Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


19. Chapter 19

**Madison's P.O.V.***

"Hey We're Home!!" I heard Savannah and Lou walk in the house "Hey Food will be here in a minute!" they answered with a chorus of okays Niall came in the living room kissed my head then my tummy with was the size of jupiter now while savannah has hardly gotten bigger i was due in a week and so was Savvy but it looks like the baby is a peanut her stomach is still quite smaller than mine but i guess its in her genes the food got here in about thirty minutes Liam payed and Niall ate he obviously    got the first plate i got second and Savvy got third the point is everyone got a plate moving on the boys Dani and Perrie watched a movie while me and Sav had to go to bed we had school tomorrow.

**Niall's P.O.V.**

The next morning i woke up with Maddie gone and so was her school bag i guess she left early or did  i just wake up  late i probably woke up late i went downstairs i saw a note on the fridge i grabbed it, hopped on the counter and read it it said : Hey baby i had to leave so i left breakfast in the microwave love you bye :).  I got off the counter  and pressed the number 1 on the microwave and went to the living room i switched on the television and i heard the jingle "Spongebob Squarepants" i loved that show **Beep Beep Beep*** i got off the couch grabbed my food and watched my show.

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**Maddie's P.O.V.**

Sadly i only had two lessons with Savvy so i only saw her a few times in school i saw her in maths English and a few minutes in the lunch period i have maths next i am in History im studying to be a teacher although i would rather be a nurse I'm good at teaching so I'm doing this savvy is only getting a teachers degree so that she has something to fall back on in her music career  i am sticking to this i would never be able to be a musician that is not what i am my dad is a musician but i'm not my dad plays guitar i taught him how to play piano when i was 14 but i was done with that the boys know i can play a little well Niall knows but i never played for them i only promised Savannah i would go to the music program with her to get her to shut up about it i would never make it out their anyway i couldn't sing or dance so i was shit out of luck. ***Ring**** i was ripped from my thoughts as the bell rung for us to go to our next lesson i had the rest of the day with Savannah. "Hey How was Mr. Keys?" She asked me when i got to our classroom "Boring you?" i answered "Same we have the rest f the day to catch up wanna sit ?" she replied "are you kidding who was i going to sit with , smelly Joey? ... No!" Joey is this guy who i swear has never showed before when he walks past the people hold their breathe literally we both laughed and sat in the very back of the huge arena-like classroom "Hello Class!" Mr.Ham projected over the huge room i swear he hated me he wrote me u every chance he got and he smells like pot most of the time. soon when he was done writing some equations on the board i wrote them down solved them in about one minute it was easy i was a wizard with math so was my dad Savannah always teased me about being a dork and the only subject i completely hated was science but thats a whole different conversation me and Savannah chatted most of the time in that class sine i was her personal tutor and i knew everything already.

When we got home i went straight to sleep were Niall was already i guess he was tired to we both woke up about three hours later when the rest of the boys were home Niall took  sick day so he was the only one here all day long i wonder why he took today as a sick day no one was home maybe he wasn't feeling good "Hello princess"  Niall greeted me when i woke up " Hello" i said mocking his accent he laughed got up and put his hand out for me to grab it i grabbed it he helped me up and we went downstairs "Hey sleepy heads Niall are you feeling any better  " Liam asked i guess he wasn't feeling well "I Have been better" he answered i walked over to Savvy and sat next to her leaving a spot for Niall to sit next to me he followed me and sat next to me.

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