Raquel and Harry are both teenage heartthrobs. People are hating her even more, ever since the incident. They thought they already faced the worst steps of their relationship but they still don't know what is in store for them. The both have secrets that they refused to tell each other. Will there secrets ruin there relationship or bring them even closer? (Sequel to Truly, Madly, Deeply)


9. The unknown

The next morning, Raquel woke up by the sound of her phone ringing. She quickly grabbed her phone and answered it since she thought it was Harry.

"Hello?" She answered

"Raquel, are you sleeping?" It was her manager, Cara

she quickly lifted herself off her bed.


"You sound tired"

"I am"

"Well, I got good news and bad news, what do you want to here first?"

"Um, I guess the bad news"

"Ok, for some reason, New York isn't allowing any flights to come in. but I booked another flight to London so you can spend time with Harry for a week or two"

"Ok, that's great"

"So get ready the van will come get you in an hour"


She hung up the phone and started packing. She grabbed all the clothes from her drawer and put it in her suitcase.

Harry and the rest of the boys were at an interview talking about their upcoming tour.

"So boys, What have you been doing for the past couple of months?" The interviewer asked.

"We performed some shows and we traveled to different places" Louis said.

"Where did you travel?"
"Well we went to Japan" Niall said.

"Where are you guys going to be during your tour"

"All around the world practically" Zayn said.

"Yeah, were going to perform more than 100 shows" Harry added.

"Wow, you guys are probably going to be exhausted when its over"

"well were already used to it" Zayn said.

"really, wow" he smiled "after every interview i'm exhausted" He chuckled "so What did you guys do in japan?"

"We did some shows their but we mainly went their for Harry." Liam said

"Why is that"

"He wanted to see his girlfriend" Louis said

Harry started to blush.

"So you traveled half way around the world to see her"

"Yea" He smiled

"And I guess you got cut above your eyebrow for her"

"do you stalk him?" Louis joked and gave the biggest smile.

"I seen it on the news."

"Of course" Harry said. "I got this awhile ago" Harry said pointing to the cut.

"You got into a fight didn't you"

"Yup" Niall blurted out.

"against who"

"Raquel's ex-boyfriend" Louis said before harry spoke.

"You should just ask Louis and Niall the questions since they know all the answers" Harry joked.





Raquel arrived at the airport. She stopped to take a couple of pictures with her fans but her body guards brought her a different way since a ton of girls noticed her and were waiting for her at her gate number. She went directly on the plane. She tried to call Harry one last time to let him know that she was coming, but he was in an interview so he didn't answer. She closed her eyes and put in her headphones as the plane took off.

The boy's interview had ended. Harry went into his dressing room and noticed a missed phone call. He called the number but no one answered.

"Harry we have to go now before it gets wild outside" Niall said

"Alright i'm coming now"

"He grabbed his jacket and his phone and left the dressing room.

Once they left the building the girls outside screamed even louder and the boys weren't able to walk to the bus. it took about 20 minutes to clear a way for them.

"someone squeezed my bum!" Louis yelled

all the boys laughed.

They got into the car and left to the hotel.

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