Raquel and Harry are both teenage heartthrobs. People are hating her even more, ever since the incident. They thought they already faced the worst steps of their relationship but they still don't know what is in store for them. The both have secrets that they refused to tell each other. Will there secrets ruin there relationship or bring them even closer? (Sequel to Truly, Madly, Deeply)


3. Love Drunk

The next day, The boys had an interview about there new perfume, Our Moment. They discussed the scent of the perfume and how they got the idea to make a perfume. Niall stated that there was a crown on top of the bottle because all of his fans are his princesses. After the interview, there was an after party, Raquel stayed home to work on her music as Harry went to the party with the boys. Harry returned an hour after midnight. Raquel was sitting in the couch writing music when she heard knocking on the door, she lifted herself up and headed towards the door. She opened it revealing Harry in a black tank top. His eyes were watery and red and his face looked sweaty.

"You had a good time didn't you"

"Yup" He nodded his head

"Harry are you ok?" She giggled

"Yeah why do you ask" He said drunkenly.

He walked into the house barely standing straight, he went side to side and not gaining any balance.

"Have you been drin-"

"Shhhh" He place his finger on her lips "Don't talk" he closed his eyes taking a deep breath in "You smell like apples" He said sniffing her hair.

She smelt the alcohol in his breathe. "Your drunk, aren't you"

"Im not drunk" He said walking to the couch "Im Harry, you silly goose"

Raquel couldn't help but laugh at the comments Harry made. It seemed like he was put on an anesthetic. She sat across from his as he sprawled out on the couch.

"Don't laugh, its the truth" He drunkenly smiled. He poked his teeth like it was something he never touched before."Did you know" He took a deep breathe "Im Harry Styles from One Direction"

"Really, I didn't know that" She giggled

"" He said with his eyes closed.

She sat on the couch as Harry touched her hair again. He started nibbling her hair.

"Why are you biting my hair"

"It smells like apples, but it doesn't taste like it"

He tilt his head back and closed his eyes. He started to snore. Raquel nudge him a couple times and managed to wake him up.

"what?" He said with one eye open.

"Don't fall asleep on the couch, got up to your bed"

"The couch feels like im on a cloud"

"I love it when your drunk, you just seem like your on laughing gas" She lifted herself up and headed towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going" He reached out his hand trying to grab hers, instead his face plummeted into the couch cushion. He laid there for a few minutes and picked up his head again.

"Come back and love me!"

You could hear her laughing in the kitchen. Harry turned around and jumped when he saw his reflecting in the mirror.

"Who is that hot guy over there?"

Raquel came out of the kitchen and saw Harry talking to the mirror.

"What are you doing" she giggled.

"This guy is copying everything I do"

He moved his hands around and watched his reflection in the mirror.

"Just go to sleep"

"I cant"

"Why not"

"I have to go to an interview"

"You just did" She laughed "Come on, ill help you up"

"No im ok" He rolled to the ground.

she covered her mouth trying not to laugh. He dragged himself on the floor and headed towards the stars.

"Look, im an earthworm" He started to swirm his body.

Raquel laughed.

"Come on lets go upstairs."

They both finally managed to go upstairs after Harry finished wiggling on the floor.

"Woah! I have 4 nipples!" Harry screamed as they were in bed. "Im a cat!"

She shook her head. "Just go to sleep"she giggled.


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