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1. Elecia And Louis

You are sitting along the edge of the beach listening to music whilst waiting for your boyfriend. The waves are crashing into the sand pushing the tide closer to you. The wind rushing through your dark red hair. It wasn't cold but there was a breeze. You decide that you want to go and swim so you strip down to your bathers and turn off your music. The water was blue with white foamy patches but it was beautiful. You step into the water and at the touch of it you hesitate because it's cold. You slowly walk in bracing your arms till you are used to the temperate of the water. You think to yourself about the beach and how it was so empty. This was the beach you and Louis found together whilst running along the beach on your first date. It was about 4:00 now and Louis said he would be here around that time. It's Louis so being late is a thing. You start swimming around because your hyper personality is taking over and a few minutes after you felt something pass your leg. You shake because it feels cold. Suddenly Louis jumps out of the water making you squeal with laughter and fall over. He jumps in and grabs you in a tight arm brace and kisses your neck. You pull yourself out of the water trying to catch your breath and he pulls himself out to. He puts his hand on your face and rubs your cheek with his thumb. It's just about sunset. He stops in his tracks and pulls a ring off his finger which you had never seen before. Then he looks into your bright blue eyes and asks you Elecia will you be mine forever and always offering you the ring. To his and your better judgement you say yes and you end up getting married right on that beach.

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