Kidnapped By One Direction

16+ content. Curse words.
Katelynn is in a really bad spot. She can't go home to her parents. And she doesn't have any friends to resort to. She is stuck with One Direction. This would be any girls dream. It was hers too at first. But not anymore... She vowed to never let herself fall for any of them. But what happens if she does? Read to find out her whole story.

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7. Cue Niall

Katelynn's POV

I had no contact with the outside world until right now. They trapped me in that house for four weeks. Louis, Harry, and Liam were still asleep so Zayn took me to the doctor to get my cast taken off. Yay   (-_-).

They have been using me as a sex toy for those weeks. Now that I'm getting my cast off I assume it's going to get much worse. Oh how I wish Niall could come and save me.

"Zayn do you even have a driver's licence?" I turned to him. "No but I'm Zayn Malik - One Direction. I can get away with anything." He smirked. "Here we are." We pulled into the parking lot of the hospital I visited four weeks ago. 

We got inside and I saw Niall in the waiting room . I went to go over to him (The boys gave me a new crutches) but Niall shook me off. 'Zayn can't see me.' he mouthed. I nodded. "Go into the waiting room, I will be back, I need to take a piss and fix my hair." Zayn said, before he went over to the bathroom. Niall came running over to me. He pulled me in for a tight embrace. "Oh Niall I've missed you!" I have longed for his touch for so long. "I love you Katelynn." "I love you too Niall." He kissed me but soon pulled away.

"What did Zayn say to you before leaving... Exact words." He looked at me so seriously. "He said; Go to the waiting room, I will be back. I need to take a piss and fix my hair. Those were his exact words." "Okay we have plenty of time if he is fixing his hair." I giggled. 

"Katelynn Tomlinson?" "*sigh* That's how they signed me in? (-_-)" 


"Hello Katelynn! Great to see you again! You are as healthy as can be. Now you should walk just fine." I plastered a huge grin on my face. Niall too. Both if us cautiously looked into the hall. 

No sign of Zayn.

We walked out and there he was behind the door the whole time. He grabbed both of our hands and dragged us to the car.

******In The Car******

"Niall, you have two choices.-" He put the child lock on in the car so we couldn't escape. "-One; you can leave and we won't hurt Katelynn, we will just have a bit of fun with her.*wink*  or Two; you stay and I can't promise you what will happen.  You know how Louis is when he is angry. And how Harry is when he gets all horned up."

Niall gave me a concerned look. I nodded and gave the same look back. 

"Niall I'm waiting mate." Zayn said aggravated. "I will do anything to be with and protect Katelynn. No one is going to lay a hand on her. I'm going with." He looked at me and smiled, hope in his face; he wanted me to be happy with his choice. I nodded and smiled with approval. 

"Alright. What ever you want." Zayn smirked, and drove off. 


We got back to the lake house. The child lock was still on so we had to wait for Zayn to open the doors. He opened mine first, he pulled me out and smacked my butt. I looked at him angrily. But he just smirked. I ran over to the other side of the car to let Niall out. He got out and put his arm around me. He held me close, and we walked inside.


"WHAT THE BLOODY MOTHER OF FUCK IS NIALL DOING HERE ZAYN?!" Louis shouted. "W-w-w-well he wouldn't leave with out Katelynn. So I thought he could come here. I mean; You, me, Liam, and Harry could take either any day." He choked out. "Fine. But at night we are to lock all of the doors in the house. All of them. They are not to see each other with out a chaperon."

I walked over to Louis. Niall grabbed my hand. I gave him a trusting look; and he released. I kissed Louis on the cheek. "Thank you." I whispered. His face began to turn pink. "No problem." He whispered back. His face grew stern again. "Show them to their rooms." Those were the last words he said before turning and going to the backyard.


Niall was shown to his room first. He went in to explore. Zayn went down stairs for food so Harry, who already ate, showed me to mine. 

I went in ans he followed behind me. I heard the door close, then lock. I turned around to find Harry ram the key into his pocket, a smirk plastered to his face. I opened my mouth to scream. Harry quickly pressed his hand to my lips. "Don't scream. Louis will kill me and it doesn't matter, your little boyfriend can't save you with a locked door between you two."


He crashed his soft, plump lips onto my neck. "Niall, Niall he-" I tried to get out and failed fore Harry pressed his large hand onto my lips once again. 

I ran my hand down his chest down to his pocket. I slipped my hand in and felt around. I found the key and grabbed it. 

I bit Harry's hand and kicked him right between the legs. He yelled in pain and fell to the floor. I jumped over his body and fiddled with the key for a moment. I rammed it into the lock and turned.I swung the door open and ran into Niall's room. I just wanted him to hold me in his arms.  


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