Blood Lust

Albert Fraiser lived his life cursed with the bloodline of his family. He has grasped this fact for many years, but he's never known the horrors that his way of life could bring until he finds himself creating one of his own. As time progresses, Albert soon starts to feel different about the woman-Melody Lashing-than he had before. But the road ahead is rough...and there's no telling if their relationship can survive the events that lay ahead...


15. The Torture is Worth It

Albert's POV


Life came back to me in a flash of pain. I was on the ground, laying on my stomach as I groaned. A pain shot through my stomach again, causing me to cough haggardly. I opened my eyes, my vision still blurred as I looked up. The person standing over me kicked me once again, flipping me onto my back. 

I stared at the ceiling  above me, my throat burning and my stomach knotting. My vision wouldn't clear up, but my hearing came back not long after I opened my eyes. 

"Awake already?" A gruff, unfamiliar voice spoke above me. I blinked my eyes at the figure, watching as he walked closer.

I couldn't tell where I was; my vision was too blurry for me to tell. I tried to move my arms, and found that my hands were roped together tightly above my head. 

I tried to swallow the large amount of saliva that had gathered in my mouth, but I ended up gagging and spitting it all to the side. The man crouched down, chuckling at my pain.

"I wasn't expecting you." He said, "In fact, I thought Melody would've come herself. Not let her little lover boy walk in her place."

I coughed a little, looking toward him as he spoke. "I'm not...her lover..." I wheezed, my throat burning more and more each time I breathed in.

After a long while of silence, I was actually able to see the guy. His blue eyes were clouded with anger and hatred, all of which that I hoped was aimed at me and not at Melody. 

"I don't believe you. From what I found about you, and from what you are... I wouldn't put it passed you to steal someone else's girl." 

"Luke, you aren't-" My croak was interrupted by his yell.

"I don't want to hear it!" 

This guy obviously had anger problems. 

"I want you to tell me where she is." Luke suddenly hissed.

I breathed out raggedly, "I can't do that." I breathed with a wince. With that, he pulled out a knife from his back pocket. 

"If you don't tell me... I swear, you will regret it." He whispered heatedly.

I stared back at him, trying to swallow despite the pain. 

He practically shook with anger, cutting the blade slowly into my stomach. I felt the blade burn into my stomach, and let out a startled, strangled cry. 

"You're going to give me the answers I need... And maybe I'll feed you something." He pointed the bloodied knife at my face. 

I opened my mouth, whispering lowly, "One of the hotels..." 

He smiled, pressing the knife to my face. I winced as the blade burnt the flesh on my cheek. Whatever he'd put on the knife seemed to be hazardous to my kind, obviously... If only I knew what.

"I need more information than that." He growled.

I let out a shaky breath, "Fine... The Hilton. On Walls Street!" I cried. 

He pulled the knife away, as if expecting something more.

"I'm not telling you anything more... Figure the rest out yourself." I whispered.

He chuckled, "Well, I like a challenge, Fraiser. Be lucky I do..." He stood, shoving the knife in his pocket again.

After he left the room, I laid on my back and looked at the room around me. There was brick around me, nothing else but a wooden chair and a small table that was at the other side of the room. I was too weak to move though, and loosing too much blood at the moment. 

Despite everything that was happening, I felt better about myself. 

The hotel that I had told Luke to go to was actually on the other side of town, far away from Melody's apartment, where she really was. He was moving further away from her, which put her in a safer position. 

And as long as she was safe...the torture I was being put through was worth it...

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