Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


11. Chapter 11

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**Savannah's P.O.V.**

i made it to London lived here for a month got an amazing Boyfriend and now I'm leaving. i frowned in my thoughts as i looked at my shoes holding my bags and saying my goodbye's until i got to Louis i can't believe i wont see him for a whole couple of days i know im overreacting but i was going to miss him so much my parents decided that i will stay with my dad for half of the week and the other half with my mom and honestly i would rather stay in London but how could i ever say that to them what would i say something like "Hey mom and dad i don't want to go to visit you i want to stay here and get knocked up by my boyfriend two years older then me" no. Louis looked at me and lifted my chin with his finger i was going to miss that finger and i would miss his smelly feet and his sex hair i would miss the kicking in his sleep everything but i had to go he gave me a quick kiss on the lips but i treasured it and took it with me as i got on the plane waving to my new nine best friends my very best friend(Madison) and my new sex god of a boyfriend i was going to miss that rock hard body and his silly actions even tho he will be coming down there in a few days but still i wont be sleeping in the same bed so i was going to miss that because no way was my mother going to let me sleep in the same bed as him and especially my dad would go nuts!they don't exactly know he is coming down there yet but.. we will figure it out.i left on to the plane watching Maddie cry we have never been this far from each other before the farthest was when i went to Coco beach without her just me my dad and Tyler my big annoying, overprotective. underestimating sister and it was torture for me and Maddie but that was forever ago.


Once i got off the long and boring plane ride i walked up pretending to be extremely excited about seeing them when i would much rather be in Louis' arms watching the usual Toy Story movies like every night. "HEEYY!!" I yelled like i said pretending to be excited.

"There's my baby how are you did you meet any cute boys i laughed knowing that Louis would be here in two days to meet them "well actually yes." i said sounding a little Cocky "Oh my gosh! really" my Sister Lexi said from behind me sounding interested "Yea you have seen him before lets say he was hung up all over my room when i was 16" i said smiling hugely when her jaw drop in disbelieve "i don't believe you , i need proof" she said as she finally awoken from her thoughts"Fine you want proof i will give you some in two days okay?"i said in a way she would understand "Fine and no pictured they could be photo-shopped " she said like it was a warning


It has been two days and Louis should be here any minute and Lexi will not stop bugging me for the proof like saying stuff like: "Wheres your proof liar?" but it didn't get to me because i was going to see Louis any minute walk through the door. **DING-DONG** i ran to the door in what i thought was one second and opened the door as he stood their so perfectly he ran to me and picked me up and spinned me around like there was no tomorrow " Hey Lex your proof is here" i giggled she ran down stairs saying stuff like "whatever it is its probably fake" and when she saw Louis and I making out in front of the front door i swear her jaw dropped all the way to Antarctica in disbelieve this should be a lesson for her.

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**Savannah's P.O.V. 

I laughed at her reaction and laughed the words "believe me now?" She just nodded slowly with her jaw still dangling as my mom walked in she gasped at the sight of the famous Louis Tomlinson with his arm around her daughter's waist she held out her hand to shake Louis' he shook her hand and fretted her as everyone else "Hello, Love" he said shaking her hand still mom was speechless I guess she thought I was lying to but I proved them Louis was now smiling like an idiot. My mom called my Dad and as he awkwardly walked in a house he hasn't been in for what seemed like forever. 

Louis introduced himself he made quite an impression a week Me and Louis flew first class on an airplane back home. 

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