hi I`m Jessica! this is about Darcy and Tyler who are Harry styles kids and how he finds out.......what will he say? what will he do? find out and comment like follow and favorite!


3. Home

harrys pov......

i have been thinking a lot. i feel it would be good if Jessica and the kids moved in with me! i am buying a mansion and suprising jessie tonight. it is a 13 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms. a huge kitchen with great cooking space, and so much more! i just signed the papers and got the keys........now i should text Jess


to Jessie boo

come over to my place:

4291 st.charlles drive maryland, ohio

to hazza: kkz on my way :)


ok see you soon lovely

(texts over)

Jessicas pov:

i am on my way to harrys.......and all i can say is O M G! this place is huge! theres like a bagillion floors!!!!!!!!!!!

i knocked on the door and it was opened by  VERY handsome Hazza! he led me upstairs to a childs room. "whos is this?" i asked "Darcys.......and this" he led me to another room "is tylers" he added. "were moving in?!?!" i asked "yep!" he said, popping the "P". well what are you waiting for? we have to get my things over here, Hazza!!!!"

we then left to pack!

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