Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


14. Chapter 14

**Savannah's P.O.V.** 

when the party was over we left in the limousine with soda bottles dragging behind us (Maddie's idea) me and Louis was waving to the people back at the party I saw Niall and Madison holding hands I was so happy for her. I was happy for Niall to he finally found his princesses and it was my best friend I loved it best day ever. 


**Louis' P.O.V.** 

once we got to the airport my and Savannah got on a private jet trying to avoid all the paparazzi, it didn't work people were asking questions like :"is this part of your contract?" and " did she pay you in any way?" but we kept moving until I stopped. where is Savannah she was right here I was holding her had and now she's gone I tried looking for her but I couldn't see her there was too many people so I decided to call her name maybe she will hear me just maybe"SAVANNAH!!!!" I kept calling her name it didn't work just until I saw all the paparazzi moved to another part avoiding me they must have found her I was rushing trying to get through when I saw her on the ground, they hit her?!?!?!?!!! "Get away from her!!" I yelled and all the fans and paparazzi looked up to see me wet in my own tears the fans looked ashamed they should be that was afwful I was so mad I could help it I held out my hand to Savannah she grabbed it still crying we walked away and got on the plane silently when we got on the plane I hugged her crying saying this is all my fault and I should of had better guards outside the airport and she just kept shaking her head "Its not your fault it is your fans fault they are the ones who hit me not you okay?" I just nodded I kissed her lips that were incredibly soft and she was just beautiful I loved her and I know she loves me back which makes things a lot better for me.


**Savannah's P.O.V.** 

we got off the long plane ride after like 6 hours and the whole time I either talked to Louis kissed him or slept so it wasn't boring to me anyway. we went to the Beach house in an island that some how Louis managed to completely wipe out so it was just us two. I like it like that. we went swimming first thing it was fun I was floating on my back in the Crystal blue water and then **SPLASH** he splashed me I knew my relaxing wouldn't last long I splashed him back he had a fake hurt feeling look on his face while he gasped he ran and picked me up spinning me around for what seemed like forever when he put me down we were both really dizzy so when he put me down he fell back dramatically I played along "Noo!" I fake cried and he looked up and kissed me what was supposed to be a light kiss and turned it into a passionate kiss that was so much more we walked into the cabin still kissing him carrying me and we plopped on the. bed making out now I expected it to be a light gentle kiss turned out somthing way way more it was perfect. (You can guess what happens next;) )  


**Savannah's P.O.V. 

the next morning I took a pregnancy test you know can't be to careful ever since I watched Breaking Dawn of the Twilight series I kind of had one or two with me packed for the honeymoon and it was a good thing I did.  

I was pregnant. 


what was I going to tell Louis would he be happy or sad even mad possibly I don't know what to do. Maybe I should tell him now so no funny business could effect the baby and I have no idea what Maddie would say that I was irresponsible stupid I don't know ok that sounded harsh Madison wouldn't say that she would be disappointed but she would be their for me right? I mean like why wouldn't she I'm her best friend but I don't know if she would support me in this situation. I had to tell them Louis first I mean he is the dad. 

I walked in the living room as he sat on the couch waiting for me to arrive I told him I had to go to the bathroom I didn't tell him what for though. 

"Hey Wifey" he said smiling I smiled back with just a hint of nervousness he looked at me seriously and sat up "What's wrong" he sounded serious I gulped and spat the words "impregnantandyourthefather" I tried to say quickly so he wouldn't understand but sadly he did , boo. "Well I guess I'm a dad" he said sighing with a happy smile like he was, excited? "You mean your not mad?" I said sounding like a question "Not really I'm only upset we can't 'play'' for nine months " I giggled at his words "any names you like?" asking a little to soon but what the duck I wanna know "Well I like Reese for a boy and Lillian for a girl" I smiled I loved those names especially Lillian because I liked the name Lilly to and Lillian and Lilly have the same first part so it could be Lillian's Nickname "I like it" I said smiling really big now time to tell Maddie I dialled the number in not feeling like hummingbird down in my contacts it rang once "SAVVY YOU HAVE TO BE HAVING FUN NOT CALLING ME YOU CRACK HEAD"she said waiting for an explanation "Hurtful" I said with a tone " I have to tell you something." I said nervous "well spill" she said impatient "I-I'm Pregnant ." I said flinching awaiting for the reaction that never came I eased up and said "Maddie? did you hear me I'm pregnant" I said hopefully I won't have to tell her again and all I heard was a gasp "OMG! Your pregnant too!!!!" she said I was confused "Uhhh?" I made a noise hoping she would understand I was confused "ugh call me back and read your messages" she said annoyed and hung up with a Bye Love!. I did as she said I went to my messages I had two unread ones one from Maddie and one from Niall. I opened Maddie's first 

From: Maddie xxx

I'm pregnant!!!! Niall's the dad OMG this is like the daydreams we had when we were 16 oh my gosh I'm so excited we are going to name her Natalie but if it's a boy we are naming him Nathan cute right? anyway gotta go bye Love xx 

~Naddie 3>

I sighed looked at the date and gasped 04/26/2013 we got pregnant on the same day. I shook It off I'm going to be excited in a minute I wanted to see what Niall said  

From: Nialler xx

I'M A DADDY!! YAY!! Maddie is the MOMMY!DOUBLE YAY!!


I laughed at his reaction and my phone went off while staring at the messages. **Beep** 

Twitter ughh  

"Louislovver93 you have been tagged in Louis Tomlinson's tweet." I smiled and opened the tweet it read: 

I'm a dad just like little Nialler!!" I favourited it and walked back to the couch he was smiling and I just kissed him on the cheek and snuggled up to him watching television. What a fantastic Honeymoon.

A/N Ooooo what happens next don't forget to vote and comment thanks love xx and sorry for the short chapter I kind of had a hard time thinking :( but I hope you like it anyway 3>

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