Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


4. Chapter 4

**(BTW this is the Next Day )**

Madison's P.O.V.**

"Come In Here Maddie we have to talk to you." My mom yelled from the living room when I got in there every one was here Savannah, Shelby ,Josh, and my mom and dad even ,Buster(our dog)  

"What's going on" I said in confusion 

"Me and your dad have talked about UNL" as she said that my heart sank I knew it they aren't letting me go I'm so- My mom cut me away from my thoughts"we are letting you go to UNL-" then I cut her off "Oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you I love you so much your the best!"I was so excited to be moving to London as is London no telling what could happen. my mom cut my off my thoughts 

"Hold up you have to Carry some weight around here before you get on that plane next week with Savannah okay" my mom said with a smile me and Savannah laughed and ran to my room and started packing my stuff  

I packed my posters and my stuffed animals (it's not weird) first then I packed my dolphin glass mini statue my keyboard and my jewelry box and jewelry. I packed everything but my furniture.

The next day I helped Savannah pack to she did pretty much the same thing as me packed everything my mom got us first class flight. I was so excited.

*Next Week** 

*Savannah's P.O.V. 

I couldn't wait for the flight I have never flown before so I was pretty excited and ever since me and Madison became friends we knew this day would come the day we went to London.  

*2 Hours later  

it was time to leave for the flight it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I had horrible butterflies in my tummy but Maddie was there for me we understood each other I could tell when she was breaking down inside and I knew she had problems and its the same now she could tell I was nervous and she was too but we would get through it together . 

intercom- Please turn off you electronic devices we are about to take off. Thank You.

and with that we turned our cell phones off and Madison turned off her kindle and we looked at each other and then stared out the window and waved by to our parents and friends and I didn't realize it but I was bawling Maddie was too so I wasn't as embarrassed. Me and Madison fell asleep on the plane and woke up when the plane laundered got off still a little weary and we checked into the hotel we were staying in we expected it to be linked midnight but is was only 4:20 in the afternoon 

but me and Maddie crashed anyway. 

wow. we slept for along time time when we woke up it really was midnight. we stayed up and ordered Nandos(Madison's favorite) when we got diner eating we watched movies one of the movies was called Fun Size it was hilarious the shit bomb was my favorite part. then when that movie was Madison decided that it was time to eat again and made popcorn. by time we watched every Toy story and every chick flick we packed it was morning so we got our showers and went off in to the Big city that was our new life . I took a deep breath then walked into the real estate ladies office . 

"Hello, Mrs.Leedy how are you today?"I said trying to sound professional ,sadly she noticed that and sneered at me 

"Um, we would like to view some apartments please." I said hopeful that she won't turn into something horrible and rip my heart out. she passed me a card it was a business card she pointed down the hall to a door we walked the door and knocked a young women answered the door she was fairly pretty nice shoulder length and beautiful grey eyes. 

"Hello" she said with a sweet voice "My name is Ms.Shelley I will help you find the perfect new home for you and your wife ."she said smiling "Oh no were just friends were going to the same university that's all" we said quickly to fix her confusion "Oh I'm sorry ma'am I didn't know " she said sounding sincere "now what kind of home are you girls looking for?" she said changing the subject fast. " We were holding for an apartment to stay in during school" Madison said jumping in quick "alright how is this on ?" she turned the computer screen towards us and we both nodded in agreement it was a two bedroom one master bathroom and a beautiful view and plenty of space. it was perfect I whispered to myself in amazement. after that we went to check it out it wad in perfect condition and it was beautiful it was the floor right under the pent house and I herd that a extremely famous person lived there I was so excited we turned in the check our parents gave us for 23,000$ for a home everyone pitched in I missed them so much. as we packed up the stuff we used in the hotel like Madison's special shampoo I don't know what was so special about it it just smelt like cherry blossoms I didn't get it. then we packed our face washes and razors and brushes we called a cab and headed for Roosevelt Apartments when we got there we unpack as soon as we got there and I herd Madison in her room I think she was talking on the phone I walked in to see her on the phone like o thought she would be I said who's on the phone she lipped the word "Mom" I laughed and said speaker she turned on the speaker and we said "Hey Mom!" she was crying I rolled my eyes even though I knew I would be crying to but I was to happy to cry right now. we herd banging from upstairs we laughed and mom said "What is that?!?!" We laughed harder"Neighbors" Madison said trying not to laugh mom gasped and then laughed and said "ewww" we were laughing so hard I couldn't breathe now ( I call Madison's mom ,mom ) after a while we hung up and then went upstairs and knocked on the door still laughing when someone answered the door we gasped and in a good watt Zayn Malik was standing in the door way and I started to giggle then Madison came to save me and said "Hey, we just moved in downstairs and I was wondering if you could please stop banging on the floor we were on the phone with my mom when it started." he blushed and yelled "Harry calm down your getting a complaint" he laughed and said"would you like to come in?" "sure" we answered instinctively we walked in and gasped and I could here Madison whisper to her self saying "and I thought our place was beautiful" I saw Niall Horan and Liam Payne sitting on the couch when Harry Styles walked out of a room with only a towel on and said "oops didn't know we had company " and with that I got bright red. 

Harry laughed and Niall greeted himself and I introduced him to Madison she was pretty much chill I don't know how she was in One Directions Flat. I gess she has had a lot of practice from her many dreams and constant thinking about how exactly how it would plan out . 

**Madison's P.O.V. 

"Hey" I said thinking really Maddie hey that's it he's Niall Horan for God's sake then he said Hey back and I smiled and said "my name is Madison but you can call me Maddie and I know your Niall." he blushed and I did it was a blush party! I laughed at myself and then I said thinking of Savey "Were's Louis" I said hopeful that he was here for Savannah's sake "he's in the shower " he said frowning and I smiled and looked at Savannah she smiled wide and sat down on the huge couch. "Hey Niall do you -I mean have you ever seen any tweets to you from @madisonsparks9 " I asked with curiosity and he answered" Yea is that you?" I said yeah and we talked about some other cool stuff like how amazing Paris was and how much he loved Florida and he was surprised when I told him that I was born and grew up there and then Louis got out of the shower and by then we were all sitting and talking to everyone. Louis came downstairs and had some sweat pants on and a white t-shirt on. Savannah smiled and he blushed and said "Hey who is this?" looking at Savannah Niall introduced us and Liam said "wanna watch a movie?" we all nodded or  

Murmured in agreement he piped on Toy Story and Louis sat next to me and Niall with Savey on his other side he yawned and put his arm around Savey I thought it was cute and then the door bell rang Liam answers it and hugged the girl in the door way I couldn't see her face but I could tell it was Dani and Zayn got up and hugged another girl who I suspected it was Perrie and then they walked in and I was right it was Dani and Perrie Dani smiled at Louis and he blushed realizing it was because he had his arm around Savey when the movie ended zany introduced Perrie and I said "I know you Perrie I'm a huge fan of Little Mix , and I know you to Danielle you were the backup dancer on the X-Factor right that's how you and Liam met." I was hoping that I wasn't wrong and the she nodded and smiled and then I smiled. Savannah and Louis were in the Kitchen getting food Niall was smiling the whole time and then Louis and Savey walked out of the Kitchen with Pizza for everyone I smiled and so did Niall we both grabbed four pieces of pizza it was an everything but olive pizza and it was delicious I ate every bit of my pizza Savvy and everyone else had one or two pieces. after that me and Savvy left I got there number and the rest of the night Savannah was in daydream mode we went to bed at midnight I think we finally got used to the time difference.

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