Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


15. Chapter 15


**Louis' P.O.V.*** 

The next day it was s time to go home I had to go to sound checks for concerts in Cheshire and the girls will be alone for a couple of weeks while me and the boys are on tour but we won't be far we are only touring the U.K. so they could always visit us when they need to. Okay enough stalling I need to think about my baby I was excited but how will he or she be happy in this kind of life being surrounded by Paparazzi all the time not being able to go to the park when wanted to and "Daddy" being gone all the time on tour and mommy at school for another two years more after she or he is born we would need to hire a Nanny unless Dani , Nina and Perrie take turns watching the baby I also need to talk to Niall because he is going to be a dad soon to we need to talk this through.


***Maddie's P.O.V.**

Savannah is coming home today! Yay i hope she had a good time i wonder if we really did get pregnant on the same day or did we just find out on the same day but anyway time to think baby's ,what will my mom think i know we technically we aren't married yet but we are going to be in a year so i just wont tell them until the wedding when the baby is already born and we are getting married or i could not tell them at all and tell them in another year so they wont feel betrayed yeah i will tell them after the wedding when they leave it is settled.  

"Maddie come on we are meeting Louis and Savannah at the airport!" Nina Yelled across the house me and Nina gotten to be very good friends "Im Coming!" i yelled as walking in the room to see Nina at the door i was wearing some shorts, and a tank top that i just threw on. we walked into the elevator that took us down to the lobby then we got into a black tented car and the man that I have never seen his face before started the car drove us down to the airport with the engine still running we walked inside and saw Louis and Savannah standing there looking around probably for us. "Hey Lou!" Louis' eyes went straight to me and so did Savannah's "Ready to go?" I asked Savannah "Yeah and can we pick up some food me and Louis are starving the airplane food sucks " she said laughing at the last part I nodded in agreement. when we got to Nandos I ordered our food and we ate there I got an extra order of food for Niall when we get home.

A/N I am stopping here I www I'll be back with more in this chapter later bye Love xx 

- A lot of dialog in this part-

"Where are the rest of the boys?" Savannah asked noticing their absence

"Sound check, and I all ready told Paul you would be late so you all good ." I told Louis knowing he was going to freak out if I didn't tell him the last part he sighed in relief. 

"So, Nina.." her eyes shot up from her food giving Savvy her undivided attention 

"how are you and Harry coming along"  

"Um...We're good." she said blushing knowing we would ask for more details. Savvy cleared her throat "Okay we are great!" she said smiling I knew it.  

"So anyway time for serious stuff....." I said scaring the one guy with us probably thinking we are talking about like periods and stuff but nope. 

"The babies" I finished my sentence I heard Louis slightly sigh in relief  

"Okay first no drinking." I knew I just kicked my arse but I couldn't drink down my issues when I have a child in my belly they all looked at me shocked they knew how I felt with my problems and they knew this would be tough for me. 

"Maddie.." Savvy started when I got teary eyed because I don't know any other way to deal with it. I can do this I was being a pussy for the last 4years of my life I was 18 for God sake I need to grow up. "What?" I asked them accidentally checking on my words "I will help you,You know that right I will be your wine okay?" savvy said trying to support me I nodded and the big one came around "No Smoking" I don't know if I can be around Zayn as much anymore because he smokes I don't want to breathe it in and give the baby third hand! or second hand I don't know what that situation would be called.  

"What about Zayn you know?" Louis asked  

"We just can't be around him smoking he only smokes outside anyway." I answered as I had already thought about it. 

"What else?" Savannah asked as if I had already taken her life away she is going to hate this one "No Sex." I said calmly but firmly "W-w-Wait up what?!?" Louis seemed devastated  

"Lou we can't do you want a fucked up child?" Savannah asked backing me up surprisingly Lou just shook his head "Then No Sex Lou!" Savannah said in a loud whisper "And Absolutely No Partying." Savannah looked at me as if I ran over her puppy when I said that. "No why not!?!?" this time it was a loud yelling and yes people were looking "Savvy if we party it will lead to a small drink which will lead to another and another until we are a drunken pregnant ladies at a party and end up having sex with either Lou or unintentionally someone else." she nodded knowing I had a point I texted Niall the rules he didn't complain he knew I was right and I was. he just replied  

From: Nialler xx

Ok bby love you <3


I set his signature I think it is cute he never changed it so I assume he is fine with it or he just never had time but I didn't care.  

when we were done we went home and watched the usual toy story 1-3 but I don't mind I love those movies while Louis and the boys were in sound check for the Concert we are planning on going so Savvy had dibbs on shower fist then me and then Perrie an next Nina, Dani took a shower at her flat. about an hour later we were ready the concert was in 30 minutes and Nina won't stop putting on different bracelets she wore them all the time I swear she needs some holy water or something.  

but I couldn't wait me and Niall all ready agreed to the names if it's a Girl Natalie and a boy Nathan and everything else besides what collage funds we are going to use but we have awhile but he or she will go to collage. 

"Hello!" we heard a chorus of our boys calling and we all did our own version of heys and Hellos. they sat down and watched the rest of you story 3 with us and me and Niall were as close as physically possible and so was Louis and Savvy and Nina and Harry also Zayn and Perrie and Liam and Dani went to bed earlier. we had a pretty uneventful evening besides that Niall loved me for the Nandos I got for him.  

A/N sorry it's so short it took me 2 days to finish this so as you can see I have the biggest case of writers block ever :( hopefully I will be cured soon.

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