I'll make you mine - One Direction (Larry Stylinson AU) (One Shot)

Harry Styles is the popular, rich and spoiled senior year student. He gets the money, the girls, the cars. Anything he wants, when he wants it. He’s the ruler of the high school he goes to. He has everyone in the palm if his hands, even if he doesn’t know they exist. He uses his looks and charm to his advantage, wooing girls, and even boys to satisfy his needs, or to play with when he’s bored. He sees everything as joke, because it come so easily to him. Nothing’s a challenge. Until the day a new student, Louis Tomlinson, appears in Harrys class. Louis' is not like the other boys. His skin is inked with tattoos up and down his arms and all over his chest. He's punk, sassy and not as high classed as the others. Harry sees Louis as a new target, but finds out he's not as easy to get as everyone else around him. This will contain (rough) sex between two boys and harsh use of words. Reading at own risk! (16+)


2. I'll make you mine

I’ll make you mine

Harry Styles parents give him anything he wants. He lives the good life of the rich and spoiled rotten. He gets the money, the girls, the cars. Anything he wants, when he wants it. He’s the ruler of the high school that he goes to. He has everyone in the palm if his hands, even if he doesn’t know they exist. He uses his looks and charm to his advantage, wooing girls, and even boys to satisfy his needs, or to play with when he’s bored. He sees everything as joke, because it comes so easily to him. Nothing’s a challenge.

Until the day a new student, Louis Tomlinson, appears in Harrys class. Louis' is not like the other boys. His skin is inked with tattoos up and down his arms and all over his chest. He's sassy and not as high classed as the others. Louis is a punk. He has danger oozing out of him. His shirt was cut with the neck line low. The sleeves were cut too, to show off his tattoos. His tight, black, skinny jeans with a chin hanging from his left side. The bottom of them rolled up, showing off his Toms and ankle tattoos.    

The girls become all wild up, whispering, and biting their lower lips, but the girls aren’t the only ones. A certain curly haired boy was taken over by him as well. 

Louis grew up with an alcoholic abusive father, who blamed him for his mother leaving; that he’s “just a little punk, who’ll never amount to nothing”. Louis at the age of 16 left his father, and lived with his mother, who re-married a wealthy man. There Louis finds out that his step father has been cheating on his mother with expensive booty calls on his yacht. There he becomes hateful and disgusted of the rich, and how they throw their money away. And attending a school with rich snobs is the last thing he wanted to do.

As Louis walked towards his next class, Harry introduced himself, but Louis didn’t even acknowledge him, he just brushed him off with a dirty look, and a roll of the eyes. Louis actions cause Harry to become enraged, because no one ever rejected him. This caused Harry to storm after him, “who the fuck do you think you are!?” Harry snapped, and grabbed Louis shoulder, jerking his body back. Louis eyes narrowed with anger, and so did Harrys ”what the fuck is your problem, huh? I’m trying to introduce myself, but you’re being a little self-absorbed punk” Harry barked.

Before anyone could react, Louis fist collided with Harrys right cheek. “If you ever touch me again. I’ll beat the fuck out ya. Fucking spoiled little shit” he spat, walking away from the scene. As Louis walked away, Harrys friend shocked, and angered at what had happened, start to go after him, but was stopped by Harry. “No-No, don’t bother” he said. His friend just stared at him “But Mate-”  ”don’t worry he’ll get what’s coming to him. Trust me…” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

The week after that Louis didn’t even show up to the class or any of his for that matter, and the week after that, he’d only shown up once for a test. The whole time Harry had watched him, as some blond, drooled over him, tracing his tattoo, and playing with her hair. His eyes narrowed and he growled under his breath. Today he’d get his revenge form 2 weeks ago. As class ended, Harry rushed, following Louis. Only to be set back by the girl from the class running after Louis. They talked, and he started to get close to her. Louis smirked, “you don’t have a class right?” he asked. She shook her head, smiling, “no… I was wondering if you wanted to go back to my place and study?” she asked. The last thing on Louis mind was studying. But he played along and agreed. He gripped her hand, and led her to his Harley. Harry watched from a distance as Louis pulled out of the school parking lot, with the girl hanging off him.

When Louis finally decided to go to class, he only gave Harry dirty looks, and Harry would return them back. “Just wait till I get my hands on you, you little punk. You’ll regret the day you laid your hands on me” Harry thought to himself.

At the end of the month, after asking around, Harry found out the Louis works in a motorcycles repair shop just out of town that does house calls for broken bikes. That’s when Harry got a plan for his revenge. He called the place, waiting for an answer “Hello, Mikes, Bikes repair. Mike speaking, what can I do for ya?” the man on the other line asked. Harry eyes narrowed, he was hoping for a soft, raspy voice to answer. 

“Uh yea hi, I have a few bikes that need some repairs” he told the guy.
“Well then you phoned the right place, we can send one of our guys to come and look at them, and see if there’s anything he can do there, or if you’ll have to bring them in” the voice from the other line said.
“That’s great. I’m told a, Louis Tomlinson works there” Harry said.
“Yea, Lou works here, he just started a few months though, so he doesn’t really do “house calls” he’s not fully trained” 
“I’ll give you a grand for each bike he dose” 
“Look kid if you’re going to play games-”
“games? I don’t fucking play games. Do you have any idea who I am?” Harry hissed.
“Uh no-”
“My last name is Styles, so figure that one out-, listen I’ll write a personal check to you, for 5 grand, if you send him” Harry told him.
“Okay- okay, I can send him tomorrow. What time?”
“The earliest as possible.” 
“Is 10 okay?”
“Yep. You’ll get your check in the mail when I get Louis” with that he hung up, and dropped his cell phone on his bed, with him shortly falling onto it as well. He let out a deep sigh, pushing his curly hair back with his hand. He closed his eyes and started to think of the next part of his plan. He smirked devilishly, “oh Tomlinson, you have no idea what the fuck you’ve gotten yourself into…fucking punk” he said under his breath. It was long before he was asleep, waiting till tomorrow till his prey would come.

10:40 the next morning, Louis arrived, at the gated mansion. His eyes narrowed and he let out a deep annoyed sigh, “should have known it was some fucking rich kid…he’s probably not even old enough to ride them yet” he said with the sigh, shaking his head. He drove up the long drive way, parking his bike in the front of the house. Before he could make his way up the stairs, he was greeted by an older gentleman, with snow white hair. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I do believe you were supposed to be here 40 minutes ago” the butler said. “Sorry” was all Louis said, in an apologetic voice. “I’ll show you where the garage is” the butler said. Louis followed the butler to the side of the house. Louis kept his head down, because if he were to put it up, he’d say something, and have his ass thrown out. When they got to the garage, the butler turned to Louis, ”wait for the master to come and he’ll show you which ones he wants taken in” he said. With that he left, leaving Louis left alone. He started admiring the bikes all lined up in a row, mutter their make and model under his breath.

As Harry sat in his room, fuming for his plan hadn’t worked. He was deep in tough, thinking that he’d have to carry it out on monday when he sees Louis. “Master Styles” Harry heard, as it broke through his thoughts. “What!?” Harry snapped. “The boy from the bike repair shop is here. I took him to your garage, where you asked me to take him. I told him you would be there shortly” the butler said to Harry. Harrys’ eyes widened, “he’s here?” he asked. The butler nodded, “yes Sir” he said, walking out of Harry room.

Harry quickly got up from his bed, grabbing a bandanna wrapping it around his head, tying it. He walked out, calmly to the garage, where he saw a boy in awe of the bikes. 

As Louis continued to admire the bikes, he didn’t even hear or see Harry came in. His admiring was interrupted by a voice saying, “That was my first one, got it when I was 15”. Louis turned around and anger came over him. “For God’s sake. If I knew it was you, I wouldn’t have come” he snapped “…Fuck this I’m outta here. I’ll send someone else to look at your bikes, you spoiled fuck” he growled through his teeth. “Wow, you really don’t like me do you?” Harry asked, annoyed. Louis rolled his eyes, ignoring what Harry had asked and goes to turn. But before he can, a large hand grabs his neck and chin, holding him in place.

Harry stepped closer to him, showing the height difference. He looked down at Louis, with anger filled eyes. “You think you can disrespect me in my own fucking house?” he snapped. Louis grabbed Harrys arm and tried to pull himself free. “Let go of me you fucking idiot!” Louis yelled. As Louis went to throw a right at Harry, Harry caught it. How fast Harry was shocked Louis. 

“You’re quite a little fighter, aren’t you?” Harry asked. “I’m going to beat the fuck out of you!” Louis yelled. Harrys hand tightened around Louis neck, and he pushed Louis into the wall, pinning him by the neck and right wrist. Louis hit the wall hard, and grunted under his breath, “you fuck!” he growled. In one swift move, Harry grabbed the bandanna from his head, and tied it around Louis hands.

“W-what the fuck are you doing!?” Louis asked, shocked and scared. “Not such a tough guy now are we?” Harry teased. Harry leaned close to Louis ear, “huh, punk?…you think you’re so fucking tough, but we’ll see how much of a man you really are after I’m done with you” he hissed in his ear.

“W-What the fuck are you doing!? Get off of me you disgusting little fuck!” Louis snapped. Harry chuckled in his ear, “this can go two ways” he started, “you can be a good boy, let me do what I want and not fight me, then I can untie…or, I’ll be rough with you and make it so you can’t move. Either way, I’ll fucking teach you to disrespect me in my fucking house and in front of people” he growled in his ear.

“You-you sick bastard!” Louis snapped. Harry pressed his body into Louis, and pinned Louis bonded hands above him. “So what’s it going to be?” Harry asked. “Go to Hell!” Louis snapped, getting a knee free, and kneeing Harry. The action caused Harry to let go of Louis hands. Louis dashed for the door. Harry recovered quickly, chasing after Louis. 

Louis opened the door, only to have it slammed shut by Harry hands. Harry pushed himself into Louis, trapping him between his body and the door. “You just fucked yourself over” Harry growled in his ear, “I know your secret” he whispered harshly. Louis eyes widened in shock and he looked back at Harry, “b-bull shit!, you don’t know anything about me!” Louis screamed. Harry chuckled darkly in Louis ear, “oh but I do…” he said, as his tongue curled, flicking Louis earlobe. Louis froze as a shiver went down his back. 

Harry hand snuck into Louis pants and gripped Louis length. Louis gasped and shut his eyes tight, “d-don’t” Louis said. Harry hands were cold, causing Louis to tense slightly. “You don’t want me to stop. Look at your body language. You ass is grinding up against my cock and your blushing. You want this…you want me” Harry said, hard, sinking his teeth into Louis neck. Louis let out a loud groan.

What Harry said wasn’t entirely untrue. The more Louis felt Harrys erection press into his back side, the more enjoyed he got. Louis bent his hips slightly and his hands clenched as Harry started to stroke his length in his pants. Harrys other hand went around Louis neck again, pushing his head back. Louis head rested on Harrys shoulder, giving Harry better access to Louis neck. Harry kissed down to Louis exposed shoulder. 

Harrys eyes narrowed at what he saw. There on Louis back were small love bites. Harry gripped Louis cock harder and it made Louis moan louder squirming. “Who gave you these love bites?” Harry growled deeply. Louis looked at Harry from the corner of his eyes. Harry lifted his head, “I won’t ask again. Who the fuck gave you these?” he repeated. “S-Someone who I hook up with- when-when I need release” Louis groaned.  Hearing Louis raspy voice while he was moaning, started to send Harry in to a strong lust. “Do you belong to him?” Harry asked. Louis eyes widened. Harry did know his secret. 

Harry pulled his hand from Louis pants, undoing them so his hand wasn’t enclosed in Louis pants. Harry pulled down Louis boxers and his cock sprung from them. Louis shut his eyes, tensing as Harry gripped his cock again, “you don’t belong to him? Then why would he give you love bites?” Harry growled. “I- don’t know” Louis groaned. 

Harry knew Louis had been lying, which added to his anger, “don’t fucking lie to me!” he snapped. Louis looked back at him, and their eyes met, “I-I’m not. I don’t belong to him, OR ANYONE!” he yelled. Harrys eyes narrowed, and he brought his face closer to Louis. “That’s where you’re wrong. As of now- you belong to me. You’re my property” he hissed.

Harry crashed his lips into Louis. Louis eyes widened and he gasped, allowing Harrys tongue to enter his mouth. Harry opened his eyes slightly, looking at Louis with heavy eyes lids. He could see the pleasure on Louis face, and it made Harry smirk.

Harry gripped Louis hips, making him be pushed into him more. “Feel that?” Harry asked. Louis eyes widened, as he felt Harry hard bulge press against his backside.

Harry pulled Louis from the door, pushing him towards the closest table, making him bed over it. Louis pushed himself up onto his forearms, and looked back at Harry. Harry eyes burned with lust and desire. He gripped Louis pants, and boxer pulling them down. Louis gasped slightly at the cold air hitting his exposed skin. Harry pressed himself into Louis back side, bending over top of him. “I bet you don’t even remember we met before, do you?” Harry hissed in Louis ear. Louis looked back at him in shock and confusion.

Harrys eyes narrowed and his face hardened, ”you don’t…” he said. Harry placed his large hand on Louis left cheek, gripping it. “See-see how much of tough guy you’ve become?” Harry hissed. Louis shut his eyes tight and looked away from him, only to have Harry grip his chin making him look back at him.

Without warning Harry inserted two fingers into Louis and it made his gasp. Harry pumped in and out of Louis, “I’m going to love doing this to you…feeling how soft and warm you are. I can’t wait to feel my cock inside you” Harry groaned. He bent over Louis again pressing his lips into his hard.

Harry broke the kiss quickly. “Trying to remember?”  Harry asked. Louis just stared at him. Harrys eyes narrowed. “5 years ago, the Coldplay concert” Harry said. Louis just looked at him blankly.

Harry growled taking his fingers out from Louis, pushing himself up. He gripped Louis hip and turned him, pinning him back to the table. “But I guess you were too drunk to remember” Harry spoke softly. Louis, shook his head, “what-what are you talking about?” he asked, utterly confused. Harrys eye hardened and narrowed, he crashed his lips into Louis, hard. Both of their lips bruised at the impact.

“Was I that easy to forget?” Harry asked breaking the kiss. Louis was in shock, he didn’t know what to say. He’d remember going to a Coldplay concert, but he’d drink too much and didn’t remember anything. Harrys hair fell in front of him, some of it brushing against Louis forehead and cheeks.

Harry traced Louis jawline, “you don’t remember going to McDonalds after. You don’t remember us hangout, after everyone left. Then I started to get tired, and you took me home, on that very bike out there. Remember how I asked if you were okay, and you said, “I’m not even drunk I’m fine” that’s what you told me. So I thought you’d remember. When we got here, I begged you to come in, because I didn’t want you to leave, I didn’t want the night to end. So I snuck you in and took you to my bedroom, where we drank more… and I took care of you, and you thanked me by kissing me…Then you pinned me down, and kept kissing me. I couldn’t get enough of you. Then you went down on me…That was the first time I ever got head from a guy. The way you touched, and kissed me, I thought I meant something to you! I even asked if you would take me. But you said you wouldn’t, not yet. Then you held me in your arms, and I slept there, and when I woke up you were gone. You’d left me, like I was nothing!”

Louis eyes were as wide as they could go. As Harry told him what happened, he remembered most of it. “But this time I won’t let you go. I’m going to keep you, even if that means I have to lock you up. You’re mine” Harry said.

Louis heart sank, he’d felt bad for, forgetting that had happened, especially because he’d realize how much of that night, he couldn’t even remember meant to him. “I’m sorry I forgot Harry- A lot has happen to me in those 5 years… you have to understand, I didn’t mean to hurt you!…but I remember, when I woke up, I kissed you goodbye, because I didn’t want you to get involved with someone like me” Louis said.

Harry shut his eyes tight, “I wouldn’t have cared what happened to me. If I was with you, that’s all I would have cared about!” Harry snapped.

Louis lifted his head, pressing his lips to Harrys. “If you still want me to. I’ll take you…” Louis said against his lips. Harrys eyes widened, “you will, even after this?” he asked. Louis lowered his head back onto the table, “it’s not like you forced me, besides I would have done the same thing, if I was you” he said, “But I won’t do it in this garage. Let’s go to your room?” he asked. Harry lifted from him slightly. “I have a room in the back… I spend a lot of time in here” he said. Louis pushed up, bringing Harry with him. He tucked his cock into the top of his boxers, and only did the zipper up on his pants. Harry untied Louis hands, and let the bandanna drop.

Harry pulled Louis into him, and gazed into his eyes, “I’d thought I’d never see you again…but then you walked into my classroom, and I couldn’t believe it…But when I went to talk to you…I knew you’d forgotten me…then you played me off like I was nothing!” he growled. 

Louis placed a hand on Harrys cheek, “let’s go…” he spoke. He grabbed Harrys hand and led him to the back of the garage. He pushed open the door to revel a queen size bed. Louis didn’t pay any attention to anything else in the room. He was pulled back, into Harry, and their lips met. Harry wrapped his arms around Louis tight, as Louis hands gripped his shirt, taking it off. Louis felt Harrys moist lips press against his collarbone and he gripped Harrys shirt. He pulled it off him, dropping it beside them.

 Louis gripped Harry hips and turned him, pushing him towards the bed. As Harry fell, he watched Louis as he crawled up to him. Louis unbuttoned Harrys pants, pulling them down. Louis lifted, pealing the rest of Harry jeans off. Louis bent back down, kissing Harry just above the waist line of his boxers. 

Harry inhaled sharply, “just like the first time” he gasped. Harry looked down at Louis, and watched him. A flash back of the night of the Coldplay concert. Louis gripped Harrys boxers and pulled. Harry lifted his hips, and Louis threw his boxers. 

Harry was already hard. Just from feeling Louis touch, and kiss. Harry realized that Louis was his now. After all this time of waiting and thinking he’d never see him again. Louis pushed himself up, hovering over Harrys neck. He kissed up along it, till he got to his ear lobe. Harry let out a pleasurable groan, and gripped Louis back. Harry pulled on the hem of Louis pants, and they came off easily. He lifted from Harry taking them off the rest of the way. He gripped his boxer, and in one move they were off. Harry sat up quickly, kissing Louis deep and passionately. Louis closed his eyes, and they both fell back. “I can’t take it anymore. You need to be in me, now please Louis” Harry begged.

Louis lifted, from Harry and looked down at him. Harrys eyes were filled with joy, for something he wanted for so long, was finally happening. Harry spread his legs more and Louis positioned himself. “Are you ready?” he asked. “Yes-yes, I’m ready” Harry panted. 

Louis hadn’t even taken him and Harry was hot with lust. Louis pushed himself into Harry, slowly. Harry shut his eyes, and groaned loudly. Louis started to pump slowly, as he looked down at Harry. Harrys eyes were still closed. Louis eyes became heavy. Harry was so warm and soft. Louis looked down, watching himself.

“D-don’t hold back” Harry said. Louis looked up, and their eyes met. Louis started to quicken the pace. It wasn’t long before Louis was thrusting fast and deep into Harry. “F-fuck. Yes-yes. AH- Louis!” Harry cried. Louis placed his palms on the bed on either side of Harry. 

Harry opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around Louis, pulling him close. “So long…I’ve wanted and waited for you, for so long” Harry said, breathy. Louis closed his eyes, sliding his tongue into Harrys mouth. Harry moaned and groaned into Louis mouth.

“AH-Louis” Harry groaned, breaking the kiss.  Louis bit his lip, “fuck-you feel so good. You’re clenching around me” he moaned, in pleasure. Harry swallowed as his hair started to stick to his fore head.

Louis licked his lips hovering over Harry. Harrys breathing increased even more. His hands fell from Louis back and clenched the sheets. “Fuck- I’m going cum” Louis growled. “N-No!, together, please!” Harry begged. Harry pushed up, with his arms wrapped around Louis. Harry straddled him, “ah, so deep!” he cried, “Louis I’ve wanted to feel you for so long” he said. Louis wrapped his arm around Harry holding him close. “Oh Harry” Louis breathed. Louis moved his head up to Harrys neck. Louis bit down, sucking. “Y-Yes Louis. Make me yours” Harry cried. Louis growled against Harrys skin and bit down more sucking harder. Harry moans and groans were right in Louis ear and he lost control.

As Harry felt Louis sucking and biting on his collarbones, and filling him with each thrust it sent Harry into complete ecstasy. He released Harrys skin to only take more, repeating the action. “Louis” Harry breathed, “I’m gonna cum” he said, swallowing hard. Harry held him even tighter and his head buried into Louis neck. “NHA-LO-LOUIS!” Harry cried, and clenched tightly around Louis. Harry came hard, and wouldn’t stop. 

As Harry clenched around Louis, it sent Louis over the edge and he release into Harry. Louis moaned Harrys name, and threw his head back. Harry fell back, gasping. Louis collapsed on top of him. His face in the crook of Harrys neck. Harrys body was weak, but he found the strength to wrap his arms around Louis upper back, holding him close. “5 years…5 years I’ve waited to have you” Harry said weak. “You have me” Louis said. 

Harry and Louis stayed like that for awhile, just holding each other. Louis rolled off of Harry, pushing up, grabbing the blanket from under them, putting it over them. Harry turned to Louis and rested his head on Louis’ chest. “You’re finally mine” Harry said. Louis smiled, and closed his eyes. He placed a hand on Harry hair and stroked it. 

“I want to go again…” Harry said soft looking up at Louis. Louis cupped his cheek, “you can’t even keep your eyes open” Louis told him. Harry blinked slowly, “tomorrow?” he asked. Louis was silent and he thought. He smiled, “of course”. Harry weakly lifted his head, and kissed Louis softly. Louis returned the kiss. Harry rested his head back on Louis chest, and closed his eyes, listing to his heart beat, that was slowing down. 

Before Harry had fallen asleep, he held Louis closer. “Thank you…” he said. “For what?” Louis asked. “For giving me what I’ve only really wanted ”he said.
“You could have gotten sex from anyone” Louis said.
“No not for the sex.. you. Thank you for being mine” Harry whispered.

It wasn’t long before Harry was asleep. Louis on the other hand, he wasn’t able to sleep. His thoughts kept him up. Thoughts of him and Harry. Thoughts of his future. He didn’t want to stay in London for much longer. The only reason he had went to high school, was because of a deal him and his step father made.

If he could stick it out for one month and ace at least one test. He would pay for Louis to be able to travel, and when he found a place he wanted to settle down, he would open a bike repair shop  by himself. Harry moved and Louis looked down at him. He rolled onto his back, cuddling into the blanket. Louis watched him sleep for a while. Remembering how he’d done that night.    

Louis let out a deep sigh, and looked over at the clock. 5:49am it read. He pulled the blanket off him, and slowly got up from the bed. He grabbed his boxers and pants putting them on. He bent down, picking up his tank top. He walked over to Harry and bent down, kissing him, ever so softly and gently on the lips. Just like he did 5 years ago “I’m sorry Harry, but you don’t need someone like me…just like I said 5 years ago…Goodbye Harry” he said. He opened the bedroom door quietly. 

He walked through the garage, and walked towards the door. He stopped just a couple of feet from it, and bent down, picking up Harrys red bandanna. He went to place it on the table, when he realized why Harry wore it.

He had worn it around his head the night of the concert. Louis brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. The scent of Harry and sweat filled his nose. He let out a deep sight, looking at the door to the bedroom at the back.  He shoved it in his pocket and walked out. The sun had just been rising and he looked towards his bike. He put his shirt on and threw his leg over. He grabbed his coat from the back and putted it on. He kicked the kick stand up and sat on the bike.  He pushed off the ground a few times till he got about 20 feet away when he looked back. He looked at the garage, and sighed deeply. He closed his eyes, and dropped his head shaking it. “If you find me, where ever I may be…” he said. He lifted his head, looking at the garage, “I promise we’ll really be together” he said, putting on his sunglasses. He put the keys in the ignition, and started the bike, with a loud roar. 

He went down the drive way, into the street, full speed. It wasn’t long before the house and Harry were long gone.



So yeah, this was my first one shot, and I hope you liked it. I found inspiration in another one shot I've read, but hope you find it good anyway :)
I'm actually thinking about continuing this and make a part two also as a one shot, write me what you think and if you have any ideas and thoughts about the following part. :)
Also feel free to tell me what you think about this one!
Maria xoxo

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