Raquel and Harry are both teenage heartthrobs. People are hating her even more, ever since the incident. They thought they already faced the worst steps of their relationship but they still don't know what is in store for them. The both have secrets that they refused to tell each other. Will there secrets ruin there relationship or bring them even closer? (Sequel to Truly, Madly, Deeply)


4. Phone Call

Raquel's eyes slowly opened to the brightness of the sun that shone through the window. She let out a quiet yawn and rubbed her eyes softly. she turned her head to the side and observed the face close to hers. Harry. Smiling, she watched his beautiful features as he's still lightly sleeping.

"Harry?" She spoke softly but he gave no reply

She gently placed her palm on his bare chest and spoke again to get his attention.


His head moved slightly as a sign of him waking up

"yeah" He whispered

she giggled and kissed the top of his head Harry opened his eyes and stretched his arms out to wrap them around her. She rested her head on his warm chest as he held her close.

"You feel better?" She giggled

"wh-what happened last night, I have a major headache ?" He responded

He lifted himself up.

"Just lay down, you had a rough night last night"

"Where was I last night, I don't remember anything."

"You went to an interview about your new perfume and you guys went to the after party and you came back at like one in the morning."

"Was I drunk last night?

"yeah, how come you seem like you were put on an anesthetic when your drunk?"

"I act like that when im drunk?!? What did I tell you"

"You just told me that you were a worm and a cat then you had a conversation with yourself in the mirror"

"So I practically act like a crazy person?"

"No, no you don't, your just really funny when you're drunk"

ugh, im going to the bathroom" He moaned.

Harry finally got out of bed and managed to walk to the bathroom. Raquel grabbed her phone and scrolled past pictures that someone sent to her. She then climbed out of bed and headed down stairs. She picked up a magazine that was on the floor and she began to read it., moments later Harry came out of the bathroom. He slowly sneaked behind her.

"What are you reading?"

She jumped "You scared me" She giggled.

"You know Im hotter than those models in that magazine."

She turned to look at him and he creases his eyebrows.

"of course you are" She laughed

He grabbed the magazine from her hand and tossed it over the couch then he grasped her waist

"I love you" He whispered into her ear as they rocked side to side.

She turned around "I love you too"

He gave her a small kiss.

His phone rang. Raquel sat on the couch as Harry walked into the other room to take the call.

He came back showing no emotion.

"What happened?" Raquel asked lifting herself off the couch

He didn't respond.


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