Imagines - One Direction

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2. Nanda And Louis

You're sitting down on the fold out couch in the lounge room with a flat screen tv in front of you plus your boyfriend, pillows and scary movies. You're in the middle of a saw marathon its been 6 hours straight with popcorn, lollies, soda and everything else sugary and sweet. Louis starts combing your soft brown hair with his fingers which are sending shivers up your spine. You turn to tell him to stop but instead you look straight at his eyes and feel like you're losing yourself. His bright blue eyes burning through you beautiful brown eyes and into your sassy soul. You both lean in towards each other and meet each other half way smashing your lips together making the greatest combination of flavour which is melting into your lips. He gets up off the couch and asks you to close your eyes. You do so. When he tells you to open them he is kneeling down in front of you holding a packet. You open your eyes and he passes the packet to you, inside is a lollipop ring. Nanda he says, this ring is to promise that one day when we are older I am going to propose to you because of how much I love you. You poke him and say you love him too and you live a long happy life.

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