Kidnapped By One Direction

16+ content. Curse words.
Katelynn is in a really bad spot. She can't go home to her parents. And she doesn't have any friends to resort to. She is stuck with One Direction. This would be any girls dream. It was hers too at first. But not anymore... She vowed to never let herself fall for any of them. But what happens if she does? Read to find out her whole story.

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8. "End?" ... "For now

Niall's POV

Katelynn ran into my room. Her face red and sweating. Fear all through her eyes. I took her into my arms and held her for a second. "Katelynn, baby, what's wrong?" Her fearful eyes looked up at me; Then she whispered; "...Harry..."


"Stay here." I released her. I went into Katelynn's room to find Harry lying on the floor almost crying. "What did you do to her?" 

The anger in me keeps getting worse and worse. 

"I asked you a question." He rolled over. From the looks of it he is dumbled over in pain. I kicked him in the stomach, "Harry... I said... WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" His once sparkly green eyes looked at me, now dull.

"What did I do to her? I was only having a bit of fun, when bit my hand and kicked me in the balls." HE says it like it was for no reason. "What is your definition of fun?" The anger is returning to me. "Well I as only kissing at her neck." He tried to look innocent yet cocky at the same time. "Oh, haha, yeah. Don't you ever lay your hands on her ever again. Or so help me you will die at my hand. I don't give a fuck, what will happen to me, as long as you're dead."

I kicked him in the shin and turned around, I found Louis watching from the door way.

Louis' POV

I was walking around the stairs when I heard Harry yell, then a bunch of angry footsteps. I went upstairs and over heard Niall talking to I think, Harry.

I walked up to the door I was correct. "Get away from him." I bluntly stated. "Huh?" (~Niall). "Niall get away from Harry." My mono-tone voice beginning to gain anger. "I'll be watching you Harry." Niall said angrily, then walked out of the room. 

Why did I save Harry? He hasn't done anything for me. I have been having these weird feelings for Harry. But it can't be love or anything weird like that. I'm straight and I love Katelynn.

"Harry, are, you alright?" I finally got choked out. "Yeah. Thanks for helping me Louis." His beautiful emerald green orbs for eyes were trained on mine.

I went and helped him up. "Louis? I have a question." He tilted his head down to look at me; he is taller than me, yet younger. "Yes? What is it Harry?" "Why did you kidnap Katelyn? And why do you not like, Niall?" His eyes peered into my soul.

"Well, I feel things for Katelynn... I just assume it's love. And I liked Niall, but he has Katelynn. I can't let them be together." I felt so ashamed that I am steeling Niall's chance at love, but, I need to.

"Louis. How do you feel around me?" I was shocked at his question. "Well... My palms get sweaty, my heart beats faster, I get butterflies and nervous. Like I might say the wrong thing. Like I always want to impress you." I felt my face fluster a bit. This is kinda embarrassing.

"I feel the same way around you Louis. Do you ever feel this way around Katelynn?" His face was pink now as well. "No, not really." "Well, Louis. This feeling I call... I call.... *pause* love." His eyes left mine and looked at the ground. His curls covered his face, but the tips were darker brown- He was sweating. 

All along I have loved Harry. But I kept denying it all along.

"I don't like Niall either. If you join me- we can torture him together. And kick him out of the band."

"I love you too Harry. And we start tomorrow." 

He slammed his soft lips onto mine. We went to the door and we slammed it closed. Once closed... We locked it. 


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