Kidnapped By One Direction

16+ content. Curse words.
Katelynn is in a really bad spot. She can't go home to her parents. And she doesn't have any friends to resort to. She is stuck with One Direction. This would be any girls dream. It was hers too at first. But not anymore... She vowed to never let herself fall for any of them. But what happens if she does? Read to find out her whole story.

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6. Katelynn's New Home

Niall's POV

I heard the door open. My eyes fluttered open. I looked  over to the door and saw a huge black silhouette of a man in the door way. He crept in. He glided over to the bed. I held Katelynn closer to me. The figure's hand reached for Katelynn. I shot up and turned the lights on.



"WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING LOUIS?!?!" he looked at me, shock across his face, Katelynn, now awake looked at him; fearfully. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away. She looked disgusted. "Niall. Let me handle this. No matter what you hear do NOT come out of this room." I nodded and kissed her forehead.  She wrapped herself in the bed sheets. She stood and grabbed Louis' shoulder. I watched as he led her out of the room. She clung to his shoulder for dear life as she hopped out the door. 

Katelynn's POV


I got Louis alone on the hallway. "What the fuck do you want from me Louis? I thought that you were cool, but you keep trying to kidnap me. And you have a girlfriend.. I don't know what to do with you, I love-" He cut me off by attacking my neck. "Louis stop" I moaned. He sucked harder. "Louis stop!"  I yelled. I pushed him off. A purple mark remained on my neck. 

"Louis I love you, but as brother." He collapsed on the floor. "Louis?" He looked up at me and sobbed. "Eleanor broke up with me. I guess I just needed closure.  And I saw how happy you make Niall. And I wanted to be happy too. Eleanor and I aren't allowed to go public with the break up. So you can't tell the other boys we aren't together. Not even Niall. Okay?"

I  nodded. Thankfully I can push myself off this wall and to the chair Louis is next to. I sat in the chair after hopping over here. I patted his back. He grabbed my hand and threw me over his shoulder again.

"NIALL!" I screamed.  Louis took off running. The door swung open and Niall ran out. "NIALL! HELP ME!" Louis ran into the elevator and pushed the first floor button. The door closed. It didn't open again. Fuck, Niall, where are you?

Niall's POV


The door to the elevator closed before I could get to it. I assume they are going to the first floor. I found the staircase and ran down. I got into the lobby but Louis was already running out of the front entrance. I got out of the door and looked around. But he was gone. He took the love of my life and left me in the rain.


Louis' POV

"Its is a beautiful day, eh love?" I said trying to make her happy. "NO. NOT WITH YOU HERE! WHERE IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU TAKING ME?!" "Home. We aren't too far form the lake house the boys and I stay at when we want to be alone together but aren't home." She looked very confused but she is going to love her surprise.


We pulled into the drive way. I escorted her inside. We found the boys all sitting around the living room with nothing but boxes. I locked the door behind her. "What's going on?" fear began to take over her. "Did you do what I asked of you?" "Yes Louis, sir. We locked all the windows and doors to the outside world, it lets us have more space *wink*." Harry finished. "You'll stay with us until that petty cast comes off." Liam added. This is all going perfectly to plan. 

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