Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


17. Chapter 17

**Madison's P.O.V.**

When I woke up that morning i saw Niall snuggling up to me and the TV still on i don't remember watching ''Hanna" (A/N BTW you have to watch that movie i watched it with Savvy and it was Awesome) and i guess Aiyanna's boyfriend came over because i saw a guy i think his name was Austin was snuggling up against her and she was well... ALL OVER HIM. I think i have seen him a few times backstage of one of the boys concerts and i waved hi a couple we have never talked though. I tried to get up to make breakfast without waking up Niall once i accomplished my goal i walked over to the kitchen and got out my supplies and started making an Irish breakfast i had at this restaurant before it was Delicious, and ever since i cooked for Thanks Giving this year i was the official cook in the house because The boy's exact words were "Oh my gosh Maddie! You have to cook for us for eeeevvvveeeeerrrrrrn please?????" course they didn't say it in sync Louis actually said it they just agreed to it i don't know why though i had a couple of still coldish broccoli's in the casserole but whatever they thought it was good so i guess it was. "Hello Love what are you making?" Louis asked excited, "Pig stew and Cow Brain." i answer sarcastically he walked over and looked at the stove and said " That looks pretty good for brains" he laughed and i laughed briefly and got back to cooking.

A/N sorry Love i have to go I'm helping my mum move i will come back later and Happy Mothers Day! :)

**Savannah's P.O.V.**

When i woke up Lou wasn't their so i got up to see where he went i went upstairs and went to our room and he wasn't their huh i went back downstairs and went to the kitchen Maddie was Obviously      

making breakfast i walked in and i saw Maddie and Lou over the stove " Hey" i smiled and yawned a little and they turned around and waved Lou came up and kissed my forehead "Hello love I'm going to run up to the store would you like to come with me?" he asked me hugging me with his head on mine i shook my head " Um no i am going shopping with the girls okay?" i replied "Sure that's fine when you leaving?" i asked me curiously "Um how is 12,noon?" i said sounding like a question towards Maddie. "Uh yeah sure that's sounds fine." she answered i looked at Louis he smiled kissed me and left for the store i walked over to the living room to get my phone off the couch and went upstairs to get ready for our day out shopping.

 A/N Im gonna go but i will write again  later bye love! <3

**Maddie's P.O.V.***

when we got back from shopping it was like 7:30PM as you can see we like to shop, so we went to get some food as Niall and i requested we got Nandos me and Niall left after the vote and it was 4 to who cares Nandos won. and when we got back they we gone and i didn't wonder why they do this very often they most likely went on a search for a different movie other than Toy Story 1-3 because that is the only thing we have been watching all year and it was Friday our "Movie Night" we have this night every Friday it actually doesn't have to be Friday it can be Saturday or any day me and Savvy have the next day off of school and the boys are going on their TMH Tour soon and i was going to miss them so much you wouldn't believe and i know I'm going to see them alot you know they will be checking in on their babies and see how they are cooking in the Little ovens (Our tummies) and then we will be going to every concerts even a little close to the UK so we will be fine my only worry is that the Babies are done "cooking" before the boys come home but im sure they would do their best to make sure that dosnt happen.

A/N HEY!!! soooo sorry i didn't update when i said mum took laptop and BTW i will be righting a new Fan fiction soon but only when this one id done and it is far from then so don't die :) -Naddie 3>

**Liam's P.O.V.**** 

Me and Dani were on our way back from Switzerland it was our "Random Trip" of the year and Dani has never been to Switzerland surprisingly  since she had been every where else literaly "hey bae you ready?" Dani asked me as we were about to head out the door of our Hotel and we were off.

A/N I am so so so so so sorry i didnt update in a while but i promise im trying to make it a regular thing okay Love you bunches!

~Naddie 3>

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