Raquel and Harry are both teenage heartthrobs. People are hating her even more, ever since the incident. They thought they already faced the worst steps of their relationship but they still don't know what is in store for them. The both have secrets that they refused to tell each other. Will there secrets ruin there relationship or bring them even closer? (Sequel to Truly, Madly, Deeply)


2. Birthday

The next morning, Harry woke up not finding Raquel next to him. He leaned on his elbows as he looked around the room to find her. He lifted himself out of bed and he went to get his phone. It was finally her birthday. He was planning a party with some of her friends. He headed towards the door and went into the kitchen to find Raquel making breakfast for the both of them. Harry walked up behind her and gave her a hug from behind rocking her side to side. She felt his muscular arms around her waist. She looked up to him and smiled.

"Happy Birthday babe" Harry said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Harry" She smiled and gave him a kiss

He leaned  his chin on her shoulder and his arms around her as he watched her make breakfast.

"Why are you making breakfast"

"Why not?" She giggled

"Its your birthday, I should be the one doing this"

He took the pans out of her hand and he started to fry eggs.

"Go back upstairs, I'm going to treat you like a princess today"

"Thank you" She gave him a kiss on his cheek and she ran upstairs.

She sprawled out on the bed and she closed her eyes. Seconds later, her phone started to ring. She saw that her best friends, Lauren and Kathryn, were calling her.

"Hello" Raquel answered"

"Happy birthday!" They both screamed into the phone

"Thanks guys" She laughed

"How are you" Kathryn asked.

"Im Fine"

"I heard about what happened, where did you get hit?"

"In my chest, but its all better now"


Lauren took the phone out of her hand and put the phone on speaker.

What are you and Harry doing for your birthday"

"Well, we didn't really plan anything special' we'll probably have some friends over or something"

"I feel bad that we weren't allowed to be with you on your birthday"

"Its ok, I wasn't even planning to do anything special"

"Raquel! Breakfast is ready!" Harry yelled.

I got to go, Ill call you guys later"

"Alright, bye"

"Bye" She hung up the phone and tossed it on her bed.

She ran downstairs to have breakfast with Harry.



The sun has gone down and the moon has come out, Harry invited the boys and a couple of Raquel's friends over. As Harry and Raquel were talking on the couch, they heard someone knock on the door. Harry opened the door and the boys walked in.

"Hey Raquel" Niall said

"Heyy" Raquel looked shocked.

"Happy birthday!" They all shouted.

Raquel stood up and hugged each of them.

"Thanks" She smiled.

"Come outside" Harry said "I want to show you guys something"

They all headed out on the balcony to see something set on the beach.

"I wanted to bring you somewhere but I rarely had anytime to do anything so I set this up for all of us"

"Just being with you is the best present" She whispered in his ear.

They all went downstairs and sat on chairs on the beach around a campfire. Niall brought his guitar and he started to pluck the strings since everyone was talking. Then Niall started to play a familiar song, Liam started to sing then everyone joined in. Raquel smiled as she sang with them since it was her first time she actually sang with them.

She brought her knees up to her chest and leaned her chin on her knees. She stared at the fire as the rest of the boys spoke to each other.

"are you ok?" Harry asked.

"Yea, im just thinking"

"About what?"


He lifted himself off the chair. "Come on lets go for a walk"

He stuck out his hand to help her hand. She grabbed his hand and He brought her on her feet.

"We'll be right back" Harry told the guys
They both started walking down the beach. The boys watched them as they faded away the farther they went.

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