Blood Lust

Albert Fraiser lived his life cursed with the bloodline of his family. He has grasped this fact for many years, but he's never known the horrors that his way of life could bring until he finds himself creating one of his own. As time progresses, Albert soon starts to feel different about the woman-Melody Lashing-than he had before. But the road ahead is rough...and there's no telling if their relationship can survive the events that lay ahead...


5. Ditching The Scene

Melody's POV



"You're a vampire." After he said that, I was almost motivated to laugh. I just stared at him, my eyes grazing his face. I was expecting him to smile and say that he wasn't serious, but he never did. He just stared back at me with his dark red eyes lacking amusement. 

"It's true." He finally said, "You're a vampire. You drink blood, don't age, yada, yada, yada..." He turned toward the dead woman that was on the floor, "I can't explain all of this to you right now. I have to figure out how we're going to get out of here."

"We?" I scowled, "I'm not going anywhere with a man I don't know!" 

He was silent, not looking at me for a moment.

"You just murdered a woman." He told me, looking at me with a straight face, "I can keep you from getting your ass thrown in prison or put to death. I am the only one that can get you the help you need so that you don't go on a killing spree all over this rat-ass town." His voice was harsh, but I could tell he was frustrated. 

I sighed. Why not put faith in the man who killed me? Oh...maybe cause...he killed me! What other reason do I need!

"I want an explanation and your name before I go anywhere and do anything with you." I finally told him. 

With that, he looked at me, "Albert." He said, "Come with me, and you'll get your explanation." He spoke bluntly, walking away and into the bathroom. 

He came back a short time after and handed me a white washcloth, "You should clean up."

I just nodded and took the wet washcloth. I sat down on the bed with a small sigh. Slowly I wiped my mouth off, all the while staring at the body that was lying in the middle of the floor.

"You know, doll, you never gave me your name..." Albert's voice made me jump slightly. 

"Oh.. It's Melody." I looked at him as I spoke, watching as he stepped over the dead body and pulled a backpack out from one of the dresser drawers. He pulled out a few pieces of clothing, and then threw them onto the bed beside me. 

I stared at them for a while, "What are those for?" I finally questioned.

"They're for you. You can't walk around in that. Everyone's attention will be on you."

I unfolded the clothes to find that it was a blue t-shirt and a pair of grey sweats. 

"I can't wear these. I'll look like a guy." I shook my head. 

"You have to if you want to walk out of this room." He stated coldly. 

"And if I don't?"

"Then you are a threat to our kind...and I will have to rid of you." His voice was a harsh hiss, and sent shivers down my spine.

It was silent for a moment before I picked the clothes up and walked toward the bathroom. "When I come out, will you please explain to me what all has happened?" 

He nodded curtly, and I walked in and closed the door.

I peeled my dress off, and dropped it to the ground with disgust. Still, looking down 

I then dressed quickly, and looked at myself in the mirror. My arms and face were stained with blood. I rolled up the long sleeves of the t-shirt up and began scrubbing my arms off. I then took another washcloth that I found under the sink. After wetting it and ringing it out, I began to rub the color from my face. The door opened, and I looked back to find Albert peeking in on me. 

"Ever heard of privacy? I could have been in the middle of changing." I frowned as I spoke. 

"I've seen it all before. It wouldn't have bothered me." He said with no emotion. 

"It would've mattered to me!" I snapped back, rubbing my chin a little harder as I returned my eyes to the mirror. His eyes were on me as I finished up. When I stepped back from the sink, he guided me to the toilet and forced me to sit down. 

"What're you-?" I didn't finish as he raised each of my leg and pulled my shoes off my feet. 

"You can't wear these. We are supposed to be in a hurry." He muttered, standing and walking out the door. "Get the dress and shoes as you come out." He commanded.

I quickly picked the ruined dress and the heels from the ground and followed him out. He went to the backpack, giving me a gesture to follow. My eyes immediately fell on the woman.

"She was the lobbyist." Albert said out of nowhere. 

I looked at him as he reached for the items in my hands. "The lobbyist...?"

"Yeah. She worked at the front desk when I brought you here. I knew that she couldn't keep her nose in her own business, but I didn't think she'd use a hotel card to get in... In fact, I'm disappointed in her for that. I would've posed her more...classy. I never thought she'd be one of those rule breakers." He stuffed the dress and everything into the bag after speaking.

"Am I supposed to remember her coming up?" I whispered, my brows furrowed.

He shook his head, "Not at all. Once the hunger takes control, you won't remember how anything played out." 

I nodded, watching as Albert zipped the backpack and swung it over his back. 

"Wait, what about my feet?" I asked.

"Your feet?" He took the hotel key out and threw it into the dried up blood just beside the woman's body.

"I'm bare foot." I said before quickly asking, "Are you just going to leave her like this?" 

"We'll get you shoes elsewhere." He replied simply. He turned the light off and opened the door, letting me out first. 

"And her...?" I pressed on. 

"She isn't our problem anymore..." He walked down the hall as he spoke. 

Pulling the pants up to my stomach, I followed as fast as I could. Albert was waiting for me in the elevator, looking as if I were taking hours to get there. He pressed the button, and then we rode down to the lobby. Both of us were quiet the whole time. Once the elevator stopped, we walked side-by-side and into the lobby. It was full of angry people who kept shouting that they needed a room. A man was at the desk, trying to calm the frustrated crowd. 

"What's going on?" I whispered.

"This is what happens when a lobbyist goes missing at a popular hotel." Albert replied.

I slowly nodded, letting him take my hand and pull me through the swarm of people. 

We exited the hotel, and made our way down the street. I followed him until he stopped on a street corner. We stood there for a while. A few strangers would pass now and then and shoot me weird looks at the fact that I was wearing men's clothing. 

"Albert, what're you doing?" I asked quietly with a loud sigh.

"I'm thinking..." He replied in a murmur.

"Well, that's wonderful... But can we get somewhere not so public before you start planning things." 

"Shut up." He mumbled.

I frowned, but didn't speak after he said that. He suddenly took my arm roughly and pulled me down a certain way.

"Where are we going now?" I asked, walking in a fast stride so that I wouldn't be dragged by him.

"I remember there being a car here. Somewhere..." He breathed, looking around as he walked. 

"What? You've been by here?" I asked, breathing heavily as I spoke.

He nodded silently, "I needed a meal, so I came out this way. I spotted the car, but I didn't think anything of it... I just remember that I liked the style of the car." 

I raised a brow, "So, you're just going to steal a car from a stranger in a bad part of town?" 

He smirked, "Sweetie, you must have forgotten... I am a vampire. It's not like they can kill me easily."

I just rolled my eyes and followed him all the way to some rundown factory building. Albert seemed to have his sights on the red convertible that was parked not too far from the sidewalk. He let go of me and jogged over to it. I was a little slower because my pants kept threatening to fall down. 

I stood beside Albert as he opened the door. Looking around, I saw that there was no one nearby. It was the perfect moment to steal a unlocked car... 

He stood back, and held the door open for me. I hopped in quickly, huffing a breath as he threw his heavy backpack into my lap. The door slammed shut, and not a moment later, the driver's side door opened. Albert looked for the keys before doing anything else. 

"I knew that this was too easy!" I muttered loudly. 

Albert whistled, making me look toward him. The visor on the driver's side was pulled down. He jingled the keys between two of his fingers.

"You gave up too easily, doll." He commented before sitting down and closing the door. 

As he started the car, I asked, "Where are we going?" 

"We have a few problems to take care of." He told me. 

"Problems...?" I wondered.

He nodded, pulling out onto the road, "That pretty ring on your finger... You have to take care of that..."

I glanced down at my engagement ring.

Oh... I had almost forgotten... 

"And by 'taking care of it' you mean....?" I looked at him with a light frown.

"You'll find out soon enough." 



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