Blood Lust

Albert Fraiser lived his life cursed with the bloodline of his family. He has grasped this fact for many years, but he's never known the horrors that his way of life could bring until he finds himself creating one of his own. As time progresses, Albert soon starts to feel different about the woman-Melody Lashing-than he had before. But the road ahead is rough...and there's no telling if their relationship can survive the events that lay ahead...


16. A New Day, An Old Fear

Melody's POV


With a sigh, I dropped the last, half empty bag of blood into the bottom drawer of the fridge.

I had to savor every drop... No matter how much I wanted to devour it all.

Why did I feel like I should be out looking for him? Even though I knew that without the address to the dock, I'd have no way of finding him... 

I closed the fridge, sighing at the thought, and walked all the way to the bedroom. I was so helpless...

You need a nap, I told myself. Just a simple...nap. Like a normal person. 

I closed my eyes, sighing before flipping over on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. 

I sat up, knowing that I'd never be able to sleep. I was wide awake, and with the thoughts that were going through my head... I'd end up having a nightmare.

Just need to clear my head, I thought silently.

I stood from the bed and walked to the bathroom, shedding my clothes as I readied for a shower. 

With my eyes closed, I stood with my back against the wall. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. Opening my eyes, I furrowed my brows and reached to turn the water off. Once everything was silent, I slid the shower door open as quietly as I could. I quickly grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around myself. I padded softly through the bedroom and peeked into the living room. The front door was wide open, but no one stood near it. I breathed a soft sigh, walking out and looking around for any signs of life. My eyes settled on the vibrating iPhone that sat on the kitchen counter. My phone. But it was in the bedroom... On my nightstand... 

I held my breath, looking around my person before closing the front door and picking the phone up with a shaking hand. 

A missed call. From Luke.

My brows furrowed, confusion coming to my face. The notification sent chills down my spine. 

My eyes were cast downward as I turned, but something-someone-stopped me in my tracks. I suddenly felt a cold cloth come over my lips. I let out a muffled yell, the phone dropping from my hand as I tried to fight the brute off. My eyes were closed tightly as the world around me began to fade. 

I struggled until my limbs went limp and my body became numb, my mind drifting into the unknown where I was surrounded by my own thoughts. 



(A/N:::: I had typed up something different, but the internet cut off, and it started storming, so my computer didn't save the original. That's why you always save a word document... I've learned my lesson. Still hope you like!!!!)





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