hi I`m Jessica! this is about Darcy and Tyler who are Harry styles kids and how he finds out.......what will he say? what will he do? find out and comment like follow and favorite!


2. concert time

jessicas pov i grabbed the diaper bag and put in extra diapers, an extra outfit for each, a jacket, and pcifiers, a blankie for each, and soooo much more. i put Tyler in his im a 2 year old.....shirt and Darcy in her pink birthday onsie and purple tutu. i found red pants for Tyler and getmyslef ready. i wear a simple pink dress that was flowy with short sleaves and a denim jacket with grey white polka dot flats ! i loaded up the car and we headed to London. my friends from high school tried and came so we could catch up! we found our seats backstage i sat with the twins and Perrie was on my right with Eleanor on my left then we had the rest of little mix and Danielle in there somewhere! i went to change Darcy real quick and find another snack for Tyler when all of a sudden i was on the ground....i looked up to see the one and only..............Harry Styles! he had a worried look and stuttered the words i im s s sorry..... i looked down to the kids and scooped them up and accepted his apology....i tried to walk away but he stoppedme "is that you Jess?" he asked i nodded yes and ran to therestroom to change Darcy! but when i left Harry was standing outside the restroom waiting! he looked straight into my eyes and said "whos kids are these?" i said "mine.........and.......yours" whispering that last part. i looked up to see a sparklein his eye and a smile on his face. hethen asked there names and i told him.....but then ha had to leave for the show! i was listening and dancinv with the kids when they asked if that was there father...of course i told the truth! but all of a sudden we werent backstage .........we were....ONstage! i heard harry yell into the mic. "this is my family and i love them to bits! if you give them the tiniest bit of hate i will not react well so dont touch them EVER!" i smiled tears rolling down my face as i helld Tyler and Harry scooped up Darcyand kissed all 3 of our heads!i was so happy and i fianlly fellt complete....little did i know that was ALL about to change.

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