Blood Lust

Albert Fraiser lived his life cursed with the bloodline of his family. He has grasped this fact for many years, but he's never known the horrors that his way of life could bring until he finds himself creating one of his own. As time progresses, Albert soon starts to feel different about the woman-Melody Lashing-than he had before. But the road ahead is rough...and there's no telling if their relationship can survive the events that lay ahead...


6. Start A New Life

Melody's POV


Albert drove down a street that I didn't know, but I didn't complain. I stared out the window, watching the houses as they passed.

"Where are we going?" I finally murmured.

"A clothing store. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to see you in another man's clothing." He replied.

"He's my fiance." I corrected firstly, "And you're crazy if you think that I will just waltz in his house and tell him that I met someone new."

He smirked, as if he didn't believe my firm statement, "What's his story, anyway?"

"His story?" I raised a brow, my arms on my chest.

"Yeah. What's his name? How'd you meet? You know, his story..." He glanced at me, "I'd like to know more about you and your past life...since we are going to be spending a lot of time together."

"Fine." I retorted, "I met him at Cory's Cafe and dated him for a year and a half. Happy?"

"That told me nothing..." He commented. 

"Well, it's none of your business." I snapped in reply.

He just shook his head, quiet as he drove on.

A few long minutes later, he drove the car into a quiet parking lot of several stores that were connected together. I frowned as he parked near the Goodwill. 

"I go through hell, and I'm given this in return?" I groaned as a complaint.

He rolled his eyes and opened the door after turning the car off. I followed, having to pull my pants up again. With a sigh, I opened the front door and went straight to the back. Albert had stopped at the register, whispering to the cashier about something. I went to the rack that had hung women's shirts. Searching through the clothes one by one, my frown deepened by the minute. The shirts they had out right wonder people gave them away. I finally came to  a orange short-sleeved t-shirt, and plucked it away from the rest of the shirts. I then ventured to the pants. I hated to wear someone else's clothes, but it wasn't like Asshole Al was going to be so keen to taking me somewhere else to find clothes. 

What was his problem, anyways? If he didn't want me back, why did he do it in the first place...? Yeah, you heard right. I believed him with the whole vampire thing... It was only because of what happened in the hotel. If I hadn't seen that woman...dead...on the ground the way she was, I would never have believed it. 

I finally found a pair of jeans that looked to be quite fitting. I folded the clothes over my arms and then turned to walk away. With a small gasp, I walked straight into Albert's chest. 

"What the hell..." I grumbled, looking up at him, "Don't do that...appear out of nowhere...thing. It scares the living crap out of me." 

He held up a pair of white sneakers, "Go get dressed in the fitting room. I talked to the cashier, and everything's been paid for." 

I furrowed my brows, "They didn't even scan the-"

He shoved the shoes to my chest, "Stop asking stupid questions and get dressed." 

I just frowned at him, giving him a look that told him that I wouldn't let him off the hook so soon. I made my way to the small fitting room, and changed quickly. Slipping the shoes on, I glanced toward the mirror and grimaced. I looked like a zombie! My hair was frizzy, and my curls were all tangled. I pulled the worst of the knots out and then stroked my hair with both hands to try and get it to stay down. After wiping black flakes out from under my eyes, I sighed and opened the door.

I exited and shoved the clothes that I had been wearing into Albert's arms. He followed me out the door, and we both climbed into the car. 

"Where does your fiance live?" He asked, turning the car on and setting his hands on the steering wheel. 

"You're going to force me to do this..." I muttered in realization.

"It's either this, or you hide. I recommend breaking up with him. It's much easier." He replied.

I swallowed thickly. "Fine. I will." I mumbled, and gave him the address.

He pulled back out on the road, "You actually care for him." He sighed as he spoke, shaking his head. 

"I love him." I retorted. 

"Oh... Really? You love him..." He scoffed at that, "Love blinds you, Melody. Do you know who this man really is?" 

I nodded, "He's Luke Verald, a very wealthy young man who runs a family business. There's no one else he could be." 

He just smirked, "With this new life you are forced to see the darkness in people so you can survive. I suggest you start with this...Luke..."

"Meaning...?" I looked out the window.

"Start living your new life. Don't dwell on the past. feel for this human.... Forget it. It won't be the same as it was when you were human." I looked to him after he spoke this.

"What do you mean...?" I whispered.

"You'll find out when we get to Luke's house."

He said Luke's name with such hatred and disgust. He hardly knew Luke though, so why would he speak this way of him. 

We were both quiet the rest of the way. 

The whole time I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell the love of my life that I was leaving him...for a man that didn't really exist...

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