A Story about Death

Sophie Phillips is eager to discover just what happens when people ‘die’. She meets Ben and the two of them investigate the death and disappearance of her landlady, only to discover a mystery surrounding the missing landlord. Together the pair must face new challenges and risk everything in order to discover just why people disappear. And why no-one knows about the ones left behind.


2. Chapter Two

I didn’t see much of Mrs Francis after that. Nor did I see the illustrious husband who knew my father. A couple of days later when I was all unpacked and reasonably tidy, and sat on my bed eating a bowl of soggy cereal with a biology text book open on my lap.

“The afterlife of a human being remains a mystery to even the best scientist. Many debate the idea of a secondary state of living, or even the possibility of a larger purpose for the lives of our deceased.”

I must have read those two lines about hundred times in my entire life. I had them memorized. The whole concept of the afterlife fascinated me. I wanted to know exactly what happened to a fully functioning human body that could make it disappear without even a trace. And I wanted to know what would happen if a human body never left us. What if they just, died?

I found myself pondering this question once again as a lump of cereal plopped back into the bowl of sludge and my phone rang sharply.

“Hey Sophie! It’s Ben!”
Ben Jones was my best friend, we’d known each other when we were kids, and he used to stick up for me when other boys called me ‘giant girl’ because of my height. He was also studying at the same University as me, so was nearly always available to chat.
“Hey Ben! How’re you?” I asked, putting my cereal on the windowsill and closing my book.
“I’m alright, wanna meet up? I have something I need to tell you…” He replied, his voice telling me that he was definitely not okay.
“Sure thing, shall we go to the park?” I asked him, trying to not to sound like I was extremely worried about his news.
“Okay, meet you there in 5?” he asked with the same tone of hopelessness before hanging up on me.

I packed a satchel with tissues, a purse, my keys and phone before walking down to the ground floor and saying goodbye to the seemingly empty house.

The park was only about 3 minutes away from my house, so by the time I got there I was sat waiting for Ben.

It was a mild day, a thick layer of cloudy was covering the would-be sunny sky.

“Hey Sophie…” I heard someone call as I snapped out of a deep train of thought. I looked up and Ben was sat next to me. He was a full head shorter than me, but when we were sat down it was as if we were the same height;
“Hey Ben, so how are you really?” I asked him again, turning inwards slightly to look him in the face,
“Not so good… My aunt disappeared this morning…” he announced quietly, sniffing and squinting in the non-existent sunlight. I stared at him for a few seconds before staring into the distance as he was. Ben had always been extremely close to his aunt. When his mum died, he had lived with her for 5 years before his dad returned from duty in the army.

“So how’re you guys doing?” I asked him quietly as he folded his arms and leaned forwards. He frowned slightly, a little crease forming between his eyebrows.
“We’re doing better than I thought we would. I mean, it’s part of life right?” he asked me, running a hand through his chestnut brown hair and forcing out a grin.

“But what if it isn’t Ben?” I asked him as he groaned. “What if there is something else?”

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