Raquel and Harry are both teenage heartthrobs. People are hating her even more, ever since the incident. They thought they already faced the worst steps of their relationship but they still don't know what is in store for them. The both have secrets that they refused to tell each other. Will there secrets ruin there relationship or bring them even closer? (Sequel to Truly, Madly, Deeply)


8. The Swap

Raquel started to get dressed for an interview she was going to have in several hours. She slipped into a tight black skirt and a white top. She checked her phone to see if Harry called. She then did her makeup and hair and her phone went off. It was Harry.

"Hello" She answered

"Hey babe, I finally landed" He said

"How was the flight?" She said with a smile on her face

"It was ok"

"What do you mean ok?"

"Well someone was their"

"Who?" The smile on her face disappeared


"Where was she sitting?"

"Next to me"

"Did you talk to her"

"Nope, but she spoke to me"

There was a knock on Raquel's door.

"Hold on" She put the phone down and opened the door, it was Cara.

"Oh hi Cara" Raquel said

"You ready?"

"yeah, let me do something first"

She went back into her room and put the phone next to her ear

"I have to go Harry"

"That's fine, ill talk to you later"

"Love you" Raquel said

The call ended.

Ashley snatched the phone from Harry and ended the call.

"Why did you do that?!"

"You don't really love her"

"yeah I do"

"you loved me more than her"

"Ive been with her for more than a year, I was with you for two months because you were so annoying"

Harry left the airport, luckily no one noticed him so he was able to go into the cab. He called Raquel but she wouldn't answer her phone


Raquel arrived at the building and quickly went through the doors and to her dressing room. She checked her phone. She got several missed calls from Harry. She called him but he wouldn't answer.

The interviewer came inside her dressing room and introduced himself. He told her about the questions he was going to ask her. He was going to ask her personal questions.

He then left and left her alone. She was going to be on stage in ten minutes. She called harry again but he still didn't answer.

She left her dressing room and made her way to the main stage. The ten minutes passed by quickly and she was already on the stage.

"How are you" the interviewer asked

"Im good and you?"

"Im fine" He smiled "Ive seen that Harry recently left to London for his tour"

"Yeah, he left a while ago"

Back in London, Harry at a hotel where the boys were staying. He climbed out of the cab and he dropped his phone without realizing it. He grabbed his bags and went inside the hotel. A couple fans asked for pictures. He then went into the elevator and went to his room. Ashley somehow followed him to the hotel and noticed his phone on the ground. She grabbed it and went to his contacts. She replaced her number with Raquel's so every time he called Raquel, Ashley would pick up.

Harry entered his suite and saw all the boys sitting on the couch.

"Harry!" Louis yelled and ran and gave him a hug.

"Welcome back" Liam said

"How was Canada?" Zayn asked

"Great" He answered as he put his stuff down

"Reunited and it feels so good" Niall started to sing

He then put his hand in his pocket to find his phone but it was not there.

"I think I dropped my phone somewhere, ill be right back"

He left the hotel room and went down to the lobby. There was a man sitting at the front desk.

"Excuse me"


"do you know if anyone found a phone since I lost mine.

"Let me check, one second"

The man and Harry looked at the TV behind the desk and saw Raquel. He tried to listen what she was saying but it wasn't loud enough.

"Is this your phone"

"Yes! Thank you"

"Here you go"

Harry grabbed his phone.

"Have a good day"

"You too" He smiled.

He went straight into the elevator and called Raquel.

"Hello?" A high pitched voice answered

"Raquel is that you"

"Yeah why?" Ashley answered

"You sound different. Did you finish your interview"

"Actually its a commercial break" She guessed

"I miss you"

"You do"

"Of course"

"That's so nice"

Harry started to be suspicious about the person on the other line.

"I have to go"

"Ok call me later"

"If I feel like it."


"I don't actually love you, if I did I would have gone with you to London."


"I found someone better"

The call ended.



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