hi I`m Jessica! this is about Darcy and Tyler who are Harry styles kids and how he finds out.......what will he say? what will he do? find out and comment like follow and favorite!


1. hi!!!!!!!!

hi im Jessica Emma Sinkins! i dated harry styles from one direction you know? the world famous boy band! that was until he cheated on me with Taylor swift! but that was years ago! now i am single and live in Holmes Chapel with my kids! Darcy Lilya Styles and Tyler James Styles! Yep they are Harrys kids! But he doesnt know.......he left me before i told him but oh he will find out soon enough because its the twins birthday and tyler asked to me his daddy and darcy wants to see one direction soooo we got backstage passes! but never mind that......heres some about our home: its 3 stories with a view of a beautiful lake and it has 8 bedrooms and 6 1/2 bathrooms because i dream of having 4 sons and 4 daughters but i probably wont get married because i am forever alone! :( all i have is my bestie who you will hear about later! i work at one of the best hospitals and i ama doctor well i got to go bye!!!!!!!!!!!!



a/n comment if you want to date Niall in this story and be my bestie in it to and write somethings about yourself!!!!!!!!

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