Blood Lust

Albert Fraiser lived his life cursed with the bloodline of his family. He has grasped this fact for many years, but he's never known the horrors that his way of life could bring until he finds himself creating one of his own. As time progresses, Albert soon starts to feel different about the woman-Melody Lashing-than he had before. But the road ahead is rough...and there's no telling if their relationship can survive the events that lay ahead...


13. A Broken Promise

Albert's POV


Four hours went by before I returned to the living room. I had spent the last hours laying on Melody's bed and cursing myself for what I'd done. I kissed her... What on earth possessed me to do something like that?! Now she's going to know how I feel. Suddenly, I hated myself more than I ever had before. 

When I walked into the living room and looked down at the couch, I noticed that Melody was balled up on the couch, her green eyes closed as she slept. I found myself smiling at the peaceful way she slept. With a small sigh, I walked around the couch and kissed her softly on the cheek. Sliding the remote out from her hand, I turned the TV off, and walked toward the door. The clock on the oven told me that it was 10:32. Just enough time to run an errand and show up at the dock. 

After getting through with stealing some blood bags from the hospital (my errand), I made my way back to the apartment and left two bags of the blood. I was surprised to find that almost an two after I'd left for the hospital, Melody was still dozing. With a sigh, I walked back out the door and drove to the dock.

***At the docks***

I arrived at the dock address that was written on the paper, standing outside the convertible with the slip of paper in my hand. I checked the time on the radio, and sighed. It was 12:17. I kept checking the paper in my hand with late-working fishermen that were around, but I was getting the same answer from every person I asked: "This is the place."

I just thanked them all, and started back to the car. I turned my head to scan the area for anyone hanging around, but saw no one in sight. I sighed, a little disappointed in Luke. I honestly didn't see him as the type of guy to back away from confronting his problems. By the way Melody had described his reaction to me, I could tell that he saw me as a large problem. 

As I turned and gripped the door handle, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my lower back and through my stomach. Looking down, I winced at the spreading red that had appeared on my shirt. Leaning on the car, I pressed my hand to my stomach and tried to stop the bleeding. I leaned heavily on the convertible, wincing at the growing pain inside the side of my stomach. I tried to open the car door, but my hand wouldn't work right.

My vision began to blacken, and my breath slowing. I could feel the weight of darkness appear on my shoulders. It began to consume my thoughts as well as the functions of my legs. I fell to my knees, choking to breath before I looked up at the figure looming over me. His dark features were fuzzy and out of focus to me. 

No words came to his lips, only a sly smirk. My strength was weakening, the weight becoming heavier and heavier until it consumed me. 

The last thought I found myself thinking was that I wouldn't be coming back... 

I was going to break my promise.

That unforgettable promise...


( A/N::: I was wanting it to be bigger. But my brain's creativity just shut down in the middle of writing this. I hope this doesn't disappoint. ;) I hate it when my chapters are short. :P )

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