Kidnapped By One Direction

16+ content. Curse words.
Katelynn is in a really bad spot. She can't go home to her parents. And she doesn't have any friends to resort to. She is stuck with One Direction. This would be any girls dream. It was hers too at first. But not anymore... She vowed to never let herself fall for any of them. But what happens if she does? Read to find out her whole story.

Hey guys here is the link for my other story!!!---

Here is the link for the squeal !!!----


9. Hey Guys!!!

             Hey guys I know this was a shorter story. But I have already started on a squeal. I write then I type, so I'm already started. I will post a link to my squeal when I start it!!! If you like my writing, I have another story on here!!! Just go to my page! Thanks for reading my work, liking it, commenting, It means a lot!! Love ya xoxo


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