Imagines - One Direction

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5. Natalie And Harry 2 (Paid)

You are staying over at your best friends house for the night. Tomorrow you both had planned to go to the amusement park because you had always wanted to go on a roller-coaster. It was about 11:00 when you receive a call from your boyfriend the one and only Harry Styles. He explains that tomorrow he has a book signing at 9:00 and will be at the theme park at about 10:00. You and your friend Perrie drift off to sleep both dreaming about tomorrow. You wake up at about 8:30 and Perrie wakes up about 5 minutes after you. You decide to get dressed. You pull out white v neck T-shirt, some light blue skinny jeans, your mid calf flat boots, your leather jacket and a mid waist belt. You quickly change and look at yourself in the mirror. You apply some quick mascara and lip gloss and meet Perrie out at the car. She looked pretty as well she wore a pale blue tank, black skinny jeans, a leather jacket and toms. You both hop in the car and start to drive off but then you freak because you had forgot the money then you tell Perrie. Being the sneaky bugger she is she has already got it in he bag. You arrive and walk to the front gate and wait there for the boys. They arrive about 5 minutes later. You go on lots of rides and each time you are with harry. The only ride you haven't been on is the coaster then you look at Harry and tell him he doesn't have to go with you. He stays there while you go pay for your ticket and get in the cart at the back. All of a sudden you here him yell wait and run up to the booth and then he gets into your cart. You and Harry lock the seat belt/pole thingy. You start to move slowly up and up and Harry clutches your hand. All of a sudden he kisses you. But only for like 5 seconds. Soon you are going in circles around the track raising your clutching hands at every drop him occasionally clutching to your side. At the end of the ride you get out and jump about yelling how amazing that it was. Harry comes over to you with a sheet of paper which was a long slip. He turned it around to reveal 3 photo and at the bottom it said I love you. They were of you too kissing, hands in the air and also hugging each other. He hands you a box of popcorn not massive but a medium size on the way back to the car you scream and say yes when you find the most beautiful ring in the box. You get married and have 3 kids.

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