Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


12. Chapter 12

A/N I would like to dedicate this chapter to the very own Savannah Wilson I hope you like it :) 

**Louis' P.O.V. 

"Guys I- I think I'm in love with Savannah."I said worried about what they might think, I waited for their response as they just looked at me smiling. 

"and I know I have only been dating her for a couple of months now but still and I need your help with something....." 

A/N What's gonna happen?!!?! read to find out!


**Savannah's P.O.V.  

I think Louis wants to take things up a little he doesn't like It when other guys stare at me I laugh at him for being so clinging like he needed some kind of boy repellent to keep them away from me. I liked him a lot I might just Love him but then again he probably didn't feel the same way like how would he, he could have anyone in the world why would he want me? I'm just a game for now until he breaks my heart and moves onto another innocent girl. but I tried not to think about that now just enjoy being with Him now I kept telling myself this while pushing the thought to the back of my brain for another time. hopefully he won't break my heart to soon I lov-like him to much to let him go now. as I sat on the bed checking Twitter and Facebook I herd Louis walk in the room he looked.nervous "Hey" I said getting scared thinking oh no he's going to do it he's done playing with my feelings I'm through he cut me from my worried thoughts "can you come with me we are going somewhere?" he asked slyly I nodded getting up and crossing my fingers that I was wrong and he just wants to surprise me with something other than a break up. we walked out of the apartment building and got in a car it was black with very heavy tented windows. we got in and he still had that nervous smile plasters on his face I have never seen him like this before and that's why I was nervous. it was about a ten minute silent ride as we pulled up to the same Building as a couple of weeks ago for our ten person date it was Paul's house I didn't expect it to be this , Big as we walked into the ballroom same room as the date, the boys and girls and Maddie was standing their Madison was smiling like a retarded monkey but I didn't laugh to break the tension in the room music started playing to my favourite song (A.K.A. this not her actual favourite song I'm just guessing) Save you tonight it was one of their songs I had to hold my hands down pretty hard to keep myself from pretending to do the superman shirt thing so did Maddie I could tell, when Louis started to sing to me I started to blush without notice when he was done he knelt down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring and said these beautiful words that I will cherish forever "Savannah Wilson I know we have not known each other very long but I can't help but feel like I'm in love with you will you Please make the happiest idiot in the world and be my wife?" he asked me while I was still frozen in happiness and once I defrosted I spoke the words."Yes with a capital Y-E-S!" he smiled ear to ear while everyone cheered and he pulled me close to a passionate kiss knowing this was the happiest day of my life. 

A/N Hope you like it Savvy xx see you later today bye love 3> 

~Naddie 3>

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