Accidental monsters

Scarlet Reid is your normal high school girl; well as normal as they come. Scarlet's family bears a secret; there hunters, not any game but the supernatural and paranormal. Scarlet's always been different from her family, she's to nice. Then she meets him; Eighteen year old Alexander Ellis, whose father has just been killed by vampires. And he was left a nasty reminder. How far will she go to prove that there kind are different? At what cost, her life possibly.


1. Love at first bite


It was a dark, muggy, midsummer evening while I jogged through the woods, sweat dripping down my back. The holster was squeezing the life out of me but the cold touch of the magnum pressed against my back was comforting. No I’m not crazy, but I can’t really tell you why I have a magnum, let’s just say my family is very strange and protective.  I use this gun to hunt but you’ll never guess what? Ha. A strong breeze blew my hair across my shoulder; I guess it was getting too cold for tank-tops. Heading down the trail, I stopped to tie my shoe when I heard a twig snap. Looking up, I saw that the trail was delicately painted with blood. Following the bloody path, I came to the waterfall, but I saw nothing “Hello” I yelled, looking around.

 “Help” I heard someone yell.  I sprinted through the river. When I heard another snap, I spun around.  Facing me was a man who from one look I knew didn’t need any help; he wore a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt which was splattered with a dark liquid; blood trust me I’m not stupid.  Wiping the blood from his mouth, he started to stagger toward me “May I partake of a drink from you” he said in a British accent “Let me think, HELL no!” I responded. Backing away, I reached for my magnum.  He began to laugh “looking for this” he said waving the magnum in my face. Feeling my back pocket, I realized that it was empty, but luckily, he was unaware of my switch blade. I drew it out of my secret pocket and brandished it in front of him.

 “Didn’t anyone ever tell you never bring a knife to a gunfight” he responded, raising the magnum and firing.  I leapt out of the way into the bushes. Leaping back out of the bushes, I knocked him onto the ground and stood over him.  I flicked the blade out “Yeah, but those people weren’t trained hunters” I answered, pinning him to the ground. Once again, I heard a shriek for help and looked around. The mysterious man head butted me off of him “you’re almost as ignorant as your fool of a brother” he mocked, getting back up “my brother? What do you know about my brother” I shouted, charging toward him. He grabbed me by the shoulder and slammed me against a giant oak tree.

 “How stupid can you be” he whispered into my ear as he pinned me to the tree. “I heard rumors that your blood is supposed to be very sweet and strong. You are a rose, beautiful and delicate but you bear thorns” he rambled removing my hair off of my shoulders. His breath against my neck was horrid.  Kneeing him in the crotch, I shoved him to the ground and straddled him. I placed the knife over his heart “now tell me where Leon is” I demanded, pushing the knife an inch into his chest “I remember betting on him to win but who knows if he’s still alive” the man joked.

 “Die you crime against humanity” I yelled, slamming the knife through his chest. His eyes went blank and the blood began to flow out. Reaching for my magnum that laid in his puddle of blood, I felt like someone was behind me. Turning around, I found a boy my age, maybe a little older, grasping his neck that was stained red. He had  shaggy blonde hair that seemed to cover his icy blue eyes, his white v-neck was now partly red and his blue jeans were covered in mud and his converse were shredded. He must have been the one in need of help.

 “Hey do you want me to help you” I said, extending a hand. He looked at me hesitantly when I realized he was staring at my gun. “Look, I’m putting it away” I informed him, putting it back into its holster.

 “Now, will you come with me” I replied sticking my hand out again “Thanks” he replied, grabbing onto my hand. Dragging him down the dirt path, we came upon my house. It’s one of those forgotten manors you stumble upon in the woods. Walking to the front porch, I stopped him beside the screen door “Wait here” I whispered. Slinging the screen door open, I slid into the living room “Hey Scarlett” my mom called out. Walking into the kitchen, I placed my magnum on the counter “So how was your run?” she asked, tossing a big bowl of salad. “It was fine” I lied opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water “so who’s your friend” my mom questioned. Choking on the water I spit it across the counter “my friend?” I responded looking at her, did she know I was lying? “Seriously, I’m not that dumb also I saw you walking up the path” she responded placing some cherry tomatoes in the bowl. The door slowly slung open and in he came. It seemed he stopped bleeding but was still silent “Nice to meet you, my name is Susan” she said extending her arm but he just stood behind me. Pushing him down the hallway I pulled him into the middle bathroom, flicking on the lights I was greeted by the bright orange walls and baby barf green towels “take a seat” I told him closing the door. Turning on the sink I ran an aqua blue rag under the scalding water “can you take your shirt off” I requested and once again dead silence. Slowly pulling off his shirt he neatly folded it and handed it to me. Laying it on the counter I squeezed the rag bringing tears streaming down it cloth face. Taking a seat next to him I cleaned his wound, clenching his teeth I could tell it stung. “I’m sorry” I apologized wiping the blood off of his shoulder. Once all the blood was gone, all that was left was a bite mark which was inerasable. “Alexander” he said looking at me his eyes filled with tears “my name is Alexander Ellis and I guess I should be thanking you for saving my life”.

“Well you can call me Scarlett Reid” I said, pushing the hair off of his face. His eyes were the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen.

 “So Alex what exactly happened” tossing the bloody rag into the trash bin “my dad and I had been hiking, when we found this man he was limping and was bleeding heavily. He told my dad that he was attacked by a wild dog, and that he was searching for the river. I went to get some water for him, while my dad cleaned his wound. When I heard my dad scream, bounding back I witnessed that man more like monster tear my dad’s throat out. When he noticed I was there, he charged toward me tackling me onto the ground. Well that’s when I became his lunch. When I thought I was about to die, I heard you and then his grasp on me loosened and I was able to break free.

 He left me to find you” Alexander told me giving every last detail. “What was he? What did he do to me? And what will happen to me?” nervously biting on his lips. “Well it’s kind of hard to explain” I replied getting up and leaning against the counter “just tell me”. Taking in a giant gasp of air “he was a vampire and he was drinking your blood. Also since he bit you he passed the virus to you, so in a simpler term you’re going to turn into a vampire”.

 “That wasn’t that bad” I scoffed to myself “what? It can’t be”. “Got a better reason” I argued taking a seat next to him. Opening the door I led him back to the kitchen where my mom had two plates of salad laid out one decorated with bright watermelon, juicy strawberries and chunks of bacon and the other simple with tomatoes, cheese and covered in barbeque sauce? “what’s with the barbeque sauce” I asked grabbing a soda from the fridge “that might be me” Alexander said shyly taking a seat “when I was young I would eat salad with barbeque sauce and I guess it just stayed that way” he explained getting a fork full of salad, shoving it into his mouth barbeque smudging the edges of his mouth. Popping the lid off the soda I took a sip of the artificial nectar taking a seat beside Alexander “so are you alright Alexander” my mom asked looking at the wound on his neck “yeah I’m fine” he lied I knew deep inside he was terrified. Leaving the dinner table we headed for my room “can you pull out the futon” I asked pointing toward the black and blue futon behind us “okay” he responded turning around as he tossed the cushions off the couch I headed into the middle bathroom shutting the door behind me. Turning on the shower I peeled the tank top off then the shorts revealing my lacey blue bra which totally matched my red striped underwear unhooking the bra and removing my underwear I threw it into the pantry. Stepping into the blazing water the water danced across my back when the war began, why did you take him in? He was hurt what else could I do; He’s a monster what are you thinking? My mind just wouldn’t agree with my heart. My mind saw him as a threat a monster that needed to be ridded of from the world, but my heart saw something different it saw an innocent boy who was victimized and he has gone through trauma and needed help



I sit there on Scarlett’s aqua blue covers, which paint her futon; a mahogany bedside counter laid to the right of the futon and on the left was a Victorian dresser, which was covered with picture frames. It was of her and of this one guy they were on a beach; she was running she wore a blue bikini, a pair of sunglasses laid on top of her head; it looked like she wasn’t happy looking at the guy. he looked like her but older; he had brown short hair but instead of brown eyes he had dark blue eyes, wearing a pair of cameo trunks he was chasing after her with what looked like a crab in his hand. Heading into the living room I found her mom sitting on a white couch, on her laptop a pair of glasses resting on her nose. “hey Alexander” she said waving me in. Walking into the living room I took a seat across from her. “So how are you feeling?” Susan asked nervously “well it’s been hard taking in all this but you and Scarlett have been so kind” I responded blushing, rubbing the back of my neck. “So you have a thing for Scarlett” she asked pushing her glasses up “what are talking about I never thought about it, but maybe” I spoke awkwardly fiddling with my fingers. “What do you like about Scarlett” her mom asked waiting for an answer. “Well she is very kind and I love her big brown puppy eyes, how her smile brightens a room” I listed looking at her mother “well you seem like a nice young man” she said. When Scarlett came skipping through the hall and into the living room; she wore a pair of blue polka dot pajama pants, and a black v-neck. Her wet brown hair wrapped into a braid lying on top of her right shoulder “so what were you guys talking about”. “Oh nothing” I said getting up and heading down the hall into Scarlett’s room.

Heading into Scarlett’s room I found a pair of sweat pants with a note on it “here are some pajamas” I read. Sliding off the jeans, I pulled the sweat pants on. When I realized they were sagging; when Scarlett came into the room, tossing me a pillow and a blanket. “you my friend will be sleeping on the floor next to me” she informed me. Turning off the light Scarlett lay down to sleep, while I lay on the floor starring at the white ceiling. Counting the bumps until my eyes got tired and I passed out, due to lack of rest. I was in the middle of the woods lying in the dirt, when I heard a distressed cow sound from the distance. Getting up I heard a man shouting; running to where the man and the cow had sounded from. I found a farm; it looked alive, lanterns lit throughout the barn. Running into the barn I found a cow carcass, with a giant gash across its neck blood streaking the barn floor. “Maritza” I heard a panicked voice shriek. A young man knelt in front of me, holding a beautiful woman in his arms. Her hair was golden blonde; her eyes once vivacious were glazed over. Blood trickling down from her neck onto her chest, like a man made waterfall. “I see someone’s snooping through my memories” he said turning around. It was him, but he looked so much younger. And his face was abused by his tears. “How are you still alive?” “Oh my ignorant son, I’m a ghost for you only to see. And right now your viewing my memories” he explained. “You can call me master, father or possibly even Christopher”. “You need to leave your hunter girlfriend, or else” Chris threatened “or else what?” I responded angrily. “I’ll kill you, before you kill her” he growled.  “I would never harm her.” I scoffed in disbelief “you may find this unlikely now, just wait till the blood lust kicks in. You’ll kill anything in sight” he sneered. I was so terrified and confused; I didn’t realize the searing pain in my throat. Falling onto my knees, I repeatedly gagged up a foreign black gunk. “What’s happening?” I moaned falling onto my side. “Looks like your transformation is progressing more than I expected”. “Just remember this Alexander. Even if you’re feeling like you need more blood, don’t go near her”. “Alas my Romeo has found his Juliet; but instead of Montague and Capulet. There’s hunters and vampire, though the families don’t necessarily hate each other. But the hunters hate what the vampires are and do, but of course that one hunter oblivious of what lies ahead. Though for him there isn’t a death awaiting him anytime soon, poison will only dry his throat. For the lady I hate to say, will be turned against her family.”

Waking up in Scarlett’s bed, I found her sitting over me. She was wearing a red lacey nightgown, and her hair was untied from its braid, curled into curves that have trickled down her shoulder like a waterfall. Scarlet seemed to be holding a box of tissues “what’s wrong” I strained, every word hurt like as if I was swallowing sand paper. “I stayed home from school, so I could take care of you” she responded pulling a tissue out, wiping my right ear. She pulled it away; the same strange liquid from my dream drenched the delicate little tissue. What was happening? Sitting up I felt my head began to pound. “what’s happening to me?” rubbing my eyes. When I realized the black liquid was slowly creeping out of my eyes, looking down at my hands they were smeared with black goo. “Well Alexander you see, the virus that is in your body is spreading. Your body is trying to fight it, that’s what the black gunk is” she explained throwing the tissue away. When I felt this burning sensation climb up my throat, grabbing the small trash can. I vomited the black gunk, into the tiny trash can. Scarlett left the room to fetch me some chicken noodle soup, hoping I would keep it down. I felt like as if I was walking on the sun, but the touch of my skin was arctic cold. When the usual pain happened except more intense; instead of squeezing my heart they were now tearing it out. My pulse was racing and my breaths were multiplied, getting shorter and shorter until one last gasp and nothing came in. For a minute I couldn’t move nor could I speak, my heart had stopped and I breathed no more. There I lay dead on the bed, but fate is a cruel mistress and had other plans for me.


Feeling Scarlett’s warm hand grab onto mine, I jerked back up; gasping for air. Which I no longer needed; looking at Scarlett, she had a steaming bowl of soup in one hand. When she looked into my eyes, her mouth dropped like a drawbridge. The soup fell to the ground, splashing onto the ground. “what is it?” I questioned confused, as she picked a compact off of her bed side table. Popping it open; she handed it over. I looked into the mirror; I found that my bright blue eyes were now coal black. “Oh no, does this mean what I think it means” I questioned nervously. “Let me go get you a plate of food” she answered, leaving the room again. Sitting up, I propped myself up against the wall. Laying my hand over my heart, its beat was gone. This time when Scarlett came back, she had a plate of macaroni, mash potatoes and some barbeque chicken; in her left hand and a cup of fruit punch in her right hand. “Here” I said extending my hand, but then realized my hand was shaking. My head began to pound once again. Setting the plate down on her lap, she opened the drawer and pulled out a small dagger. “You need blood” she said squeezing the dagger; cutting deeper into her hand. “Please don’t” I responded, reaching for her hand. Scarlett pulled away, squeezing her hand over the cup; a river of blood flowed into the cup filling it halfway. Grabbing a strip of medical tape, she wrapped her hand. Feeding me the macaroni; the warmth of the food filled my tummy. Biting my tongue, it wasn’t the usual tiny nibbled. I felt a tiny pool of metallic blood fill my mouth. “Excuse me” heading toward the bathroom, I reached for the nearest tooth brush. Wetting it under the faucet, I shoved it in my mouth. Examining the tooth brush I found it was covered in dark blood; spitting the blood into the sink, I opened my mouth to reveal a set of fangs, two on each side. “No” I yelled slamming my fist on the counter. “What’s wrong” Scarlett questioned, bounding into the bathroom. When I turned to leave, Scarlett grabbed me and hugged me. “What are you doing, shouldn’t you be getting your stake” I questioned depressingly. “No because I don’t hurt the innocent, it’s in the hunter’s creed”. The warm touch of her hands, made their way up to my face. Running her hands through my hair, I leaned in grazing my lips against hers; where the ice thawed and the warmth froze. I traveled down to her neck, when I felt my fangs slide back out; tossing myself back I saw her looking at me. “This will only make life harder for you” I reasoned trying to leave, but she stood in the way. “I don’t care, I’ll keep you safe. Consider me your new guardian angel” looking up at me. A hunter and a vampire, who would expect them to start a friendship. Heck even a relationship, but the dangers are incredible. I must protect Scarlett, from becoming corrupt. But one day, I know I’ll have to help her in a way that would outrage her family. But you know life it just loves to mess with you. Making the good people suffer, and that’s not what I want for Scarlett sadly its life.  


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