Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


16. Chapter 16

****1 month later****

**Nina's P.O.V.** 
Maddie and Savvy went to get their ultra sound yesterday and the babies are so cute! and they found out that they really did get pregnant on the same day pretty exciting right? well not really they are both really hormonal and really grumpy and I know Madison likes food but she has gotten worse than Niall weird right? I mean like seriously you can't touch her food unless you want to lose a hand and Savannah isn't any better she will cry and cry and cry for hours about a story on the news sand they both have to take a ton of pain relievers a day and makes them Loopy but everything else is good.
"Hey Nina Where is Maddie?" Niall shouted from his room 
"Um I think she went to the store for some food or something like that" I said shouting from the kitchen I was making a PB&J sandwich I love PB&J sandwiches they are my favorite. "Hey I'm Back!" i herd Maddie yell from the front door. I walked into the living toom with sandwich in hand i saw Niall and Maddie making out on the couch and Savvy and Louis were playing with eachothers fingers huh? where is Harry ? " Uh, Guys sorry to interupt but where is Haz?" i asked with my sandwich half gone and jelly was starting to come out of the bottom i licked it up and they all answered with a simple " In your room." simple but effective i love that saying. i simply went upstairs and found him sitting on the bed with a controller in his hand he was playing Vurtual Football he was addicted to that game i laught at that and sat next to him i still didnt understand how this game worked i knew you try to get the ball in the net but thats all and he was way better at it on the game as everyone kept me aware. "Hey baby" he said slowly as he saw me walk in the room with a sandwich "Please Haz you only want my sandwich" i replied and he just said a defensive Whatever i shrugged it off and fell asleep while i am pretty sure he took my sandwich beacuse when i woke up the rest of my sandwich was gone, boo. i went downstairs and saw everyone gone i did as usual and went to maddies apartment and see if they were their i knocked three times it opened almost imedietly it was Niall "Hey whats up?" he said trying to sound didnt work. "Nothin where is everybody?" i said trying to look inside he slightly closed "Um Maddie and Savvy have school today they just left Harry and the boys are at rehersal and i took a sick day i am helping Maddie out with some cleaning up thats all" he said in one breathe i just nodded letting him close the door and i pulled my key out of my purse i guess he didnt know i had one Maddie gave it to me last weekend when the boys had a concert and Liam and Dani dicided to go to Switzerland for a month or so for what reason i have no clue.. i opened the door and i saw a ton of boxes and everthing was either in the boxes or thrown out the window probably in the boxes though. "Um Niall? What is going on?" i asked not giving him a chance to respond to me. "Um Packing?" he said that in a way that it sounded like a question he said looking inoccent "But Why?!?" i said kind of yelling "well ok i will tell you but dont tell the boys yet okay?" i agreed and he continued "Well you know that Me and Madison are engaged and Savvy and Lou are married and they are both pregnant  so you know it would be a little more convenient if they lived with us right?"i just nodded taking it all in one word at a time. " So i thought maybe if they  moved in things would be easier so yeah so I'm moving them into the flat." he ended confidently i nodded and put Maddie's Pillow Pet into a box and helped him it was true it would be easier for everybody i mean they already spend all their time their anyway so what would be different besides their stuff their.

A/N sorry i haven't updated but i did and OMG their moving in! YAY! i will update this chapter tomorrow night loves C: BTW The next part of the chapter is still Nina's POV. ~R.I.P. Payzer :'(

I went downstairs and the boys had food with them a bag of Food for Maddie a bag of food for Niall and a bag of food for the rest of us Maddie and savvy weren't  home yet they were still at school and wouldn't be back until 5:30 so we put their food in the fridge until then. while we waited we watched a movie and i picked it out so we watched Lilo and Stitch. i Decided just to wait until Maddie and Savvy got home to tell everybody.

**Savvy's P.O.V.**

We were getting out of school in about two more hours and everyone (as in the girlie Directioners) kept giving me the death star because i had Louis Tomlinson's baby in my Uterus and i guess they weren't to happy about it. so anyway i met a new friend and her name is Aiyana she is really cool i think i might let the boys meet her that would be cool right and i think im getting control over the whole hormone thingy and i still have to take a bazillion pills though and my teachers keep getting pissed about me being high in class but oh well *Ha haha haha ha ha ** my phone went off (BTW that is the one direction laughing version of "What Makes You Beautiful") My screen Read:

Maddie 3> 

i picked it up and answered with a : Ello Love (in a Stereotype British accent) she replied with an Ello we have done that for ever and now its appropriate . 

My Convo with Maddie-

"Ello Love" -me


"whats up?'-me

"um when do you get out i was sent home earlie:-maddie

"why are you okay?"-me 

'yeah i just got sick the baby didnt agree with me **Laughing**' - maddie

''ok Well i get out in about and hour and a half i will be coming home with a friend okay?"-me

"Okay that's fine whats his or her name?''-Maddie

''Aiyana that's her name''-me

''okay well i got to go bye love you ''-me

''okay love ya right back''-Maddie

end of call

after that i went to my next class Math ugh i had Mr.Tillo he erks me he is so mean but whatever it is going to be a long hour an a half.

**Maddie's P.O.V.**

i put the key in the Key hole and turned it and i walked in my little apartment and Oh My Gosh i have been robbed! My first instinct was to go to Niall and tell him the news and see if he saw anybody their. even though im sure he would beat the shit out of them if he did. so i ran to the elevator and pressed the "Pent House" button on it and a tab saying "please enter Code" i dialled the four digit code in the tab it was easy it was his birth year: 1993 (A/N This is not his Actual house code :| ) it went Ding and i stepped out of the doors and said through my breaths "Niall- My- House-Robbed -Help." he just smiled and once i caught my breathe i looked confused he held his hand out i walked up and grabbed it and he walked up the stairs it seemed as if everyone but Nina and Niall were confused he walked into his room and i saw all my stuff i gasped in shock and said stupidly "Niall you captured my stuff from the thief" i said smiling at him he laughed and said "Madison will you move in with me?" i was surprised even though i shouldn't be I'm pregnant with his child and I'm engaged to him i sat their and smiled nodded and poked him in the belly and ran downstairs to find protection from him he was definitely going to tickle me i knew him like that  he ran after me and i hid behind Liam and he laughed and pulled me out from behind him and helped Niall attack me with tickles i laughed so hard i swore i was going to piss my pants i didn't though. That's Good.

**Savannah's P.O.V.**

I was out of that living hell as some people call it school when i got home from that long ride because of the rain and the traffic i got home in thirty minutes adn i usually get home in ten big difference right. I got up to the 29th Floor and i saw the door already opened i was about to cry our apartment was empty did they throw us out or did someone break in? I din't know i went upstairs to see if i could stay over their for a while while we find a new home i hope it will be fine and by time i got up there i had tears running down my face.....fucking hormones.

"Oh no whats wrong Love?" Louis asked getting up with concern in his eyes 

"My- My house its empty." choked on my words wiping tears away  "Savvy!" I heard Maddie run down the stairs i don't know she has this thing she cant stand to be without me for even a day or she went crazy i liked it , it was funny. she grabbed my hand and drug me up the stairs and walked me into Louis' room and all my stuff was in it and i was so exited i accidentally screamed and hugged her  being so happy i thought we had been robbed or something  just a minute ago. after i screamed everyone ran upstairs and looked scared and then Louis smiled he was surprised but happy Niall stepped in and whispered in his ear his smile grew bigger and he knelt down and grabbed my hand Madison jumping and nodding her head. "Savannah will you Move in with me in these Idiots?" well i was happy and we are here all the time anyway might as well "Yeshhh" i nodded and said in a baby voice me and Maddie had always had a bad habit of doing that and not being able to stop doing that for a while. so me and Maddie Moved in with the boys and- **Beep*** My Phone i pulled it out and saw the screen 

From: Aiyana :)

Hey im on way :) xx\

i answered with an Okay and told the boys and apparently they knew an Aiyana Their Aiyana was dating Paul's Oldest son (A/N I Do Not know if Paul has a son as old as us but i put an imaginary Pauly son in here okay) **Ding Dong** we heard the elevator it was a notification that someone was in the elevator waiting to be let in Niall Opened it and looked confused "Aiyana?" he asked "Niall?" she answered and she trailed off to a different question "Savannah you know the boys?" she asked me "Yeah I'm Married to one of them...." i answered dragging my words " Oh i didn't know and i think i have already met your friends that you wanted to introduce me to." she answered " no you haven't met Maddie right?" i said in response "no" she laughed Maddie ran down the stairs with Nina i thnk they were playing tag because Nina yelled "I'm gonna get you!" and Maddie yelled " In your dreams!" Maddie stopped in the middle of the stairs making Nina fall and making Madison Laugh and run to me as a body guard and i said "Aiyana, Maddie, Maddie , Aiyanna" She held her hand out to shake Aiyana's they shook hands and Nina Said "Sup Aiyanna" so i guess they know each other to "Sup Nina" she replied and the rest of the night went on with Niall Snoring and Maddie snuggling in her sleep with him and Nina and Harry making out and Aiyana talking to Zayn about Dragon Ball something perrie wasn't their she was on tour and Liam and Dani were still in Switzerland  and  Louis and I playing Rock Paper scissors.  

A/N Im sorry if you dont like this chapter it took me forever for me to write though so i hope you do :)

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