Imagines - One Direction

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3. Natalie And Harry

You and Harry and Zayn who is your older brother are up at your great grandparents old farm which you didn't know existed till a few months ago. You are running around like a spazz just being you while oinking at the pigs and doing other animal noises when you see them. When suddenly is starts to get really windy. Your purple shoulder length hair is all over the place but not bothering you because you are to busy trying to fix up the stable. Harry runs over to help you so you guys can get inside quicker. Once you to were inside you both sat down on the couch to watch tv when Harry being the remote hog he was turned it to a music channel. Little things comes on to the tv. All of a sudden Harry gets up and asks you if he could have a dance. Pretending to be elegant you said yes and got up and danced around the lounge singing to the song. After Harry asks you if he could take you out later. Then he asks you to go get Zayn to help you pick an outfit.  You go to Zayns room to see a set of clothes already on the bed. To your curiosity you get changed and text a message to Harry saying your ready and in your room. About 2 minutes later there is a knock at your door. You open to see Harry standing there dressed very nicely. You both run out to the front when Harry pulls you to the back of the house where the stables were. You close your eyes when you are asked and open them to see two beautiful brown horses. You both ride for hours and eventually you walk back inside and sit on the couch and cuddle up together. He tells you he loves you and the rest is up to your imagination.    
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