Hey There Beautiful

Two best friends have always wanted to start there own life on there own and they chooses to move to London. They fall in to an unexpected path and meet two bots of the worlds biggest boy band and they didn't really know who they are so the boys choose to keep them in the dark about their life's and soon the girls find out! What do you tink will happen when it dose??


1. The Big Day

Yesenia's pov

Today is the day that me and Kaitlin best friends leaving home and moving to London. It was just a dream when we where little but were making this happen and it's the best thing ever! "we'll that's the last of it." I said closing the trunk of the car we finally have every thing "REALLY" Kaitlin said with her blue eyes sparkling. Ughhh that's I really love about my bestie she has the most beautiful eyes they are like the sky. Unlike me I have dark brown eyes that almost look black but they aren't, and our hair is about the same it's both long, wavy, and manageable a lot of the time but hers is blonde and mines brown we also are loud and that is what makes us us also she is so funny and sporty I'm jealous I've never been the athletic type I was the artist.

When were together we are so energetic and jump around singing all the time we have the best voices ever we just use it for messing around. Well we were almost to our new home we where so excited that we were squirming in our seats. When we got there parked the car in front of the house not in the drive way cause my car had already been here for a couple of days.

Me being so excited I swing the car door open and all you can hear is a loud thud. I look at Kaitlin with a look of panic and I rush out of the car to see t what I hit or should I say who. "I'm so so so Sorry" I said trying to help him up "I didn't mean t-" "its ok" he cut me off. I finished helping him up but my hand was still holding his I couldn't stop staring in to his eyes they where like emeralds.

In the back ground I can hear laughing but that wasn't Kaitlin I couldn't figure out who it is and I had to pull away form this beautiful sight to see who it was. Of course I was right it was blond haired boy with brown roots and blue eyes and he couldn't stop laughing. I just gave him a why are you laughing look. Then I saw him point and followed to where he was pointing and I saw it me and this curly chocolate brown haired boy were still holding hands and I shook it off and he put both of his hands in his pockets. I took a step back and said in a shy voice "Sorry, I didn't see you there and I was just really excited." sounding squeaky at the end.

He just smiled oh Lordy hold me he has the most amazing smile I've ever seen in my life. "What are you so excited about?" he asked with a questioning look on his face. By this point his friend stopped laughing and was talking to Kaitlin. I wonder about what cause she was giggling and smiling like and idiot. "Well me and my best friend Kaitlin where just about to get this car unloaded and in to our house." I say pointing the to beautiful two story house behind him. "Oh really would you like us to help by the way my name is Harry and my mate here is Niall" he said walking over to his friend and patting him on the shoulder. "I guess but you don't have to really you don't and my name is Yesenia" I explained. "No we want to help don't we Niall." lightly slapping him on the arm, that caught his attention. "Yeah yeah" Niall said in his thick Irish accent "No problem." "Well we better get started then cause I don't want to keep you from something you might have to do" I said some what in a hurry.

We finished in about an hour and we just sat there talking for a while but me and Kaitlin had to unpack. "Well not to be rude or any thing but its getting kinda late and we have to find everything so we can go to sleep." I said

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