I'll make you mine - One Direction (Larry Stylinson AU) (One Shot)

Harry Styles is the popular, rich and spoiled senior year student. He gets the money, the girls, the cars. Anything he wants, when he wants it. He’s the ruler of the high school he goes to. He has everyone in the palm if his hands, even if he doesn’t know they exist. He uses his looks and charm to his advantage, wooing girls, and even boys to satisfy his needs, or to play with when he’s bored. He sees everything as joke, because it come so easily to him. Nothing’s a challenge. Until the day a new student, Louis Tomlinson, appears in Harrys class. Louis' is not like the other boys. His skin is inked with tattoos up and down his arms and all over his chest. He's punk, sassy and not as high classed as the others. Harry sees Louis as a new target, but finds out he's not as easy to get as everyone else around him. This will contain (rough) sex between two boys and harsh use of words. Reading at own risk! (16+)


1. Prologue

"you think you’re so fucking tough,

but we’ll see how much of a man you really are after I’m done with you"


- I repeat; reading at own risk! 

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