Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


18. Chapter 18

A/N Okay im going to make an extra long chapter today ok? i relly need to pick it up i have like 2 pages a chapter Whaaaatttt??!!! so im going to step it k love you! ~Naddie 

**Dani's P.O.V.**

Okay we just got off that extremely boring flight it would have been more interesting if Liam hadn't slept the whole time but whatever we are ten minutes away from home and i intend to spend every moment i can with the girls me and Liam had spent one month together with no one else i love him but i need a brake like oh my gosh he can be really obsessed with football and strangely how he ordered no spoons in the hotel but he got an entire drawer full of them he almost sewed the place and luckly i was their the rest of the time we watched Toy Story and Taken 1 &2 on my tablet i loved all those movies so i didn't mind that when he wanted to watch Sisters of the traveling pants and he did cry i laughed at him he didn't speak to me for one whole hour that's a record. we got home and went upstairs we were tired as Poop so we slept the whole night and i herd Savvy and Maddie talking about something that sounded like um what was it uh......Oh yeah! Babbie names and hospitals and stuff like that nothing important so i didnt bother with it. When it was morning we woke up at 10 am whoa that's pretty late for me i usually wake up at like 8 but i was really tired so yeah.

"Hey guys whats going on?" I asked strangely  "Nothin really Maddie is making Pancakes." Niall answered i nodded in reply in about ten minutes the pancakes were done Niall and Maddie both had like four pancakes Savvy had two and so did everybody i know she is prego and stuff but she said that just because of that  she still doesn't want to blow up like a balloon so she stuck to her regular diet  it has been almost three months and she is taking this surprisingly well i mean like she isn't moody or anything else you see in movies and stuff so is Maddie she hasnt yelled at anyone or tried to murder anybody so thats good and we dont want that and they are getting their mammogram today so progress is taking place

**Maddie's P.O.V.***

that night the others went to bed about 1am Niall and I beat their arses we went to bed at 5am and we all fell asleep to Perrie's pick of the Boring sad Notebook i hated that movie biggest chick flick ever We got out mammograms that day they we beautiful Natalie looked like Niall  and Lillian Looked like Savvy as you can tell we both are having girls that's awesome that's what we wanted so we were more than happy when we found out this is all really cool.

***Madison's P.O.V.**

It has been 8 and a half months since me and Savvy got Prego and things just got worse we been having contractions and the babies have been kicking and Savvy is out of control me im not that bad i cry and scream and stuff but nothing compared to what Sav dose. One time i found Lou i his room crying because Sav yelled at him and she was just angry all the time i had no idea why she just was.

A/N Okay im going to go get ready for a party and dont read the last paragraph im writing between it Bye Love ~Naddie 3>

***Madison's P.O.V.***

 Sav acts like she hates everybody even Lou today she did somthing horrible said somthing to Lou that he cant handle she said"Why dont you just do us a favor and get drunk at a gay bar!" after that Lou ran outof the house crying and ran down the street "SAV! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!????" I sreamed at her i didn't care if the others heard that was wrong "So Why do you care?!!" she replied "Beacause he is my friend and what you just said was wrong i mean really wrong!!" I Yelled the others ran downstairs to see what was going on "Maddie Savvy Whats wrong?? What happened?" Liam asked looking worried "Sav told Lou to get drunk at a gay bar." i told him sternly not looking away from Savannah "WHHHAATT!!!!???" Liam Sreamed "Savannah that was wrong you know how people are they are mean you are not one of those people why would you say that?!" Dani yelled at her she didnt answer any of them i dodnt know what happened here but all i know was Lou went to get her some tea and when he came back she went off i left to find Louis it took about two hours but soon i saw ten black vans and you know what that means Paparazzi "Move! Go Away leave him alone please!" I yelled they were like volchers thy never leave until they get what they want and right now they wanted my bestfriends Husband that was not okay since he is oe of my best guy friends and now they were attacking him once i finally got through the paps i saw him sitting in the booth of Nandos I sat down next to him "hi" he said slyly "Lou.." i answered " it's fine its only a couple of weeks left but i dont want her to file a divorce on me so i think im going to stay with a few freinds until the babys birthdate okay?" he said trying to cheer me up i just sighed "why dont you stay with my friend his name is Micheal he goes to the same uni as me you can stay at his aparment for a while" he looked up and smiled" let me know how she is doing ok just because shes mad at me dosnt mean i dont still love her" he giggled i laughed and got up i made my way through the paps and drove home. 


**Louis' P.O.V.**

after me and Madison talked i went to the address that she texted me i knocked on the door once and the door flew open a Blonde Irish boy who resembled a little bit of Niall gretted me with a huge smile "Louis Tomlinson Welcome to my flat i hope you find it comfterble im a huge fan" he said kind of fast Maddie never mentioned he was a directioner a Boy directioner after i settled in i texted Maddie.

To: Maddie : )

Hey Maddie you never told me he was a Directioner like the kind with a ton of my posters on his wall !!!

~Carrots Rock~

dont ask about my signature Savvy set it up so yeah i never changed it after about one minute she replied.

From: Maddie : )

Yeah sorry but don't worried he isn't gay so don't be freaked he just really looks up to guys that's all i swear : ) have a nice stay xx

~Maddie xoxo

well at least he isn't gay that's a good thing i guess i wont see my beautiful wife for awhile. That night i cried myself to sleep how could i not the girl of my dreams is sleeping in our bed five miles away from my i felt so empty without her i know she crossed the line but i loved her with all my heart nothing could change that i had to go back home.

The next morning i said goodbye to Micheal and his girlfriend her name was Eleanor she was pretty but nothing compaired to my Savannah Savannah waas Beautiful caring sweet and Kind nothing could over come her beauty nothing i didnt realize how fast i was driving when i was thinking but i guess somthing woke me up or put me to sleep  ***CRASH! ***

**Savannah's P.O.V.***

**Beep** i looked at my pone it was a 1D notification i dont know why but i never really turned them off i looked at the title "One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in a Car Crash!" i dropped my phone and ran to my car i turned the key i started driving i dont know were i was going or what i was going to do but i was going to do somthing  anything i couldnt lose him my baby my Boobear not him anything take anything not him i found myself at a crowded road it had ambulance and police and a huge crowd of paps i made my way through once i got out of my car i saw my louis my BooBear on a stretcher with his head bleeding and his eyes closed "NOOOO!!" i fell to the floor and cried and cried the ambulance tried to talk to me but nothing could help me no one could make me happy again besides him My Lou. My Lou gone.

A/N OMG LOU NOO!!!!!! Sorry for the sad stuff but i just wrote what came to me :( poor Louis : ' (

**Madison's P.O.V.**

okay so Lou is not dead he knocked up his head pretty bad though everone was here except Savvy after the accident she went home and hasnt contacted us in anyway i think she just needs to think we all texted her telling her he isn't dead but no reply. "Mrs.Horan" i looked up people are calling me that even though me and Niall arn't even married yet but i guess people count it anyway "yes?" i replied "Mr.Tomlinson would like to speak to you" i looked at Niall he just shrugged his sholders i walked into the room at the end of the hallway i saw Lou laying their all limb and everthing "Hey" i said quietly even though i had no idea why "Hey where is Savvy?" he asked  "Home" i looked up at him he slouched back down as if someone just punched right in the face "It isnt your fault when she saw you like you were she thought you were dead and-" i got cut off "What!? She thought i was dead then just left like nothing happened???" he yelled in a whisper "No No no thats not what happened when she saw you she fell to te ground the police had to get her off the floor she was broken i could tell i know her she just needs time to think i tried to tell her your alive she didnt answer" i tried to fit in before he cut me off again "And you didnt look for her!" He was mad at me now "I didn't want to leave you here" i answered i got choked up i was going to cry "Go!" was all he said i left the room tears flowing over i left to look for Savannah i went to the house and found her in the spare room that my sister Shelby stayed in when she came here "Sav?" i said trying not to make her yell "Come in"she answered i walked in and sat next to her by the window "He isn't dead" i said to her maybe it will make her feel a little better "I know i saw your messages thanks for letting me know..." she said sounding still sad "then why are you still sad?" i asked "Beacause it was my fault if i hadn't yelled at him like i did and say what-" she let out a sob i held her close i hated seeing her like this "Hey, i know what you said was wrong but you need to go see him okay?" she nodded and got up and so did i when we got to the car i got in the drivers seat and Savvy got in the passengers side we drove to the Hospital and we got out of the car Savvy looked at me i walked around the car i grabed her hand and we walked inside the building together when we got to his room Savvy let a tear roll down her face louis woke up "Savannah!" she laughed and ran to him the nurse said he would be let out in one week and for that week Savannah stayed their with him she didnt leave his bed unless she had to go to the lou or was getting somthing to eat.

A/N WHoa Savvy almost killed me when she read that ~Naddie 3>

***One Week Later****

**Louis' P.O.V.***

I was almost out of that stupid hospital it was torture the food was bland and the only good part about being their was that Savvy was with me the whole time " Mr.Tomlinson your wife is ready to go do you have everything?" The nurse asked me "Uh yeah thanks" i said getting off my bed and i walked into the waiting room the nurse said that i was going to be sore for a few days but nothing to worry about so i should be fine.

A/N Super super super sorry lovelies but i must go im leaving to home im at my grandparents :( i will get back to work when i get home :)


A/N OMG i am so sorry i thought we were going straight home but we had to go visit our soon to be house so imma update now ~Naddie 3>

**Savannah's P.O.V.**

"Hey" I said to Louis as he walked into the waiting room greeting me with a smile plastered on his face"Hi ready to go?" he asked me holding my hand "Yup you?" i asked back he stopped "Are you kidding i havnt walked a foot for a week i would walk home if i wasn't so lazy" we both laughed and continued walking out the door.

when we got home everyone but Dani was home she had a gig and had to be their she is going to stop by afterwards Madison had made spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread she put brown sugar on the side for me i don't really know why but i love spaghetti with brown sugar on top when it melts yeah super yummy (A/N Fact : Savannah actually dose like brown sugar on her spaghetti) we all sat at the couch coffee table popped in a movie and ate Maddie and Niall have three plates Me and Lou had Two everyone else had one we watched '"LOL" (A/N Fact: Me and savannah Watched this movie together its holarious and full of drama) it had Miley Cyrus in it i have met her once when i was 14 i loved her but i kinda grew out of it but she looked really pretty in this movie (A/N Fact: I was a Hannah Montana Fan when i was 6-9) when the movie was over Dani was already here she had one platye of spaghetti and went to bed with Liam.

The next morning Maddie made eggs and toast with butter and jam it was soo good! "Hey babe" i turned around to see Zayn greeting Perrie who just got here she couldn't sleep over she had to get some stuff done at her flat.  "hey!" she answered to him then they started sucking face (Making out). Lou had a break today so we went out shopping i got a red cardigain and skinny jeans as usual he praticly forse me to let him pay but oh well he got a stripped shirt and red jeans i laughed at his choice "What????" he wined "Nothing its just you have like five of the exact same oufit" i continued to laugh at his fake hurt expresion we walkmed through the mall a few fans asked for pictures i think they finally got the message that im not somekind of show girl for the boys because they asked for pictures with me to it was fun "Soo?" louis said "What?" i asked him in responce "I think they like you..." he answered i nodded my head and my phone went off it was Maddie she texted me:

"Hey Love hows the mall i saw you on twitter a minute ago xx Naddie 3>"

"It's good and i know i just took some pictures with some girls i guess they posted about it xoxo Louannah 3>"

"Okay just checking what do you want for dinner? xx Naddie 3>"

"Um order Nandos Im in the mood for take out :) xoxo Louannah 3>"

i put up my phone and me and Lou went home.

A/N okay i cant just keep writing on this one chapter so im going to switch to chapter 19 and its going to be My P.O.V. (Madison's)




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