Love in London

two girls had no idea what they signed up for when they applied for the University of London and got a full scholarship and live the life there and finding true love on the way to find their self at the top of the world.


10. Chapter 10

*Madison's P.O.V.

**Beep Beep **

I was written up by my phone going off I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had talked to them I pressed the call button and said"hello?"

"Oh my God Maddie your everywhere I herd your dating Niall that boy who you had like a huge crush on since like two years ago how is it being famous and everything?"

I waited a minute before responding noticing that it was my big sister"Um, it's good want to talk to him?" I asked curiously

"YES!!!" I shook Niall he wouldn't wake up so I bent over and whispered in his ear and said "Food is ready" he woke up instantly he said what like he wanted to know what kind of food. I laughed at him my sister still on the phone . " Niall my sister Shelby wants to talk to you"he said ok in response I handed him the phone and covered the speaker "Is she a Diectioner?" he asked all scared like " No she likes Country and Rapp stuff like that." I answered he nodded"Hello" he said I smiled pointed to the bathroom I went to get in the shower. I turned on the water , stripped off my clothing and stepped in the boiling water.

**Niall's P.O.V.**

"Hello" I said hoping not to hear a scream

"Hi" I heard about a 22 sounding girl said

"So your the famous Shelby" I said making her feel like Maddie talked about her ally by her reaction I could tell she felt good

"and your the famous Niall" she said laughing

"well yes actually I am famous" I said sarcastically while I saw Maddie walk in the bathroom to take a shower she had this thing for only taking showers in the morning she couldn't take one way night she said it was because she didn't like it when her hair stuck to the sheets I told she could just blow dry it but she refused she didn't use heat on her hair not even if it wasn't touching her hair she still wouldn't I liked that about her she was easy going but stubborn at the same time.

"So your dating my little sister, let me tell you, you better know a lot about fighting if you break her heart your going to go through a lot of pain Mr. so don't even think about hurting her in anyway got it!" she said very quickly dip I couldn't cut her off she obviously loved and protected Madison when needed I expected that

"No problem,I wouldn't dream of hurting my princess she's my world so no need to kill me." I said calmly and seriously I herd a little awe while I was saying this "good now take care of her I'm trusting you, now my dad would like to speak to you... "she answered in response.

**Madison's P.O.V.**

I was happily taking a shower when I heard my sister yelling I could tell he had put the phone on speaker soon I heard Niall calmly telling my sister something I couldn't comprehend through the noise of the shower once I was done I came out Niall, knew how I liked my showers Long and HOT. so I knew he wouldn't mind If I didn't come out for a while when I walked out of the bathroom in Niall's room I dropped my towel to get dressed and I put on a T-Shirt that happened to be Niall's and some jeans I bought at the mall a couple of weeks ago. I sat on top of the bed when I realised that Niall was on the phone with my Dad oh no what was he saying what will my Dad say to me this was awful my Dad will try to split us up I was going to cry.

**Niall's P.O.V.**

"Are you Niall" he asked

"yes I am and you must be Madison's dad nice to finally meet you" I said sounding really nice not like I'm not pshhh i flattered myself

"yes I am can I ask you something, where's my daughter?" he asked without giving new a chance to answer if he could ask me or not but I answer any way

"Sitting next to me" I answered I noticed she looked worried when I looked at her deep in thought

"what is she wearing?" he asked I guess he thought she would be naked or something

"one of my T-Shirts and a pair of jeans" I answered quickly

"keep it that way, I just wanted to keep you aware that we are heading up there for a week this month and I want to see my daughter fully clothed when I get there" he said I could tell he was smiling in a joking manner I tried not to laugh when he said this.

**Madison's P.O.V.

My dad was sounding harsh but I knew what he meant by fully clothed he wanted me still a virgin when he got here and I was so nothing to worrie about me and Niall both liked the whole no sex till marriage rule I had a dream once were Niall proposed and I didn't say yes first the first thing I said was can you get tested first I laughed at my thoughts and herd that they were coming here this month to see me that was great I missed them a lot.


**Perrie's P.O.V. **

Maddie's parents were coming to visit for a week today and everyone was excited. Madison was downstairs in her apartment packing enough clothes for a week because she and Savey were staying at the flat while her parents were here, her parents are staying in the guest room which happens to be next to Niall's room

**Beep** Madison's cell went off we should get her a new phone hers was pretty crappy she was getting dressed might as well read it I shrugged and picked up that Wal-Mart go phone and tapped the screen were it said new message I opened the message that read:

"Honey we are at the airport call us when you get this I'm sure your busy love you xx "

From: Mom <3

+19045347654 (Don't call this number it is not real I typed in a random number that's all thx xx)

I called them it rang twice and I herd a woman's voice must have been her mom

"Hey sweetie how are you!" Maddie's mom said sweetly

"Hi I'm Perrie , Maddie's friend she is getting dressed." I said trying not to make them think I'm creepy for reading Madison's texts

"that's fine may we speak to her, Perrie" I answered sure and walked into Niall's room were I saw her pulling a shirt over her head "hey Maddie your mom's on the phone hope you don't mind I read the text they sent you I smiled weakly at her trying to soften her up "it's fine I don't mind " I handed her the phone and she said "Hey! can't wait to see you guys but I will have to call you or see you when you get here you are staying in the room next to us shell and. em are staying in two separate rooms down stairs " she said sounding like she was trying to impress them. the phone was on speaker so I could here everything " I thought we were staying in an apartment???" they all asked "we are it's the pent house, Niall is in the studio so when you get here it will just be you guys, me and Perrie okay" they all agreed


(short time difference)

**Madison's P.O.V.

about an hour later we hered a knock on the door I went to get it while Perrie was looking out the window checking out how many paps were outside.

I opened the door acting more surprised then I actually was.

"Hey!!" I yelled getting Perrie's attention "Hey!" Perrie said walking in the room. "Hey this is Perrie ,Zayns girlfriend. Dani is at a dance gig she will be back soon " I informed them we walked in and showed Emily her room then mom and dads room "where is Savey?" Dad asked me confused "She's at The studio with the boys" I answered awkwardly I was glad they were here but I wish they could go the least bit easy on Niall he was a good guy as far as I'm concerned. "So which one is she dating again?" Mom asked with that Northern Florida accent I hadn't herd in a while

"Louis and guys be nice they are really cool and dad I think you will like Niall because he believes in no sex until marriage like me" I said hoping he will calm down about Niall and he did sounding satisfied when I told him that. "HEYY!!" I herd a course of boys saying at the same time I turned my head there here! "come on they are here " they followed behind me Niall ran up to shake my dad's hand I could tell he was trying to hide how nervous he actually was. he gave me a hug and said "we got food" smiling like and idiot I laughed and said "Lets eat !" the boys cheered and my Dad looked happy I liked how this was going we had Nandos for dinner while Niall lectured my parents about how they had never Eaton the greatest food in the century (Nandos) we laughed at how serious he took it after dinner we watched a movie, I picked out a movie I was certain my mom would cry to because I find it funny she cries about every Disney movie with only the slightest sad part I picked out her weakness Bambi when it got to the sad part I didn't watch the movie I watched my mom sobbing like a baby I bit my mouth shut to keep from burst out laughing because my mom was a sucker for a Disney movie. after the movie I let go of my lip and laughed as loud as I could everyone stared confused except for mom she looked mad "I'm sorry I'm sorry" I spoke between breathes my mom knew why I was laughing I have been teasing her about that since I was twelve "Shut up Madison!" My mom yelled I laughed harder at her reaction soon Savey caught on because i have told her about her little "Problem" Then everyone was laughing mom blushed and then Dad started busting out laughing i could tell he'd been holding it in for a while we all laughed, **DING DONG** The door bell rang "I'll get it" mom said it quick "no need its Dani" i said as she looked disappointed and sat back down, Dani walked in and yelled "WASS GOIN ON" trying to sound Hipsta i laughed at her she sat next to Liam as he filled her in on why we were Laughing and she responded "Thats mean i cry to Bambi its sad!" We all Laughed at her even my mom when we were done Niall went to go take a shower. After that my mom and dad talked to me.......

"Honey, I think Niall is a good guy he is mean though he laughed at me" she laughed at herself i laughed and smiled really big she liked him! "Thanks mom" i hugged her i looked at my dad hopeful " I like him to he's funny and nice, you may continue dating him" he said smiling making me smile bigger than ever "THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!" i kissed both of them and went to bed finding Niall changing mom and Dad went to bed shortly after wards "They like you" i told him "I knew they would i mean who wouldn't" he said trying to sound cocky i laughed at him as i threw a pillow at him "oh its on!" he yelled from across the room he picked up a pillow and threw it at me. we started throwing pillows at each other fluently when i hit him in the balls i threw my hands in the air and yelled "Bullsye!"

**Madison's Mom's P.O.V.**

I herd Niall Yell "Its on" so i went to go check it out i didn't want to disturb them so i peaked through the crack in the door i saw them throwing pillows at each others and then Rusty (A.K.A. Dad) walked up and whispered "Snoopy" he looked through the crack too and laughed silently we both found this adorable as she hit him in the balls rusty chuckled under his breathe when Maddie threw her hands in the air and yelled "Bullsye!'' soon enough he got ahold of her and she laughed and realized what was coming " No, No, Niall don't" she screamed as Niall tickled her on the floor and then the boy who i think was Louis came out of the room with savannah and asked "whats that noise?" me and rusty shhhhed them and they came over to look they giggled "are they always like this" Rusty asked the boy "Yeah pretty much" he laughed "awwe" Savannah and i said together i thought it was cute. soon he stopped tickling her when she was out of breathe completely she laughed through her tiny breathes he smiled and pulled her close and planting a passionate kiss to her lips i smiled as if i was the cause for their happiness although I knew they already whet like this Niall pulled away and said "Do you hear something?" uh-oh he opened the door leaving us to fall on the floor. Madison blushed seeing that we were probably there for awhile Niall Laughed as we got up and Rusty was laughing so hard i thought he might pee. "What were you guys doing?" Niall asking as if he already knew but wanted to hear us say it "uh-Snooping?" i said sounding more like a question we all Laughed even Niall and Madison soon we woke up four other people i think Harry, Liam and i know Nina, Madison sent me a picture of her saying that she was her friend that Harry asked out they were an item now and we woke up this other girl she was pretty , Dani i think that's what everybody kept calling her that name so i assumed it was Dani they walked in the room and laughed "were they snooping?" Liam said "YES!" Maddie said sounding like she was going to laugh. after all the laughing stopped we went down stairs to get a snack Niall was the first one in the kitchen he seemed to really like food so did Madison but i was used to it i lived with her, her entire life. but he was different like he heard the word food and he shot up. it was a great night for everyone and i could tell Niall had no intention of hurting her and Rusty could tell to, we both liked him


**Savannahs P.O.V.**

Before we knew it the week was over and Madison drove everyone to the airport in the car Niall let her borrow she got her license this week before they came knowing she would have to drive them somewhere.

Everyone was happy and it was all good i smiled in satisfaction.

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