the doorway  

"Yeah go ahead and leave ill see you when you get back!"I answered  

I knew I still had to do a bunch of stuff so I brushed my hair I didn't straighten it because it's already pin straight then I put on some mascara and foundation lip gloss and then painted my nails light pink when my nails were. dry I put on my new shirt and skirt and went downstairs to meet Louis we left for the movie and I just stared at him he had perfect chin bone and fabulous bieseps and when we stopped at the movies we go out we didn't have to pay for a ticket to get in and when we got in the movie a few girls noticed him so they took a few pictures and signed a few pictures and the movie started it was hilarious even at the beginning.I laughed the whole time he was perfect at some parts it was scary for like half a second but we kept the arm of the seat up so we could sit close together. when we got to the apartments I walked her to her apartment and gave her a goodnight kiss and she blushed and went inside  

**Louis' P.O.V. 

I waited for her in the Lobby I wore a striped shirt and some coloured jeans a beanie and sunglasses a few minutes past so I went up to check on her I clicked the elevator button and the door opened she was standing in the elevator she looked beautiful with her hair so long and she had a strapless shirt and a skirt with pink nails and sandals she was amazing with those unbelievable Blue Eyes "I- I was coming up to check on you." I said stupidly stuttering she laughed "sorry it took so long" I laughed to "it's fine, shall we go?"  

"of course" she answered she had perfect lip shape and body form she was so innocent and funny and pretty and perfect. 

we got in the movie some fans noticed me and we took some pictures I signed some and then the movie started and I didn't really pay attention to what was going on I was just staring at her she laughed every five seconds so it must have been funny and she smuggled up to in some parts so some of it must have been scary to her in some parts but all I really noticed is the part where Lindsay Lohan and Charlie sheen. we're parting in a bed and that was hilarious. I did laugh at that. I drove her home and when we got to her apartment I leaned in for a good night kiss but it ended.up being a passionate kiss that you usually have in the rain.but it was perfect.

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